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104.1 - Part 1

written by Jeroen de Jong

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Published: 1997 | Size: 47 KB (8498 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13
Average: 3.3/5   3.3/5 (6 votes)
MSCL / X-Files Crossover

based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman


Exterior zoo. A group of 11/12 year old kids is walking through the zoo with a teacher and a zoo keeper, wearing an overall. They stand still in front the polar bear area. Two bears are swimming in the water, one is lying in the shade of a rock. Text appears: Pittsburgh Zoo, Pennsylvania. June 10, 11.15 a.m. The kids are wearing shorts and t-shirts. From their faces we see it's very hot. Then we see Danielle in the middle of the group. A girl with blond short hair is talking to her. The teacher tries to get their attention.

TEACHER: Kids, listen up. Mr. Perry is going to tell us something about the polar bear.

Mr. Perry - the zoo keeper - gets in front of the kids. And they half-heartedly pay attention. Perry obviously suffers from the heat, but tries to tell something interesting to the kids.

PERRY: As you know, this weather is not normal for the polar bears. [pauses] Neither is it for zoo keepers.

No one laughs. He continues talking, but the sound goes down and we can't hear what he's saying anymore. CUT to Danielle. She whispers something in the blond girl's ear.

DANIELLE: I got to go to the bathroom.

BLOND GIRL: [whispering too, pointing] There's a sign. I think you could sneak out for a minute.

Danielle looks at the sign. There are symbols for toilets, restaurant and exit on it. They're all pointing leftwards.

DANIELLE: [whispering] O.K. I'll be right back.

She leaves the group, without being seen by the teacher or the zoo keeper. She walks a lane, looking around for more signs.

DANIELLE VO: [some what irritated] Field trips can be so intense. The teacher who thought of going the zoo at 95 degrees must have a real sick sense of humor. I bet it was miss Kudrun. [pauses] I guess field trips to the pool are like forbidden. By law.

She reaches the toiletbuilding pretty fast. She gets in the ladies room and enters a stall. As she closes the door, she looks on the floor and sees some brown oil on it. As she looks further she sees more small oil spots. They are also on the low placed cistern. She touches the oil. It's thick and sticky. She tries to rub it off, but that doesn't work. She only spreads the little bit of oil more over her fingers. Danielle sees the cistern is not closed to well and tries to open the lid. She succeeds and when she lifts the lid, she sees a transparent plastic bag in it. It's one that can be closed waterproof. She gets it out and then we see it's some kind of gun. It's weird one, we see it has some kind of reservoir on top of it. As Danielle looks carefully and amazed at the gun, the door slams open and Danielle gets the scare of her life. She turns around and faces an older man in a suit, in his right hand he's holding a burning cigarette: it's the Cigarette Smoking Man a.k.a. the Cancer Man.

** Maybe a little digression is in place here. For everybody not too familiar with the X-Files: the Cigarette Smoking Man is a somewhat mysterious person with big control. He' about sixty years old, always wearing suits and he is always *always* smoking a cigarette or going to light one. Mulder and Scully don't know his name or who he is. He is always called the Cigarette Smoking Man (CSM) or in X-Philes jargon: the cancer man. He is part of a group of big people who covered up a lot of important stuff, like the proof for existence of alien life forms. In short: he's trouble and he is evil. Murder is not a big problem for him. He always stays behind the scenes and 'plausible deniance' is his magic word and his life credo. Mulder and Scully are sometimes blocked in their investigations by him (directly or indirectly), because he has the power to stop them from investigating stuff. Whenever he appears something really bad is going on.**

The CSM looks at her in a nice way, but Danielle is still frightened. He speaks to her in a nice but strict voice. He points at the plastic bag with the gun in Danielle's hands.

CSM: I was just looking for that. Why don't you give that to me.

Danielle hesitates but after a few seconds she hands the plastic bag to him. The CSM smiles a little. Danielle's fear goes away, but she's still nervous.

DANIELLE: [fast] Why did you just come in? Couldn't you wait for a moment?

CSM: Well, how could I know you were in here? The door wasn't locked. [pauses, then more strict] I'd suggest you'd get back to the others, before they are going to miss you.

DANIELLE: What's in the bag?

CSM: It's a tranquillizer gun. Some kid stole it this morning and I have been looking for it for two hours now.


