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Birds - Summer Break 2 - Part 1

written by Jeroen de Jong

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Published: 09 Nov 1999 | Size: 44 KB (8389 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13
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The so-called X-Files continue ...

based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman



Exterior Chase house. Danielle is sitting on the porch, wearing Angela-like jeans overalls and a blue T-shirt. The sun is shining. A squirt gun lies in front of her. She's eating a Popsicle. The camera gets closer and Danielle looks up, right in the camera and starts to talk with a smart look on her face.

DANIELLE: [cool] Hi. So you've probably heard what happened to Angela when she was visiting Dana Scully in Washington. Well, just in case you didn't, I'll tell you what you need to know. [smiling] Like to show you that no one can keep a secret from me. Not even Angela. [pauses] Since Dana Scully came into our lives things have really become really eeh.. [hesitating, searching for the right word] interesting. Right. [pauses] Angela did some shooting, I had to go to the hospital with some weird fever, we had this great barbecue and Brian turned out to be some sort of hero. Which *I* have known, like forever. [pauses, flips her long hair to one side] Well, Angela has this thing for Brian now and they might even be a couple or something. Which is like *really* weird. I mean, Angela is my big sister and all and sometimes she can be really nice, but *Brian*? Sooner or later he's going to find out that he can do *so* much better. [pauses, takes a big bite of the Popsicle, which is too cold and she almost chokes] 'xcuse me for that, where was I? O, yeah. Angela and Brian. Angela is keeping it a big secret for everybody, nobody knows it. But me. Not that she told me, but I have my ways to find things out. [pauses, frowns] And that's the *only* good thing about being the younger kid. [pauses] So, Angela came back from Washington four days ago. Some things happened, with scientific experiments and Brian was involved. Dana Scully and her partner Fox Mulder were there too and Angela even did something heroic. Like going into a building with a gun and saving the life of that girl Karen. Which is pretty cool. I mean, she might be a huge pain in the butt most of the time, but she's never scared. Especially since she dyed her hair red. [making a hautain face] No, it was crimson glow. [pauses] The main thing is that a lot of exciting things happened in Washington that I missed and now Angela and Brian are a couple. Which leaves her the Jordan-problem. Jordan, her official-boyfriend, who always seems to be on a different planet. He thinks she's coming back sometime later this week. And she hasn't called him yet. [getting up, still looking in the camera] So, we'll probably get a lot of crying, depressing music, door slamming and "you don't understand me" at first. Which is ok for a while, but I sure hope Dana Scully is going to show up again. Maybe *I* get to hold a gun this time. [suddenly she looks at something behind the camera, excited, yelling] Hey, Ryan, you idiot. Stop! [in camera, normal voice] Sorry, I have to go know, catch you later. [grabs her squirt gun, runs off, to Ryan - we can't see him] Come here, you moron. Where's your garden hose now, huh?

Screen fades to black, fading yelling noises as screen fades.



Black screen. Black fades to interior Chase living room. Shot of Angela's face lying down on the couch. The light of the TV is flickering on her face. Her face has a blank expression, she's thinking. The sound of the TV is soft, just hearable.

TV-SOUND: [off-screen, woman's voice announcing] This week on ABC a retrospective of the master of suspense: Alfred Hitchcock. Every weeknight at eleven, one of his classic thrillers. Monday: Vertigo. Tuesday -

Sound of the TV gets drowned by Angela's voice over. Her face looks slightly worried.

ANGELA VO: My time is running up. [pauses] Jordan will show up sooner or later. Or he won't, 'cause in some wicked telepathic sort of way he found out about me and Brian. But he wouldn't believe it. [pauses] Even I have a hard time believing it. But it is real. [worried look turns into smile] So real.

Shot gets bigger and we see Angela lying on the couch. On the TV we see a shot of a lot of crows attacking a group of children and the words "Friday: The Birds". Then Danielle comes out of the kitchen and jumps on Angela.

ANGELA: [fake-irritated] Hey!

DANIELLE: Where's the remote?

ANGELA: [sighs] I don't know.

DANIELLE: Yeah, right. What are you watching anyway?

ANGELA: Umm, I don't know.

DANIELLE: Good. 'Cause there's this movie I want to watch. About a summer camp where all the kids get killed. Mom never lets me watch those movies.

