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104.1 - Part 2

written by Jeroen de Jong

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Published: 1997 | Size: 36 KB (6491 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13

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MSCL / X-Files Crossover

based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman


Interior F.B.I. office. Mulder is sitting at his desk, reading something. He looks tired. Text appears: F.B.I. Headquarters, Washington D.C. June 12, 12.30 a.m. Scully enters. Mulder looks up.

MULDER: Why am I still here?

SCULLY: Because of this.

Scully hands him a fax. We can see that it's from Pittsburgh Zoo. Mulder reads it.

MULDER: So, one more mysterious fever patient who didn't make it.

SCULLY: And they found oil on the bear.

MULDER: Where did you get this?

SCULLY: After Skinner told us to drop the case, I called Alison to tell her we were no longer investigating it. She was very disappointed. Then I told her to let me know, when she heard of similar cases.

MULDER: And so soon.

Scully gets an envelope with plane tickets out of her pocket and holds it up to Mulder.

SCULLY: We're going to Pittsburgh.

Mulder looks surprised and then he gets up. They leave the office.


Interior Chase kitchen. Angela is sitting at the kitchen table eating pancakes. Text appears: Three Rivers, Pennsylvania. June 12, 7.55 a.m. Angela is wearing a short summer dress. She is smiling.

ANGELA VO: So, Brian and I are friends. [pauses] That's a start.

Patty enters the kitchen. She is in a hurry.

PATTY: Honey, Danielle is not going to school today. She has a fever. Could you tell Brian not to come over for the saxophone lessons tonight?


PATTY: Thank you.

Patty rushes out of the kitchen again. Angela is putting more syrup on her pancakes. Graham comes in, rubbing his eyes.

GRAHAM: It's too hot to hurry.

ANGELA: Mom would die if she couldn't.

Graham poors some coffee in a mug.

GRAHAM: Your mom and I decided to do a barbecue this saturday. And your mom thought it would be a good idea to ask -

ANGELA: [interrupting] Jordan, right? [annoyed] Dad, why?

GRAHAM: What's the big deal, Angela? I met him, your mother met him. He was here when you got back from the hospital. We *think* he's o.k. [pauses] But if you keep hiding him from us, we might be thinking otherwise pretty soon.

ANGELA: [sighs] I don't know.

GRAHAM: You think he doesn't like us? Your other friends don't seem to. Or are they just being polite and are you trashing us when we're out of ear distance.

ANGELA: *No!* [sighs] You know dad, Jordan is this kind of person, who you don't bring to a barbecue your parents give.

Graham frowns. Angela looks thoughtful.

ANGELA VO: Being around Jordan *and* my parents at the same time is what I have nightmares of. Like I have to develop a multiple personality syndrome right at the spot to survive. [pauses] It happened one time, when I got back from the hospital. But again? And a barbecue? It just doesn't make sense.

GRAHAM: Come on, Angela. Say yes and your mother is not going to bother you for a long time.

ANGELA: Like that's really possible. [sighs and gets up] O.K. I'll ask him.

GRAHAM: Thank you. And one more thing, your grandparents are coming over for dinner tonight.

ANGELA: [disapproving, putting her plate in the sink] Really? Can't you cancel that? Danielle is sick.

GRAHAM: That excuse didn't work. I'm sorry. Really.

Angela nods and walks away. Grahams sits down and watches her leave.


Interior Liberty High hallway. The hallway is full with people - as usual - Angela is standing at her locker with the water gun in her hand. She's looking around for people who may shoot her. Then Jordan comes walking to her. He sees her water gun.


ANGELA: [embarassed] Hi.

JORDAN: So, you're in this shooting thing too?

ANGELA: [fast] Well, yes. But Sharon and Rayanne kind of dragged me in to it. [pauses] How's rehearsal going?

Before Jordan can say anything, Sharon appears and shoots at Angela. But instead of Angela, Jordan gets hit in the face. And Angela quickly shoots at Sharon and she hits her arm.

ANGELA: Got you again, Cherski.

Jordan is just standing there, a little overwhelmed by the sudden action. Angela is laughing at his dripping face. She dries his face with his the inside of his jacket.

SHARON: I'm sorry, Jordan. But she pulled the same thing with me the other day.

ANGELA: Only I didn't shoot your *boyfriend*.