CSM: We'd better keep this our little secret.

Danielle looks up at him and frowns.


CSM: I don't want people to find out that kids can steal guns at the zoo.

Danielle looks like she's not buying this crappy line.

CSM: [very strict voice] Let's just say you're gonna regret it if you talk about this.

Then he drops his cigarette, turns around and walks away. Danielle closes the door and locks it. She stares at the still burning cigarette on the floor, looking scared and tired. Then she quickly turns around and throws up in the toilet. Fade to black.


Exterior Liberty High. Angela is sitting on the steps near the entrance. She is leaning against the little wall. Some MSCL music is playing. She's wearing jeans, a white t-shirt and red all stars. A small blue water gun is lying in front of her. The sun is shining. Text appears: Liberty High, Three Rivers, Pennsylvania. June 10, 1.15 p.m. Some people are walking down the steps.

ANGELA VO: It seems that this year the only thing I really tried was to grow up as fast as I could. [pauses] And I guess I succeeded.

Angela sighs. She picks up the water gun and holds it to the sun, to see how much water is left in it. Then she holds it in front of her, closes one eye and points it like she's gonna shoot. After a moment - without shooting - she puts it down again.

ANGELA VO: Of all the people I hang out with I'm the only one who's still fifteen. A couple of months ago, I would have considered that as a problem. But now, when I think about it, I kind of like the idea.

As soon as Angela has said the last words, Rayanne appears screaming from behind the low wall. She's holding a red water gun and shoots it at Angela. Right in her face. Angela doesn't reach for her gun. They both laugh. Angela gets the water out of her face with her hand. She goes through her hair.

RAYANNE: [breathing heavily] I got you, Angeleeka.

Angela: But that's just the first time.

Rayanne gets a piece of paper out of her back pocket. She unfolds it and gives it to Angela. Angela takes it and we can read part of it. It says: THE WORLD HAPPINESS SHOOTING LIST. Under that are is list of names. We see Rayanne Graff, Rickie Vasquez, Brian Krakow, Sharon Cherski, Angela Chase.

RAYANNE: Sign here, please.

Angela signs behind her name.

Angela: [surprised] You shot Rickie *two* times.

RAYANNE: Yeah. But that was completely his fault. He tried to shoot me this morning, but he missed and I didn't. Same thing just ten minutes ago. [pauses] I mean, he's good at surprise attacks, but he's a lousy shooter.

Angela: Sharon almost shot me right after Katimski's. But I saw her coming and managed to get away. [pauses, hands the paper back] Don't you think we're being really immature?

RAYANNE: Yeah, isn't it great?

Angela smiles and gets up. At the same time they put their guns under their t-shirts, between their backs and their jeans. Really gangster like.

RAYANNE: [fast] Quick. Duck. Brian's coming.

They get down behind the wall. A couple of seniors walk by and look disapproving.


Interior Chase kitchen. Graham gets a can of ice tea out of the fridge and pours four big glasses full. Patty comes in. She's looking sweaty.

PATTY: You wouldn't believe how hot it gets at the print shop.

She takes a glass and drinks half of it in two seconds.

GRAHAM: [quasi angry] Patricia! Where are your manners?

PATTY: [tough voice] My manners melt at 90 degrees.

Angela comes in and walks to the sink. She gets her gun from under her shirt and fills it. Then Danielle runs in. She has a water gun too.

PATTY: No shooting in the house.

Angela turns off the water.

Angela: I can't promise that.

PATTY: What -

DANIELLE: [to Angela, excited] So, tell me again. You have to shoot each other three times?

Angela gets a glass of ice tea and takes a sip.

Angela: [to Graham] It's really good, dad.

GRAHAM: Thank you.

DANIELLE: *Angela!*

Angela: Yes! But it has to be a surprise attack. And when you miss, the other has a chance to shoot back. But you can only shoot one time.


PATTY: [strict voice] What is going on? What are you talking about?

Angela: The World Happiness Shooting.

PATTY: [astonished] The *World* *Happiness* *Shooting*? [calmer] Who thought of this?

Angela: Well, Sharon wanted to do something with the heat wave. To cool everybody down, or something. But she couldn't think of anything. [takes another sip] And then Rayanne thought of this. [looks at Patty] It's just water, mom. And we don't shoot in class.