Danielle finds the remote on the floor and changes the channel. The TV shows the news and as the news-reader says the word "bee" Angela looks up.

ANGELA: Turn it up.

Closer shot of the TV. A male news-reader is speaking.

NEWS-READER: Today the government tried to clear up all the questions and rumors about the use of bees in biological warfare. The Secretary of Defense spoke at a press-meeting in the Pentagon.

On TV the image cuts to interior Pentagon and we see the Secretary of Defense sitting behind a table full with microphones.

SECRETARY: [firm voice] It is true that some bees carrying a virus got away from our research facilities. It is not true that we were creating these bees for biological warfare. These bees were specimens that UNSCOM inspectors collected in Iraq early this year. We are studying these bees in order to find a way to end all forms of biological warfare. And on the short term, to make sure that our men won't get killed by this form of unethical warfare. That the bees could get away from our facilities is a very serious lack of attention, the person responsible for this negligence will be court-martialed for endangering the American people. That's all I have to say for now. No further questions.

Cut back to news-reader.

NEWS-READER: In spite of the words of the Secretary of Defense, the word goes around that Iraq never used bees in biological warfare, because it doesn't fit with the climate. The final word on this case hasn't been said yet. And now -

Angela jumps up from the couch.

ANGELA: I'm going to tell Brian about this. I'll be right back.

DANIELLE: You'll watch the movie with me, right? It starts in fifteen minutes.

ANGELA: Well - [hesitates]. Alright, if you make the popcorn.

DANIELLE: [enthusiast] Cool.

Angela walks out of the door. Just as she walks down the porch Jordan's car pulls up at their curb. Angela frightens a little and doesn't know what to do right away. She looks around as if she's trying to find something to hide behind, but she knows it's useless. Jordan gets out of the car and smiles as he sees her. Angela puts on a fake smile. She keeps a little distance between them.

JORDAN: [smiling] Hi.

ANGELA VO: [fake smile] If I could just vanish into thin air.

JORDAN: So, how long have you been back?

ANGELA: [insecure] W-why?

JORDAN: Well, since I thought you'd be coming back tomorrow. But Shane told me he saw you at the mall this morning.

ANGELA: [tucks her hair behind on ear, hesitating] Well, uh, yes. [more firm, making up] *Yes*. See, a lot of things happened in Washington. And I didn't want to see anybody for a while. I was going to call you tomorrow -

JORDAN: [not buying this] So, if you didn't want to see anybody, then why were you at the mall with Brain?

Angela just stares at Jordan, looking helpless. She can't think of anything more to say. Jordan looks at her as if he's trying to find out what Angela is thinking. Angela's chin quivers, she's about to cry.

JORDAN: [softly] So, what happened in Washington?

ANGELA VO: In Washington the earth moved. And when the dust had settled I realized who I was. [aloud, trembling voice] Too much.

JORDAN: [concerned] Are you alright? You wanna drive around for a while?

ANGELA: [crying] Can't you see it? I'm making up reasons for why I haven't called you. I have been back for four days.

JORDAN: Four days?

ANGELA: [still crying] Yes, four long days. I didn't know what to say to you.

JORDAN: About what? About things that happened in D.C.?

ANGELA: [hesitating] No, about other things. [pauses]

JORDAN: [impatient] What things, Angela?

ANGELA: [softly] Us.

A long pause. Angela looks tired and teary-eyed at Jordan. Jordan looks still like he doesn't understand it completely. Angela wipes her eyes with the sleeve of her shirt.

ANGELA: [slowly] It's not your fault or anything. It's just that I have changed. And I can't go back to the person I was before. [pauses] I can't go on with you. [long pause]. I just -

JORDAN: [interrupting, little angry] So this is it? Just like that?

Angela looks at him. It's weird to see them standing just a little apart, but somehow unable to touch each other. There's an invisible wall between them.

ANGELA: [softly] I guess so.

JORDAN: Can't you just at least tell me what the hell happened in Washington? Because I'd really like to know.

ANGELA: You wouldn't understand.

JORDAN: [angry] Why? Because I'm too stupid? Because I'm not as cool as your grown-up FBI friends?

ANGELA: [angry] *You* should - [giving up, crying again] It's not like that. At all. It's just that I realized I've been closing my eyes for something that has been a part of me for a long time. [trembling] Brian and I - [pauses, hesitating, devastated look on her face] – well, we kissed – .