SHARON: [mumbling] I wonder how long he still is my boyfriend.


SHARON: Nothing, gotta go. Bye.

Sharon walks away. Jordan's face is still a little wet. He looks funny. Angela kisses him. She's smiling.

ANGELA: I'm sorry about that.

JORDAN: It's o.k. [pauses] Maybe I'd better get myself some gun too. Like for selfdefense. [pauses] Anyway, rehearsal's going pretty good. You want to come over tonight to the loft? To hear us?

ANGELA: Yeah. I'd love to.

JORDAN: I'll pick you up at eight then.

Angela sees Rayanne sneaking up at them.

ANGELA: Get down.

At the same moment as she says this she pulls Jordan down and Rayanne misses them. Angela shoots back and hits Rayanne in her neck.


Angela and Jordan get up again. Jordan is smiling.

ANGELA: [happy] Today is my lucky day.

JORDAN: I gotta go back to the loft. See you tonight.

He kisses her.

ANGELA: [softly] Yeah, tonight.

Jordan walks away and then Rayanne comes closer.

RAYANNE: So, let me sign your list, Dirty Harry.

Angela gets her list out of her pocket. Rayanne looks at her in surprise.

RAYANNE: You shot Sharon? She's like impossible to sneak up to.

ANGELA: [proud] I shot her twice. She still has to sign for the second time.

Rickie comes walking to them. They see him coming, he puts his gun away.

RICKIE: It's so great. The World Happiness Shooting is all over the place. I just had bio and Chavatal asked why no one had asked her to join.

RAYANNE: [disapproving] The heat is definetely getting to everyone.

RICKIE: Don't you think that's great? It's like everybody is giving up the serious mask that they're wearing. Like we can be the person we really are.

RAYANNE: Deep thought, Rickie. The heat is *certainly* getting to you.

ANGELA: No, Rickie is right. I thought about this -

RAYANNE: Of course, Angela Chase and *not* giving anything thought is like penguins walking around the north pole.

ANGELA: Shut up, Rayanne. [pauses] I mean, this is kind of like Halloween, but only better. This week we get to be the more immature part of ourselves. It's like playing with Barbies when you're thirteen. It's a lot of fun, but you're not supposed to have that fun. It's like forbidden. I mean I haven't had a squirt gun in my hands since I was eleven.

RAYANNE: [to Rickie] She's lying. Or Brian Krakow gave her some shooting lessons.

Angela smiles vaguely.

RICKIE: Yeah. Just this morning I was walking into school and *splash* I got a wet face. Then I saw Brian from like an impossible distance. [pauses] He's really getting into this. The ladies room is probably the only place where you're safe from his attacks.

RAYANNE: I wouldn't bet on that.

The bell rings and Angela closes her locker. They walk down the hallway.


Exterior Pittsburgh Zoo. Mulder and Scully are standing in front of the polar bear space. It's the same spot where Danielle and her class were standing before. Two polar bears are swimming in the water.

MULDER: That's what we should be doing.

SCULLY: Don't tell me you like swimming.

MULDER: When nobody is watching.

SCULLY: Right.

Somebody comes walking from behind. It's a young man, wearing safari shorts and a t-shirt with a rhinoceros print. He's looking a little bored.

ROSS: I'm David Ross.

MULDER: Hello, mr. Ross. We're agents Mulder and Scully.

ROSS: Yeah, they told me.

SCULLY: What can you tell us about the polar bear?

ROSS: We found a little oil on the bear, it had a fever that increased by the hour and then the bear died.

SCULLY: How high was his temperature when he died.

ROSS: 104.1.

SCULLY: That's not lethal, right?


MULDER: Can we see the bear?

ROSS: The bear is already gone for destruction. Just in case he died of some dangerous bacteria.

Mulder frowns to Scully.

SCULLY: And the oil?

ROSS: We sent that away to the University to examine it.

SCULLY: Which one?

ROSS: Pittsburgh University. Here in town.

SCULLY: Can you give us the number of the person you sent it to.

ROSS: I thought you would want to know that.

Ross gets a piece of paper out of his pocket and gives it to Scully. She reads it and puts it away.

MULDER: Were there any irregularities the night before you found the sick bear?