DANIELLE: What does the winner get?

Angela: I don't know yet. It's a secret.

PATTY: But I don't see why you can't promise not to shoot in the house.

Angela: Well, Brian is in it too. He could sneak in and shoot me.

GRAHAM: *Brian* sneak in?

PATTY: [sighs] I guess I should hang up some "Demilitarized Zone" posters on the doors. [pauses, to Danielle] So how was your trip to the zoo?

Danielle looks up, a little frightened, but recovers fast.

DANIELLE: [casual] O, it was fun. It was way too hot of course and all the animals were like dead from the heat. But miss Brown bought us all ice cream and that was really nice of her.

Angela: Danielle, she didn't buy that herself. The school pays for that.

DANIELLE: Duh! I know that. But it *was* nice.

Angela: I wish Liberty'd give away free ice cream. [pauses, starts to walk away, looks at Patty, smiling] Mom, I think you should some of those DMZ posters on the windows too. You know how clever Brian is.

PATTY: [shouting] Aargh!! [irritated] If I catch Brian sneaking in this house through whatever entrance, I'll make sure he wishes he had remembered just how clever he actually is.

Angela, Danielle and Graham look at her with stunned faces.

GRAHAM: [to Angela] Honey, I think you'd better make sure Brian doesn't even think about coming near this house today.


Interior shooting practice space. We hear shots and then we see Scully with yellow plastic glasses and ear protection. Text appears: FBI Headquarters, Washington D.C. June 10, 4.30 p.m. She is shooting at a paper human target that's about 60 feet away. After some shots she pushes a button and the human target moves toward her. She takes the glasses and the ear protection off. The target shows six holes in the heart area. Then Mulder appears behind her.

MULDER: Pretty good.

SCULLY: [sighs] If good shooting could solve cases, we'd probably have a higher succes rate.

Mulder gets in the shooting line next to her and puts on the ear protection and the glasses. He gets out his gun and shoots it five times. When the target comes back, we see a perfect X on the body. Scully looks at it and frowns. Mulder takes of the glasses and the ear protection and looks at Scully.

MULDER: Succes rates and X-files don't get along too well.

Scully nods. They start to walk away.

MULDER: Do you like zoos?

Scully looks at him, surprised.

SCULLY: Well, when I was young I did. I have never been to one since I was fourteen, I think. Why?

MULDER: I want to show you something.

They walk away. Cut to F.B.I. basement. Mulder opens his office door with a key. They enter and he shuts the door. His desk is cleaned up. Scully sits down in a chair. Mulder picks up some newspaper clippings and hands them to Scully. She goes through them. Then she looks up to Mulder.


MULDER: Notice any similarities?

SCULLY: Yes. Of course. In different zoos - Washington, San Francisco, Chicago - big animals die of some fever. Nobody can explain the fever.

MULDER: And in all the three cases, some oil-like substance was found on the sick animals.


MULDER: We've seem oil-like substances before, right?

SCULLY: You think -

MULDER: I don't know *what* to think. But I guess we're going to the zoo tomorrow.

SCULLY: It's probably some unknown bacteria in their food or something. And the substance some physical secretion.

MULDER: [agitated] Elephants, lions and gorilla's don't eat the same food.

SCULLY: [looking bored] Allright. I'll come with you. [pauses] I am just thrilled to see the zookeeper's reaction. Two F.B.I. agents asking about their dead animals.

MULDER: We'll see how surprised they are.


Interior Angela's room. Angela is sitting in front of her mirror. She's pulling faces, trying to look cool and tough. On one side of the mirror we see the UFO/"I want to believe" post card and Scully's F.B.I. card attached to it with a paperclip. [Angela got these in PARAZONE, take a look at the postcard]. Rayanne says something from off-screen.

RAYANNE: I really think these are better.

Angela turns around. Rayanne holds a yellow water gun to her.

RAYANNE: Look. It's a little bigger, can contain more water and it shoots further.

Rayanne aims it at Angela and then around the room.

Angela: Cool. I take it. How much do I owe you?

RAYANNE: One fifty. [pauses] I guess Jordan is not playing along, right?

Angela: [laughs] Of course not. Imagine that! [more serious] Besides, he's not coming to school this whole week. Residue is playing at that festival this friday night. And they are supposed to play for half an hour, which means they have to rehearse a lot. [pauses] I don't mind. While Jordan's not around, I can completely donate my time to shooting up my friends.