JORDAN: [interrupting, astonished and angry] You and Brian? What kind of sick joke is that? [pauses] I guess you *are* right. I don’t understand it. And what does Washington have to do with this.

ANGELA: [softly] He was there too.

JORDAN: Well, that's just great.

Jordan turns around and walks to his car. Angela doesn't move, but she looks desperate. Jordan opens the door.

ANGELA: [loud] Jordan, wait. I can explain.

JORDAN: Whatever.

Jordan gets in, starts the engine and pulls away fast. Angela watches the car disappear. As Jordan's car is out of sight, Angela looks at Brian's house. She stares for a few seconds and then she slowly turns around and walks back to the front door.



Interior Mulder's office. Mulder is sitting behind his desk, watching the TV. Scully comes in through the open door.

SCULLY: Having a good time?

MULDER: Sure, they're doing a Spice Girls special on MTV. I'm taping it, so that I can play it backwards and find the hidden meanings to their lyrics.

SCULLY: That sounds like a lot of fun.

MULDER: [points at a chair] Want to join me?

SCULLY: Maybe some other time. I just came by to tell you that they had to close all the bee-sites. Thanks to our co-workers.

MULDER: And what about that Iraq story?

SCULLY: Skinner said that there will be an independent military investigation to find out what really happened. [pauses] It's out of our hands, the bee-experiment failed.

MULDER: For now.

SCULLY: It's the best we could do. [pauses, smiling] So, can a buy you a beer or should I leave you with the girls?

MULDER: [fake-thinking] Hmm, tough call.



Interior Angela's room. It's morning. Angela is lying in bed, staring at the ceiling. She looks tired and depressed.

ANGELA VO: This day is not going to happen.

Danielle knocks very loud on the door and comes in. She jumps on the bed.

DANIELLE: It's 10.45, mom told me to get you out of bed.

Angela pulls the blankets over her face.

ANGELA: [muffled, from under the blanket] Why? To do what? I'm not coming out of bed today. I'm never coming out of this bed again.

DANIELLE: Well, mom said it would be good for you to actually do something. To get your mind off those things that happened with Dana Scully.

ANGELA: [pulls the blanket down, her hair is all over her face] Just tell mom not to worry about *that*. And now leave me alone. And let me die in peace.

Patty knocks on the open door and enters.

DANIELLE: Too late.

PATTY: Come on Angela, get out of bed. It's a beautiful day.

Sharon enters. The room is getting crowded, Angela sighs.

SHARON: Hi Chase. Feeling better?

Angela moans and puts the blanket over her face again.

ANGELA: Just leave me alone.

Patty and Sharon exchange understanding glances.

SHARON: I'll be back in ten minutes, I have to pay Brian a visit too. [louder] Ten minutes, Chase.

Angela gets up fast, the others look really surprised.

ANGELA: No, Sharon, wait.

The others wait for an explanation.

ANGELA: [to Patty and Danielle] I have to talk to Sharon. In private.

Danielle looks a little disappointed. Patty pushes her to the door and they both leave. Angela gets out of bed and closes the door. She's wearing shorts and a T-shirt. Sharon looks curious at Angela. Angela sits down on her bed, her face is numb.

SHARON: What's going on?

ANGELA: I broke up with Jordan last night.

SHARON: [surprised] Why?

ANGELA: Because I finally realized it wasn't going to work.

SHARON: [still surprised] What? I thought you said he was really trying and that he was really crazy about you. What about that?

ANGELA: I don't know. Those few days in Washington made me realize that Jordan wasn't a part of the person I want to be. And even if the last couple of months were pretty good - [pauses, softer] And there's something else.


ANGELA: I like someone else.

SHARON: [mouth open wide in surprise] Don't tell me it's that Gregg guy, he's twenty five. That's impossible.

ANGELA: [smiling vaguely] It's not Gregg. [pause] It's Brian.

SHARON: [even more surprised] Are you kidding?

ANGELA: What do you think, Sharon?

SHARON: Well, *I* don't know.

ANGELA: Well, *I* do know. It's real. When we were in Washington, I saw who Brian really was. And I knew instantly that he was the person who could make me feel at ease. With Jordan I never really knew what was going on.

Sharon looks around and sits down on the bed. Angela looks like she wants Sharon to say that it's alright.