ROSS: I wouldn't know. You'd have to check security for that. [pauses] Is there any more you want to know, I have other things to do.

Mulder looks at Scully.

SCULLY: No. You can go to your other things, mr. Ross.

ROSS: Fine. [pauses] Since when does the F.B.I. investigate dead animals?

MULDER: [slightly sarcastic] Since we found out that your polar bear might be attacked by aliens.

Ross frowns and starts to walk away.

MULDER: Just keep an eye on your big animals, mr. Ross.

CUT to interior security office. About thirty small monitors are on one wall. They show parts of the zoo in black and white. A fifty year old man is sitting behind a desk, looking through some papers. Mulder is looking at the monitors. The security guy gets out a piece of paper.

SEC. GUY: I found it here, mr. Mulder. Rosewood was on duty that night. At four a.m. he was doing his round. Near the polar bear section he heard some noise. He thought there was someone there, but he looked around and couldn't find anything.

MULDER: That's it?

SEC. GUY: Yes. You should know that we hear noises all the time during rounds. It's a zoo.

MULDER: Can you give me mr. Rosewood's number?

SEC. GUY: He's working right now, I can page him if you want to.


The security guy pages Rosewood. Scully comes in.

SCULLY: I just called the University Chemistry Lab, they have no idea what it is, but *what* they found is completely the same as what we found in Washington.

MULDER: Allright.

SCULLY: And, guess what, the lab guys at the bureau found out that what we gave them is a derivative of the stuff we found on the so-called submarine. The oil we found earlier does not cristallizize when it encounters oxygen. The new stuff does. [pauses] It's impossible to get it back in the original, fluid state.

Another security guy comes in, the office is getting a little crowded. It's Rosewood. He's about 35, tall and muscular.

ROSEWOOD: What's the urgency.

MULDER: Mr. Rosewood, we're federal agents Mulder and Scully. We'd like to ask some questions about your shift three nights ago.


MULDER: In the report you wrote that you heard some noises near the polar bear section.

ROSEWOOD: Yes. I thought I heard someone walking and I took a look, but couldn't find anything. I guess it was some animal noise, [smiling] the night is never completely silent around here.

MULDER: If you wanted to break and enter the zoo, what would be the safest way?

ROSEWOOD: To get locked in at night and sneak out when the zoo opens. Since the zoo is such a big place, that's not too hard. [pauses] But nothing was reported stolen that night.

MULDER: [thoughtful] That's right.

CUT to polar bear section. Mulder and Scully look around the place.

SCULLY: It's awfully quiet today.

MULDER: Would you go to a zoo with your kids when it's this hot?

SCULLY: I guess not.

MULDER: I think someone *was* here that night to throw the oil on the polar bear. [pauses] And if he waited till the next morning to get out, someone must have seen him.

SCULLY: They *have* cameras at the entrance and exit.


Exterior Liberty High. Angela, Rickie and Rayanne are sitting on the grass in the shade of a tree. They're eating lunch.

RICKIE: Maybe we should go to the pool this weekend.

RAYANNE: Like everybody else in Three Rivers.

RICKIE: It'll be fun.


ANGELA: [annoyed] You know, my parents are giving this barbecue on saturday and guess who they want me to ask over?

RAYANNE: [enthousiastic] Us!!

ANGELA: Jordan Catalano.

RAYANNE: Well, if you'd get them to invite us to it will be one big happy barbecue.

RICKIE: I love barbecues. It's a real Chase family kind of thing.

ANGELA: *Rickie!*

RAYANNE: But at the Chase's you won't get black meat and crappy salads.

Rayanne and Rickie laugh. Angela just stares a bit.

ANGELA: [not too loud] I can't just ask Jordan.

RAYANNE: Why not?

ANGELA: [sighs] Just because.

RAYANNE: [loud, amazed look on her face] I got it. [pauses] The winner of *our* World Happiness Shooting poule gets to go to the Chase barbecue. I've got to tell Cherski. And shoot her.

Rayanne gets up and walks away. Angela and Rickie are left in surprise.

RICKIE: [to Angela, reassuring] Sharon will talk her out of it.

Angela nods and stares away.

ANGELA VO: It's not that I am afraid that something will *happen* when I'm alone with Jordan and my parents. It's just that I can't imagine it. It's the biggest "as if" in my life.