RAYANNE: And you don't have to explain to him.

Angela: [sighs] That's right. But I think he'd understand. [pauses, changing the subject] I can't believe even Brian has joined.

RAYANNE: Well, since he haemorraghed, he has definitely loosened up. It turned out good for him.

Angela: [lightly shocked] *Rayanne!*

RAYANNE: Yeah, yeah. I know. It was a horrible experience and all, but it's behind us now. It's been over two months, I think I can start to make the first jokes on it. [pauses] And besides, I ment it in a nice way.

Angela: You're right. [pauses] But nearly every night I think about it. The moment that man's face was just like three inches away from mine. [pauses] That was scary.

Angela remains silent and stares through the window.

RAYANNE: You think I could get something to drink before I leave?

Angela looks up from her thoughts. And gets up.

Angela: Sure. Let's go down.

Angela walks through her door. Rayanne follows with the two yellow guns in her hand.

RAYANNE: Don't forget your gun!


Interior Liberty High hallway. Text appears: Liberty High. June 11, 9.30 a.m. People are walking. Sharon stands at her locker, looking around. Then Kyle comes to her. Sharon looks not too thrilled.

Kyle: [smiling] Hi.


Kyle: I am happy for you that the shooting is such a succes.

SHARON: [agitated in a Sharon way] *Are* you? Then why, just tell me why, you and your jock friends were telling all around school that it was just some stupid idea of me and Rayanne Graff. Immature, childish et cetera?

Kyle: *I* didn't say that.

SHARON: O. Then why didn't you join? Huh? Nearly all the sophomores joined. We had to divide everyone into five poules, that many people joined. Your girlfriend organised it. Give me one good reason not to join. [pauses] Like right now, Kyle.

Kyle: [thinks of an excuse] Well, I don't like having to watch my back all the time.

SHARON: Yeah, that's one hell of a reason.

Then out of nowhere Angela appears and shoots Sharon right in the face.

Angela: [nearly out of her mind] Gotcha!

Then she sees Sharon's dripping unhappy face and Kyle's disapproving look and she gets quiet.

Angela: [excusing voice] Oops! Sorry that I interrupted. [to Sharon] I guess you'll sign later?

Then she walks away fast. Rayanne is waiting for her at the end of the hallway. They laugh. Cut back to Sharon and Kyle. Sharon dries her face with her arm.

Kyle: Well, that was fun. Friends going insane. Another reason not to join.

SHARON: Just shut up, Kyle. This is all your fault.

She gets a red water gun out of her locker. The bell rings. Then she slams her locker door and goes where Angela was going to. Kyle is left in surprise. On the other side of the hallway we see Brian and Rickie. Rickie is just closing his locker.

RICKIE: So, Brian, why did *you* join. No offense, but the shooting isn't much like you.

BRIAN: Yeah. That's right. [pauses] I think of it as an experiment.

RICKIE: [frowning] What kind of experiment?

BRIAN: Well, you know, to learn about my abilities. See, I know that I am good at things like calculus, physics, computer, that kind of stuff. But I am starting to realize that that's not all that matters. I think the shooting thing is about action and reaction. It has to do with pratical solutions for practical problems. [pauses] What about you?

RICKIE: I also see it as an experiment.

BRIAN: [surprised] You do?

RICKIE: Yeah. To see if the commercials are right about my new waterproof eyeliner.

They both laugh.

RICKIE: Besides that, I wouldn't dare to miss something called The World Happiness Shooting.

BRIAN: And we finally get the chance to shoot everybody without going to jail.

The second bell rings. Brian and Rickie hurry away.


Exterior zoo. Mulder and Scully stand in front of the elephant space. There are three big elephants and a small young one. Text appears: Washington Zoo, Washington D.C. June 11, 10.15 a.m.

SCULLY: [dreamy voice] Melissa and I always loved the elephants the best. [pauses] They're big, but friendly.

MULDER: [mildly sarcastic] Yeah, especially with their tusks cut off.

SCULLY: Didn't you have a favorite animal in the zoo?

MULDER: I always liked bats the most. And the fish. I loved those huge aquariums.