SHARON: So, then why are you lying in bed looking all depressed?

ANGELA: I can't face it. I mean, when I'm alone with Brian everything is fine. We have a lot of fun, we understand each other. But yesterday I realized that I can't shut the world out. Jordan, you, my parents, everybody has to know. And I just can't face all the questions.

SHARON: You mean your parents don't know?

ANGELA: Yes. You're the first one. [pause] And all that stuff that happened in Washington. I get so tired of telling it, nobody understands it anyway. And then there's this big barbecue thing for my grandparents' tomorrow. Here. It's all too much.

SHARON: [curious] So, ehh, did you two kiss?

ANGELA: [half-irritated, half-laughing] Of course we kissed, what do you think? That we just held hands and talked about how dinosaurs got extinct?

SHARON: [wicked smile] Well, is he a good kisser?

ANGELA: [laughing] Shut up, that's none of your business.

SHARON: Oh, come on. You can tell me.

ANGELA: [laughing] Well, yes. [pauses] And there are so many things you don't know about Brian.

They both laugh and can't stop anymore. Angela falls down on her pillow again. Somebody knocks.

SHARON & ANGELA: [together, laughing] Come in.

The door opens and Brian steps in. He looks surprised and a little embarrassed to see Sharon and Angela laughing. As Angela sees Brian she stops laughing and smiles at him.

BRIAN: [insecure, fast] Hi. I was just going for a ride on my bike when Danielle came out of your house and said that Sharon was here and that [to Sharon] you wanted to stop by. But I can come back later.

ANGELA: No, no. Come in. Close the door.

Brian closes the door and comes in.

SHARON: [still laughing a little] Hi Brian.


ANGELA: [smiling] I just told Sharon about us.

BRIAN: [embarrassed] Oh. Well -

SHARON: Way to go, Krakow.

BRIAN: [interrupting, insecure] Yeah. [pauses] So, what did you want to talk about.

SHARON: [fast, enthusiast] Well, I was thinking, since summer break has sucked pretty much for all of us, that maybe we could go on a hiking trip or something. You know, like in the mountains and camp in tents. I talked to Rayanne about this and she thinks it's a great idea. Rickie will come too. [to Angela] It's a great way to get your mind off things. We'll make campfires. Toast marshmallows.

Angela and Brian look at each other. Brian smiles vaguely, Angela looks happy.

ANGELA: [to Brian] I broke up with Jordan last night. [softly] It was terrible.

SHARON: Does that mean you want to go on this trip?

ANGELA: [to Sharon] Yes. My parents won't make a problem out of it.

BRIAN: Mine *never* do. But I don't have a tent.

SHARON: Don't worry. Rickie said that Katimski and Joseph have tons of camping stuff collecting dust in their basement. And they also have lots of hiking maps. I'll call Rickie to say we're going to meet each other at their place tomorrow night, OK? My mom will drive us.

Knocking on the door. Patty comes in, she looks a little stressed.

PATTY: Angela, get dressed now. We're going to do the groceries for the barbecue. I'm leaving in ten minutes. *With* you.

SHARON: [to Brian] We'd better go. [to Angela] Call me later, right?

ANGELA: Sure. [to Brian] I'll come over later this afternoon.

BRIAN: Fine. See you then.

Brian and Sharon walk away.

SHARON: Bye, Mrs. Chase.

BRIAN: Yes, bye Mrs. Chase.

Patty looks at Angela. She doesn't get what's going on.

ANGELA: [smiling] I'm going to take a quick shower. Is that ok?

PATTY: Fine, but don't linger around. I really meant ten minutes.



Interior Chase kitchen. Graham puts the juice can back in the fridge and closes it. Patty and Angela come in carrying bags of groceries.

PATTY: Any room left in there?

GRAHAM: As long as you didn't brought any king-size turkeys.

PATTY: [puts the bags on the floor] It's a barbecue, not Thanksgiving.

GRAHAM: [smiling] Just checking.

Angela puts her bags on the floor and takes Graham's glass with orange juice.

GRAHAM: Hey, get your own.

ANGELA: [finishing the glass, smiling] I will. [to Patty] So, I can go on this trip?

PATTY: Sure. It'll do you good.

GRAHAM: What trip?

ANGELA: We're going hiking. Sharon, Rayanne, Rickie, Brian and me.