RICKIE: Seen Brian the last couple of hours?

Angela looks up from her thoughts.

ANGELA: No. Why?

RICKIE: I just expect him to pop up at any place with his precision gun.

Angela smiles.


Interior Chase kitchen. Graham is cutting a head iceberg lettuce. On the counter are little bowls with all kinds of ingredients: tomatoes, boiled eggs, tuna, green olives. Angela comes in and sees the little bowls. She takes some olives

ANGELA: Mmm, olives. [full mouthed] What are you making?

GRAHAM: [in perfect French] Salade Niçoise.

ANGELA: Fancy. What is it?

GRAHAM: Salad from Nice. Nice is a city in the south of France, at the Mediterrean. This salad goes with the weather. Everything you see on the counter goes in it. And more.

ANGELA: Good. Make sure you leave some olives for me.


Patty enters. Her face is red, she looks tired.

PATTY: What are you making for dinner?

ANGELA: [in lousy French] Salade Niçoise.

PATTY: [sighs] I hope dad will eat it.

GRAHAM: [little irritated] Come on Patty, I'm not going to make a first class diner when it's so hot. And anyway, it's good for his diet.

PATTY: You're right.

Graham takes a little pan of the stove and poors it in a mug. He gives it so Angela.

GRAHAM: It's some clear soup. For your sister. Make sure she eats it.

Angela takes it, gets a spoon out of a drawer and walks away. Patty opens the fridge and gets out a bottle of orange juice. CUT to Danielle's door. Angela opens it carefully. The room is dark and Danielle lies in her bed, awake, she's wearing a night gown. The sheets are on the floor.

ANGELA: Hi. I have some clear soup for you.

DANIELLE: [weak voice] I don't want that.

ANGELA: [nice voice] If you don't eat it, you have to spent all the evening listening to grandma's charity adventures.

Danielle smiles a little and gets up. She's looking pale and sweaty. Angela takes a chair and sits near her. Danielle takes the mug and takes a sip.

DANIELLE: It's good.

ANGELA: Dad made it. [pauses] How's your fever?

DANIELLE: It's getting a bit higher every time I take my temperature. It's now 101.5.

ANGELA: Shall I make you a new wet towel?

DANIELLE: No. [pauses] I hate them. It makes your hair and your pillow all wet.

ANGELA: [smiles] You're right.

DANIELLE: How's the shooting going?

ANGELA: Pretty good. I got Rayanne and Sharon today and didn't get shot myself. But I think Brian and Rayanne are at the top of our poule. He asked me to tell you to get well soon and that you'll get an extra lesson as soon as you're recovered.

For a while they say nothing as Danielle drinks her soup. The she gives the mug to Angela.

DANIELLE: I'm going to sleep some more.

ANGELA: [gets up] O.K.

DANIELLE: Won't you stay for a while?

ANGELA: [happy, a little touched] Sure.

Angela looks around the room and sees a Winnie the Pooh book lying at Danielle's desk.

ANGELA: You want me to read you a story?

DANIELLE: [a little embarassed and surprised] Well [pauses] yeah.

Angela puts the mug on the floor and gets the book. The she sits down again. She looks through the book and finds a good story. Danielle turns on her side and looks happy at Angela. Angela smiles and starts to read. Thanks to A.A. Milne for the story.

ANGELA: [in her best reading voice] Winnie-the-Pooh woke up suddenly in the middle of the night and listened. Then he got out of bed, and lit his candle, and stumped across the room to see if anybody was trying to get into his honey-cupboard, and they weren't, so he stumped back again, blew out his candle, and got into bed. Then he heard the noise again. 'Is that you, Piglet?' he said. But it wasn't. 'Come in, Christopher Robin!' he said. But Christopher Robin didn't. 'Tell me about it to-morrow, Eeyore,' said Pooh sleepily. But the noise went on. 'Worraworraworraworraworra,' said What-ever-it-was, and Pooh found that he wasn't asleep after all.

As Angela tells the story Danielle closes her eyes and after a little while it's clear that she's fallen asleep. But Angela keeps reading on. She's really good at it. Then we cut to door opening Danielle's room and we see Patty peaking in, smiling.