Footsteps can be heard and Mulder and Scully turn around. In front of them is a blond, young woman, about 28, wearing an overall. She looks a little nervous.

ALISON: You are here about the dead elephant?

SCULLY: Yes. We're agents Scully and Mulder, we're with the F.B.I.

ALISON: Wow. F.B.I. [pauses] I'm Louise Alison. I am the zoo's main elephant caretaker. Please come with me. I'll show you the inside accomodation for the elephants.

CUT to interior elephant accomodation. They are standing in a hallway with fences for the elephants. The accomodations are filled with straw, but the elephants are all outside.

ALISON: Here is where Imana died.

MULDER: Was she old?

ALISON: No. She was thirteen years old and never sick. She was the strongest of them all.

SCULLY: The paper said that you have no reasonable explanation for her death.

ALISON: That's right. When we noticed she wasn't feeling well, we put her apart from the others. We examined her and only found a fever. We assume that she died of the fever.

SCULLY: Assume?

ALISON: When we took her temperature it was slighly higher than normal. But every our it increased a little more. When she got 104.1 degrees she died. But that's not too high. It sure is a fever, but we only consider fevers real dangerous when the temperature reaches 106 or 108 degrees. It wasn't *that* bad.

MULDER: And what about the oil?

ALISON: We found the oil on her face. It was like someone had thrown a cup of it to her face. But it wasn't really oil. It looked like it hard hardened or something. Like it was real fluid before and had now turn to something more think and stickier.

MULDER: Do you have something of that left here?

ALISON: Yes. It's in the laboratory.

Cut to interior laboratory. Mulder, Scully and Alison stand aside, while a woman in a white coat is reaching in some sort of fridge for a testtube. She gives it to Scully.

LabwoMAN: Here it is.

SCULLY: Thank you. Look, it's completely hardened now. [to labwoman] Can we take this?

LabwoMAN: Yes, that's o.k. We've got three more tubes of it.

SCULLY: Thank you.

MULDER: [to Alison] What happened to the elephant?

ALISON: After we did an autopsy and couldn't find anything, we assumed the fever caused his death. And then they brought it to the incineration.

SCULLY: Is that standard procedure?

ALISON: No. Normally we keep the dead bodies for further research, or for training vets. But the director was afraid for mysterious virusses and insisted on destruction of the body as fast as possible.

Cut to exterior zoo. Mulder and Scully walk by some large bird cages. Then Alison comes running after them. They stop. She hands them a videotape.

ALISON: I totally forgot. We made a videotape from Imana's last hours and from the autopsy. On the tape you can see the oil like it was before it hardened more.

SCULLY: Thanks.

ALISON: [little nervous] Why did you come here? [fast] I know I'm not supposed to ask this. But could you tell me anything? Did someone kill Imana?

MULDER: Do you think that?

ALISON: I don't know *what* to think. But I think the oil caused the fever and her death. The lab couldn't find out what it was. Can you?

SCULLY: Maybe.

MULDER: I'd just make sure that the other test tubes can't go for a walk. [pauses] Or that anybody can come and take them for a walk.


Interior F.B.I. lab. Scully is there with a well known lab guy. He's looking in a microscope. Then he looks up.

LAB GUY: Well, it looks familiar to the other stuff. Some kind of chemical reaction caused the oil to crystalize. It was probably the contact with air.

SCULLY: The oil is by no chance an secretion of the elephant itself?

LAB GUY: No. This stuff can't be a product of a living creature. It contains a little lead and some other things I can't determine right now. Somebody threw it on the elephant. [pauses] I am going to do some more tests on it, but that will take a lot more time. Call me tomorrow.

SCULLY: O.K. Thanks.

Scully walks away. CUT to Mulder's office. He's just putting his phone down. Scully enters.

MULDER: All the animals had a temperature of 104.1 when they died.

SCULLY: And the oil looks familiar to the one we found before.

MULDER: So, we've got oil on big dead animals that looks the same as the oil we found on a so-called submarine, but what we know is a shotdown U.F.O.

SCULLY: Which is hidden in a silo that doesn't exist. [pauses] If this is what you think it is, somebody probably is going to call Skinner pretty soon.

Someone knocks on the door. Mulder and Scully look up and there stands assistant director Skinner.

Skinner: I already got a call. [pauses] What were you doing in the zoo? Don't you have something serious to do?