GRAHAM: [surprised] Hiking? *You*? Why?

ANGELA: For fun. To get my mind off things.

GRAHAM: Where are you going to hike?

ANGELA: In the mountains or something. Mr. Katimski's got maps we can use.

PATTY: [putting things in the fridge, casual] What about Jordan, doesn't he want to come?

Angela gets a little nervous and walks around the kitchen table. Graham looks at her, Patty keeps putting stuff in the fridge. When Angela doesn't answer, she turns her head and catches Angela's eyes.

ANGELA: Well, I'm positive Jordan doesn't like to hike.

PATTY: Aren't you going to ask?

ANGELA: [hesitating] Well, no. [pauses, catching strange looks from Graham and Patty, then firmly and fast] Because I broke up with him.

Patty and Graham look surprised.

PATTY: [really surprised] You what? When?

ANGELA: [staring away, chin quivering, a little trembling] Yesterday. He came by and I just did it. I had to do it. We were going nowhere.

PATTY: [trying to understand] Was it something he did?

ANGELA: [angry, impatient] No, it was not something he *did*. Jesus, feelings change, you must have heard about that. I just discovered that Jordan wasn't the right person for me. And I'm only fifteen. I didn't expect you to think that Jordan was going to be the only guy in my life.

GRAHAM: [putting a hand on her shoulder] It's alright, we're just trying to understand. Are you OK?

ANGELA: [almost crying] I wanted to explain things to him, but he just drove away.

PATTY: Well, maybe you should call him and explain things to him. I think he deserves that.

ANGELA: I guess so.



Interior FBI-building. Scully is walking in a hallway with white non-see-through windows. She enters a room, it's a lab. Gregg (** see: Summer Break) is in the room, looking around. When Scully enters he looks up, smiling.

GREGG: Hello.

SCULLY: Hi Gregg. So, do you like your new room?

GREGG: It's great. I mean, I'll only work here for two days a week and I even get my own room.

SCULLY: Just two days? I thought they offered you a full-time job.

GREGG: They did, but I still got to finish my studies. In four months I will be here all of the time.

SCULLY: I see. [pauses] How's Karen?

GREGG: She's fine. I drove her to her parents two days ago and they're taking good care of her. They were amazing. They were so proud of Karen.

SCULLY: Geez, that's not the same as Angela's parents.


SCULLY: No. Angela called me and said her mother freaked out when she found out what happened.

GREGG: That's not so strange.

SCULLY: No, but I don't think she lets Angela ever come over again.

GREGG: Sure she will. In time.

SCULLY: But you've never seen her. She's not a person who forgets easily. [pauses] Maybe I should call her and explain. She deserves to hear what happened from me.

They both remain silent for a while. Scully walks around the room, Gregg stares out of the window. Scully walks towards him and looks out of the window with him. We see a part of the city, big buildings, heavy traffic. From a shot of the city we cut to a shot of their faces. Even though Gregg is eight years younger, it seems that Scully is the one that looks less mature. After a while Scully speaks again.

SCULLY: So, what's your first assignment?

GREGG: Don't know yet. Everything is fine, as long as it has nothing to do with things that fly.

They both smile and keep staring out of the window.



Interior Brian's room. The camera pans through the room, just like in the beginning of "The Life of Brian". His room is half-way cleaned up. Brian is sitting at his desk chair, with his back to his desk. He's looking at a map. Then the camera moves on to Angela, who sits on the bed. They both look relaxed. Angela seems to be thinking.

ANGELA VO: The world doesn't fit anymore. It's always been simple and clear. Three Rivers, Liberty, Jordan, me. Nothing wrong. [pauses, looks at Brian] But now everything's changed. *I* broke up with Jordan, who thought that would ever happen. [pauses] And the weirdest thing is, that I'm beginning to feel good about it.

Brian looks up from the map, and interrupts Angela's thoughts.

BRIAN: You really think this trip is a good idea?

ANGELA: Sure. Why not?

BRIAN: Well, I just can't imagine the five of us spending a few days in the outdoors.

ANGELA: But that's what it's all about. Doing things you can't imagine. [pauses, smiling] And besides that, you'll be in good care. Sharon and I have been girl-scouts for years. We know how to survive in nature.

Brian smiles and gets up. He walks over to the window and looks at Angela's house. With his back to Angela he starts to talk.

BRIAN: I guess you're right. But somehow it seems harder to face everybody's expectations than collecting proof of some secret government experiment.

Angela gets up and puts her head against his back, she hugs him from behind.

ANGELA: I know. [pauses] But we have to.

Brian turns around, smiles at Angela and kisses her fore-head. Angela doesn't let go of her hug.

ANGELA: And let's not get all depressed about this. There are so many plus-sides on you and me being together.

BRIAN: You think?

ANGELA: Sure. I'll get better grades, 'cause since you're my boyfriend you're obliged to help me with my homework. And you'll loosen up even more because you'll be around me all the time.

Angela lets go of Brian and falls down on the bed. She sighs. Brian keeps standing where he was, he watches Angela and he looks happy in a very un-Brian way. Angela turns on her back and looks at Brian.

ANGELA: It's weird how I've suddenly realized that I've known for a long time I wanted to be with you. But you were just too familiar to accept those feelings.

BRIAN: [softly] And too not-cool.

ANGELA: [fast] That's not it. [pauses] I don't know. [sighs] Maybe. But that was before. Now I know I was wrong.

BRIAN: I know. It's just that I can barely accept the idea that in a couple of months I've become from somebody you ignored, to some sort of friend and now to, you know [pauses, blushes] the person I've always wanted to be.


Brian looks away, uncomfortable with all these emotions he's showing. Angela smiles, but it's a smile that combines happiness with sadness. Brian looks back at her, a little helpless. Angela moves into a sitting position.

ANGELA: I know. But I've changed so much. And I think I needed all these changes to see things in the right perspective. [pauses] Part of me has always known what I know now. But somehow it didn't come through. Like when you sort of admitted you wrote the letter. [smiling] Or when you climbed up to my room with the squirt gun.

BRIAN: [laughing a little] That was fun.

ANGELA: [smiling] It was. [pauses, getting up to kiss him] So -

BERENIECE: [off-screen, interrupting, yelling] Brian, telephone.

BRIAN: [to Angela] I'll be right back.

ANGELA: [smiling a little disappointed] Sure.

Brian walks out of the room. Angela walks over to the window and looks at her own house. She sees Patty coming out of the door with Danielle. She watches them get in the car and drive away. Angela's expression turns a little sad. She moves over to Brian's stereo and goes through a stack of ten CD’s. She takes out the "Best of The Police" and puts it in the CD-player. Two seconds later we hear the beginning of "Every little things she does is magic". Angela sings softly along with the music, walking around the room.

ANGELA & MUSIC: [together] Do I have to tell a story of a thousand rainy days since we first met. It's a big enough umbrella, but it always ends with me all getting -

Brian comes in and interrupts. Angela looks at him, a little caught.

BRIAN: It's Sharon on the phone. She wants to know if you can come to Katimski's tonight to talk about the trip. And me too, of course.

ANGELA: I'll come.

BRIAN: [surprised] You don't want to talk to her?

ANGELA: We'll do that tonight.

BRIAN: OK, I'll tell her.

Brian leaves again and Angela turns the music up and sings along. She's smiling and dancing a little.

ANGELA & MUSIC: [together] Every little thing she does is magic. Everything she do just turns me on. Even though my life before was tragic, yet I know my love for her goes on.

Music and screen fade slowly.



Interior Katimski's. Angela, Brian, Rickie, Rayanne and Sharon are sitting on the floor around the coffee table. Katimski puts some maps on the table.

KATIMSKI: So, here are the maps. If you got any questions, I'll be in the other room.

SHARON: Thank you, Mr. Katimski.

Katimski leaves. Rayanne is looking extremely curious at Brian and Angela. But she decides to play it cool.

RAYANNE: [casual] So, Angela, the word goes you dumped Catalano. Is that true?

ANGELA: [cool] Oh, cut it out. You know all about it from Sharon.

Sharon looks a little guilty.

ANGELA: [sighs] Yesterday I broke up with Jordan.

RAYANNE: Alright. That's one thing I've heard. But there's another rumor going around -

ANGELA: [interrupting] Which is not a rumor but another a fact. [looks at Brian, who's sitting beside her] Brian and I are, well [hesitating] -

RICKIE: [happy] An item.

ANGELA: [relieved] Yes. Thank you.

Angela puts her hand on Brian's knee. Brian is smiling, uncomfortable and a little triumphant at the same time.