MULDER: Well, sir, since you know we actually were at the zoo, I think it was serious what we were doing.

Skinner: That elephant died of some sickness. And even if it *was* killed, it's not our business. We're the F.B.I., not Ace Ventura Inc.

Mulder and Scully suppress a laugh. Then Scully looks serious.

SCULLY: Sir, we have reasons to believe that the oil found on the elephant has something to do with the UFO cover up. Remember the silo and the submarine?

Skinner: Of course I remember that, but I think you're making connections that are way too far fetched. Maybe the heat is getting to both your heads.

MULDER: You know that's not true. You are *here* about our far fetched connections.

Skinner: I am here to tell you to let this case rest and do something worthwhile. And that's not just a suggestion.

Skinner turns around and walks away. Mulder and Scully watch him walking down the hall.


Exterior Liberty High. Rayanne is walking over the bleachers to the top, while she's walking she's looking for something in her bag. She doesn't see Brian who is sitting already on the highest bench. Brian puts his book away and gets a red water gun out of his backpack. Rayanne is still 15 feet away. He aims and shoots her in her neck. Rayanne looks up as soon as she gets hit and then tries to dry her neck with her hands. As she talks she reaches Brian.

RAYANNE: [sighing loud] O, man. How can you shoot me from such a distance? Don't tell me you built your own precision squirt gun?

She sits down beside him.

BRIAN: [serious] Well, you know, my parents bought me this gun like eight years ago. I guess it was my father. He probably wanted me to develop my masculine aspects more. But I never played with it. [pauses] I never played with cars either.

RAYANNE: [laughing] I can't imagine you playing with whatever toys.

BRIAN: Well, I *did* have a huge amount of Lego.

RAYANNE: Yeah, I bet you had. [pauses] So the gun didn't help much, right?

BRIAN: What?

RAYANNE: As to develop your masculine aspects more.

BRIAN: [a little embarassed] You could say that. [pauses, looks at the gun in his hand] But it sure comes in handy now.

RAYANNE: They don't make 'em like that anymore. [pauses] Let me sign your paper.

Brian gets out his one time folded piece of paper and hands it to Rayanne. She looks at it and sees it's completely blank.

RAYANNE: Well, it sure is an honour to be your first victim.

She signs it and gives it back.

RAYANNE: But you got to work on this, Krakow. I got five already and everybody is getting better with the hour.

Brian puts the piece of paper back.

BRIAN: Some how I can't bring myself to shooting other people. It is *so* unlike me. I never did anything like this since I was ten or something. [pauses] Not that that is of any interest to you in any way.

RAYANNE: Give me break, Krakow. [pauses] You got to loosen up more. I discussed this with Angela -

BRIAN: [shocked] What? You and Angela discussed *me*? Like when? And *what* did you discuss?

RAYANNE: Pfff, relax. [sighs] The other night I was at the Chase's and we discussed you as being part of the shooting. *We* also thought it was unlike you. [pauses, reaches in her bag] But see it as a step forward. If you can completely surrender yourself to the shooting and not worry about school for one week, you'll find yourself a much happier, up person than ever. [gets two lolly's out of her bag, looks up to Brian] Want one?

BRIAN: [overwhelmed by her advise] O.K., maybe you're right. Maybe I should not worry about school since it's too hot for that. Obviously *I* am not gonna get left back this year. [sighs] But you know I can't just sneak up at Angela Chase and shoot her. Not in this universe.

RAYANNE: Come on, Krakow. Of course you can. And it's legal. You are not going to get many chances like these anymore. Exploit them.

Rayanne looks around and sees Angela coming up the bleachers.

RAYANNE: [whispering to Brian] Like right now. Get down fast, today is your lucky day.

BRIAN: [irritated] Shut up.

Brian gets his backpack, gets up and walks down the bleachers. Rayanne's POV. Halfway he meets Angela.

Angela: Hi.

BRIAN: [still irritated] Hi.

That's all they say, Brian keeps walking. Angela gets up to Rayanne. She sits down, where Brian sat just a few moments ago. Rayanne gets her sunglasses out of her bag, puts them on and lies down on the bench.

Angela: [frowning] What did you say to him?

RAYANNE: That he should loosen up more. [pauses] And that it's totally and completely o.k. for him to sneak up at you and shoot you right in the face.

Angela: [mouth openened wide in surprise] Did you really say that?

RAYANNE: Yeah. And if I were you I should be really cautious, 'cause he's bought his squirt gun in Libia.

Angela: Yeah right. [pauses] Did he say more about me?

RAYANNE: [surprised, gets up and lifts her glasses] What? Why would you want to know?

Angela: [sort of excusing herself] Well, it just seems that Brian and I are not good at being friends. I mean we talk sometimes in the bus and stuff, and we are not yelling at each other anymore. I actually like being around him most of the time. But it's just not the same as with you or Rickie or Sharon.

RAYANNE: [lies down again, serious] What did you think? I mean, he has definitely loosened up, since he shot me without apologizing. But he still *is* Brian Krakow. You can't change such a thing just like that.

Angela looks down. She gets an apple out of her backpack. Then she lies down on the other bench and closes her eyes.


Exterior Chase house. Graham is standing on a ladder painting the window frames of Angela's room. He's wearing shorts a t-shirt and a baseball cap. In the roof gutter, just below the window, is a stereo that's playing "Rockin' in the free world" by Neil Young. Graham is singing along:

"That is one more kid that'll never go to school.

Never get to fall in love, never get to be cool.

Keep on rockin' in the free world."

The Chase station wagon pulls up the drive way and Patty gets out. She is surprised that Graham is painting. She walks to the ladder and looks up at Graham.

PATTY: Honey, aren't you dying up there?

GRAHAM: [looking down] Well, I heard that with every one thousand feet you climb, the temperature goes three degrees down. So, actually it's pretty cold up here. [pauses] No, I'm fine and the paint dries amazingly fast now.

PATTY: It's great that you're doing this. I'll get you a soda.

GRAHAM: Thanks.

Patty enters the house. It's a bit dark in the house, all the curtains are closed. She sees Danielle lying on the couch, sleeping in front of the t.v. The t.v. is on some news channel and it's just showing a weather chart. The sound is turned off. The chart shows temperatures of 100 degrees and plain sun for the coming days. Patty sighs and turns the t.v. off. Then she kisses Danielle on her hair and walks to the kitchen. CUT to Patty and Graham sitting in front of the house drinking both a can of coke.

GRAHAM: It really needed to be done. Especially Angela's window. And I took a day off from the restaurant.

PATTY: You could also just be reading a book in the backyard under a parasol with your feet in a bucket of cold water. [pauses] What's with Danielle?

GRAHAM: I think the heat is too much for her. When she got home she looked a little pale. She wanted to lie down on the couch and fell asleep right away.

PATTY: I hope she's not going to be sick. That's terrible just now. [pauses] You know my parents are coming over for dinner tomorrow, right?

GRAHAM: [disapproving] What?

PATTY: [faint smile] I knew you would shut that out.

Then Danielle enters from inside. She's wearing a white baseball cap that's a little too big. She looks sick. She's got a glass of water and sits down by Patty and Graham.

PATTY: [concerned] Honey, how are you feeling?

DANIELLE: Not too good.

PATTY: [like she's really talking to a five year old] Shall I make the little pool for you in the backyard?

DANIELLE: *Mom!* I'm out of kindergarten, right?

PATTY: [realizing that] O honey, I'm sorry.

GRAHAM: I think you should take your temperature. You may have got a sunstroke.

DANIELLE: I'm just tired with the heat. That's all.

Angela comes walking up to them.

Angela: [to Danielle] Saw a ghost?

DANIELLE: Shut up!

PATTY: Angela, Danielle is not feeling too well. So you might be just a little nice to her.

Angela: Sorry. [short pause] I'm going up to my room. If I sit here I'm to easy a target for Brian.

PATTY: [sighing] Just how long is this shooting going to last?

Angela: Just till friday. Why?

PATTY: Never mind.

Angela walks away.


Interior parking garage. It's dark in the garage. A thrity-ish man is leaning against a red car. He's wearing a brown leather jacket. He obviously is waiting for someone. A grey car drives to him and stops. The Cigarette Smoking Man comes out. As he walks to the other man he gets a Marlboro box out of his pocket and lights up a cigarette.

CSM: [strict] What happened?

MAN: [little nervous] Somebody followed me. I had to hide.

CSM: Why did you hide the gun?