RICKIE: I never knew Washington was such a romantic place.

RAYANNE: And all that stuff with bees and all. [looking at Brian] You went through a lot of trouble to impress a girl.

BRIAN: [smiling awkwardly] Well, yes. But it worked, right?

SHARON: [sighs, big eyes] Can we *please* stop drewling over each other and get something done here?

RAYANNE: You're right. It's time for action.

Rickie takes one of the maps and unfolds it. Brian smiles at Angela a little too, some relaxed MSCL-music comes in and drowns all the other sounds. The camera pans along their excited faces and then it gets clear that some time has passed, 'cause there are more unfolded maps on the table and Katimski is sitting on his knees pointing at one of the maps. The music fades and we hear them again.

SHARON: But there aren't any bears or wolves there, right?

KATIMSKI: No, no. [wicked voice] At least not that *I* know.

BRIAN: Come on Cherski, you didn't really think there were bears and all walking around just four hours driving from Pittsburgh? It's not the Rocky Mountains.

KATIMSKI: And when I said deserted, I really meant quiet. Or, ehhm [one of those famous Katimski pauses], not too crowded with tourists.

ANGELA: But can we buy food there?

KATIMSKI: Well, maybe you have to take some food with you. But I'm sure there's plenty of fish there.

RAYANNE: You mean, to catch, right?

KATIMSKI: [smiling] Well, yes. But you wanted a little adventure, right?

RAYANNE: A little, that's correct.

RICKIE: Oh, come one Rayanne. It will be great. We're only going for five days. If we need to we can take all our food with us.

BRIAN: But we don't need to. [looking at the map] If we take this route, we pass three shopping carts.

SHARON: We pass *what*?

BRIAN: [pointing] Here. One, two, three. Shopping carts on the map, it means that there's a supermarket or something like that.

KATIMSKI: Brian is right. But it might be useful to bring an extra meal with you. In case of an emergency.

RAYANNE: E*mer*gency? [sighs] That's definitely too much adventure.

ANGELA: Relax, will you. The route is pretty easy. It's summer, so we won't freeze to death anywhere. The only thing that can happen is that we get lost. And in that case, we use a compass to get back on the trail.

RAYANNE: And you know how to *use* a compass?

ANGELA: [uncertain] Well, no, but it can't be that hard. [to Brian] You know how to use a compass, right?

BRIAN: [hesitating] Well, I know how the mechanism works. I think that will do.

KATIMSKI: I've hiked a lot in that area and I never had to use a compass. The trail is easy to follow and it's even marked with blue dots on trees and stuff like that. You won't get lost.

RAYANNE: Yeah, but you just don't know how stupid we actually can get.

SHARON: OK, we decided on the route. Now we have to decide what food we're going to bring along and what stuff we're going to take. [gets pen and notepad from the floor, happy] I'll make lists.

RICKIE: [gets up] But let's get some drinks first.

ANGELA: [gets up] I'll help you.

Angela and Rickie walk to the kitchen. Katimski is pointing some things at the map to Brian. Rayanne leans back at the couch and closes her eyes. Sharon starts to write things on the note pad. CUT to kitchen. It's a small kitchen with dark wooden cupboard doors. Rickie gets a bottle of Coke out of the fridge and some glasses from one of the cupboards. Angela leans to the wall, smiling and looking dreamy.

ANGELA: [sighs] Oh, Rickie. It's all so unbelievable.

RICKIE: [smiling] Isn't it?

ANGELA: You know, I finally get it. With Brian and Jordan it's all about setting.


ANGELA: Like, I met Jordan in the setting of Liberty High. And he looks good in that setting. Great even. You know, I had a crush on him because of his looks, of his coolness. And when he was interested in me, I was honored. And of course there was more. Real feelings and all, but there's always more. When I'm honest, the basis of our relationship was how he fitted in the setting. [pauses] And that's also the reason I've never seen Brian the right way. Because the setting doesn't do him much good. [looks a little awkward at Rickie, 'cause this goes for him too] You know what I mean.

RICKIE: [listening carefully, thinking] I guess so.

ANGELA: But then again, when Brian was not in the setting of Liberty, he always looked better. Less out of place. And then in Washington I saw who he really was. [blushes] And I knew instantly.


ANGELA: That Liberty is a very unimportant setting to measure people to. That it means nothing if you don't look good in that setting. [pauses]

RICKIE: Isn't this just a complicated way to say that you realized it's not important if you have a not so cool boyfriend. That you don't care about what other people say about it?

ANGELA: [thinking, smiling] Maybe. But there is more to it than just that. Brian never seems to be in control of things. It's like he's always under more pressure than he can take. But in Washington he just did what he had to do. Even though the pressure got really unbearable. [pauses] I guess Brian needs a world that is bigger than Three Rivers.

RICKIE: [smiling a little] Just like you and me.

Angela smiles vaguely. She looks at a phone hanging next to the fridge.

ANGELA: You think I can make a call?

RICKIE: [puts a hand on her shoulder] Sure.

Rickie leaves the kitchen with a tray of filled glasses and Angela picks up the phone.



Interior Chase living room. The phone is ringing. Patty comes out of the kitchen and picks it up.

PATTY: Hello?

CUT to interior Scully's apartment. Scully sitting on her couch, talking on the phone. During the scene the shots go from Patty to Scully.

SCULLY: [a little nervous] Mrs. Chase? This is Dana Scully.

PATTY: [surprised] Oh, hello. How are you?

SCULLY: I'm fine. I called to talk about what happened this week. I really want to apologize for what happened to Angela. I never meant to put her in a situation like that.

PATTY: [fake-smiling] I am sure you didn't mean to. When I heard what happened I got really scared. I never thought Angela would find herself in a situation like that.

SCULLY: Neither did I. [pauses, more assured] But she was incredibly brave. You should be proud of a daughter like that.

PATTY: [hesitating] Well, yes, I guess so. But I still think she shouldn't be holding guns in public spaces. [pauses] But I don't think it did her much harm. She has other things to worry about.

SCULLY: She's not OK?

PATTY: Well, she broke up with her boyfriend just the other night. [pauses] I still can't believe it. I really liked that boy.

SCULLY: [relieved] Yeah, but I guess she wanted more than just the good looks and a convertible.

PATTY: [feeling a little attacked] What do you mean?

SCULLY: [realizing Patty doesn't know about Brian, hesitating] Oh, you know, she talked about her doubts about her and Jordan last week. I guess it was just a matter of time.

PATTY: [realizing Scully knows more than she] Of course. [pauses] Dana, I've got to go now. I'll tell Angela you called.

SCULLY: [surprised] Well, OK.



Patty hangs up and leaves for the kitchen, looking a little angry. Scully hangs up and looks puzzled.



Interior Katimski's kitchen. The kitchen seems a little more dark than before. Angela is sitting on the floor with her back against the fridge. She's talking on the phone. It's clear that she's been crying. Now she looks angry.

ANGELA: [angry and a little mean] What do you mean, you don't know? You've been with other girls, you've even *slept* with other girls. Why can't you just accept that it's over. And that there is nothing you can do about it. [pause - to let Jordan talk, we can't hear him, Angela dries her eyes with her sleeve, then angry again] Because I don't love you anymore. [pauses, soft and slow, caring] I'm sorry Jordan. I really am. But it just wasn't going to happen. For me. For us. And I never thought I could hurt you this bad. I'm sorry. [pause - to let Jordan talk again, then softly] Yeah, I know. Bye.

Angela gets up slowly and hangs up the phone. Softly "Hands" by Jewel starts playing.

MUSIC: If I could tell the world just one thing, it would be that we're all OK. And not to worry, 'cause worry is wasteful and useless in times like these.

Angela looks extremely absent-minded. She tucks her hair behind both ears and dries her eyes again with the sleeve of her shirt. Then the kitchen door opens. Angela looks up and sees Rayanne entering. Angela looks a little embarrassed first, but then she starts to cry again. She looks helpless. Rayanne looks a little uncomfortable. But then she walks over to Angela and hugs her.

RAYANNE: [whispering] Come here. It's alright now.

Angela puts her head on Rayanne's shoulder and cries. The music swells.

MUSIC: My hands are small, I know. But they're not yours, they are my own. They are not yours, they are my own. And I am never broken.

The scene fades to black and as the picture is totally black, then after a few seconds the music fades too.




some notes on the music I used...

"Every little things she does is magic" by The Police can be found on any "best of" album.

"Hands" by Jewel can be found on her 1998 album "Spirit".

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