MAN: [angry] What do you think? If they'd caught me *with* the gun, I couldn't have pulled another stupid excuse.

CSM: You spilled the liquid on the bathroom floor. A little girl saw it. She also found the gun. I was there just in time.

MAN: Did she touch it?

CSM: I don't know. But I'm sure she's not gonna tell anybody about what she saw.

MAN: [angry] What? You -

CSM: No. I didn't. But you are going to watch her. If she gets sick, you will tell me right away. We already *got* noticed.

The CSM gives him a piece of paper and a photograph. And a little metal box.

CSM: Here is her name, her address and a photograph. [pauses] Just watch her. Find out if she's sick and then contact me. [pauses] I'll tell you more about the box later, if it's necessary. Don't srew this up.

The CSM walks back to his car, gets in and throws the cigarette through the open door window. He pulls up. The other man looks at the photograph, it's a picture of Danielle and the blond girl from her class. Danielle's head is circled.


Exterior Chase house. It's near dark. Lights are off in the Chase's living room. The ladder is still leaning to the house near Angela's window. Her window is open and the light in her room is burning. We see Brian walking - trying not to be seen - to the ladder. When he gets to it he looks around and then he starts to climb the ladder.

BRIAN VO: I am *not* doing this. I am not climbing up a ladder to Angela's room trying to shoot her with a water gun. This is rediculous. This is pathetic. She'll kill me.

He gets up fast. When he's just under Angela's room he gets his squirt gun from under his shirt.

BRIAN VO: What if she's not dressed. O my god. I am out of here.

He does go up one more step and peaks into Angela's room. Angela is sitting at her desk reading a book. Her back is turned to Brian. He gets up two more steps and then he points his gun.

BRIAN: Umm, hi.

Angela frightens and turns around fast. At that moment Brian shoots her in her face. But he also scares of Angela's frightened face and looses his balance. He falls into her room. Angela's looking not frightened anymore, but more angry and astonished. Her face is dripping. Brian gets up as fast as he can.

BRIAN: [fast] I know I shouldn't be doing this, but this shooting thing is really getting to me and Rayanne told me -

ANGELA: [still looking amazed] Brian, shut up.

BRIAN: [sighs] O.K. I was wrong. Just kill me now.

ANGELA: [laughing a little] It's o.k. Brian. You just scared the hell out of me.

BRIAN: [still uncomfortable] This is not me. I don't know what is posessing me, but this is not me.

ANGELA: I know that.

She dries her face with a t-shirt that was on the floor.

ANGELA: So, where's your paper.

He gets it out of his pocket and hands it to her. Angela signs it and hands it back to him.

ANGELA: Sit down.

Brian sits down on the chair by the mirror, where all of Angela's make up stuff is. Again the "I want to believe" postcard is clearly visible. Angela sits down on the bed.

ANGELA: So you listened to Rayanne's advise.

Brian looks embarassed.

ANGELA: She *was* right, you know.

BRIAN: About what?

ANGELA: Come on, Brian. [sighs] We make terrible friends, you know that.

BRIAN: We get along better than we used to.

ANGELA: [sighs] Sure. [pauses]

BRIAN: What?

ANGELA: I don't know. [pauses] First the letter. Then the haemorraghe thing.

She stands up and walks around the room. She picks up Brian's gun that is lying on the floor near the open window. She walks to him and hands him the gun. He takes it. His hand touches hers. He looks up to her and they both look serious in each other's eyes for a couple of seconds. Then Angela lets go of the gun and gets back to her bed.

ANGELA: [confused voice] I just want to be friends with you. [VO] That really was what I wanted. To believe. And to feel. [aloud] Real friends.

BRIAN: [gets up] I should go. Before your parents know I'm here.

Angela nods. She's still looking kind of confused. Brian walks to the window.

BRIAN: Chase -

Angela looks up to him.

BRIAN: [smiling] I think we are. Friends. [pauses] The fact that you didn't throw me down the ladder as fast as you could, proves that.

Angela smiles.

BRIAN: But you *can't* just put up a ladder to an open window at night. Not even in Three Rivers.

Brian climbs through the window on the ladder. Angela walks to him. When he gets down, she waves and closes the window. She watches him cross the street. Then she walks away from the window. She falls on her bed and puts her head under a pillow.


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