Interior security office. The older security guy is still there. Mulder is looking at a monitor, rewinding a tape at low speed. Then the screen goes to normal. We see people walking into the zoo from up above. Scully comes in with two cans of soda. She hands one to him.


MULDER: [takes it] Thanks. [opens it and takes a sip] No one left the zoo during the first two hours it was open. And not much people came in too. Some old people, mothers with young children, a school class, that's it.

SCULLY: [loud, pointing at the monitor] Look!

MULDER: Bingo.

Mulder freezes the video and on the monitor we recognize the Cigarette Smoking Man.

SCULLY: I wonder what he is doing there. He is not going *out*. At that moment, the bear was already sick.

MULDER: [to security guy] Can we get the tapes of all the cameras made after eleven a.m.?

SEC. GUY: They're right there.

He points at a metal cupboard, across the office. Mulder gets up and opens it. He gets out twentyfive tapes.

MULDER: Can we watch this here?

SEC. GUY: Sure, I don't mind. [pauses] There's another videoplayer. To save time.

MULDER: Thanks.

CUT to some time later. Scully and Mulder are both watching monitors. They're looking hot. Mulder is eating a popsicle. He freezes his monitor.

MULDER: Here he is again. Walking down a lane near the polar bears. [to security guy] Can you tell me where this lane goes to?

SEC. GUY: To some toilets.

Mulders pushes play again and we see the Cigarette Smoking Man disappear. He hits fast forward and after a while we see him coming back. Mulder freezes the monitor again.

MULDER: He needed to go to the bathroom.

SCULLY: I don't think so.[looks carefully] He's got something in his pocket of his jacket. Do you see that?

A piece of plastic is sticking out of the CSM's pocket. Mulder rewinds the tape to the CSM's ealier appearance and no plastic can be seen on there.

MULDER: So he picked something up in the bathroom.

He rewinds the tape some more, the CSM disappears and then we see a young girl with long hair walking down the lane towards the toilets. We can't see her face, 'cause she looks at the ground.

SCULLY: I didn't see her coming back again.

Mulder fast forwards the tape. We see the CSM coming and leaving and then we see the girl leaving. She's still looking at the ground.

SCULLY: She was there when he was. [to security guy] Are there different toilets for men and women?

SEC. GUY: Of course.

SCULLY: She probably hasn't seen him.

MULDER: But it is possible.

SCULLY: We should find out who she is.

MULDER: And check out the toilets.


Interior zoo toilets. Scully is in the ladiesroom looking around. She enters a stall and she notices some small hardened oil spots on the floor. A door slams.

MULDER: [off screen] Nothing there.

SCULLY: Here's some of the oil.

Mulder comes to Scully and looks at the oil.

MULDER: I guess the cleaning service couldn't get rid of it.

SCULLY: But why is it here? This is doesn't make sense.

MULDER: Maybe it does. Maybe someone came here at night hiding from Rosewood, who had heard something. He hid the remaining oil or whatever here and our smoking friend had to pick it up the other day.

SCULLY: If he was here, the girl must have heard or seen him.

MULDER: At least.

SCULLY: [sighs] Let's watch some more video.


Chase dinner table. Graham, Patty, Vivian and Angela are sitting around the table. They have just finished.

VIVIAN: Graham, this was wonderful.

GRAHAM: Thank you.

VIVIAN: But Chuck would have hated it. Good thing he didn't feel too well.

PATTY: *Mom!*

VIVIAN: O, you know how he is. His diet is on the road to nowhere, too.

ANGELA: Can I be excused?


ANGELA: Jordan is picking me up in fifteen minutes.

PATTY: Where are you going?

ANGELA: Just to the loft where Residue's rehearsing. [looks at Graham] Dad said it was o.k. I'll be back at ten.

VIVIAN: So, now I'm going to meet the famous Jordan too.

ANGELA: He's not coming in.

VIVIAN: You *could* ask him in.

ANGELA: *Grandma!*

VIVIAN: Allright, allright. But I'd like to get an invitation for your wedding.

Angela sighs. Graham nods at her. She leaves the table and walks up the stairs.


Interior loft. The band members are walking around. Angela is sitting at the side, Jordan next to her. He gets up.

JORDAN: [to Angela] Here we go.

He walks to the other players and they get their instruments. The drummer counts and then they start to play "I want to be sedated". Jordan is singing. It sounds real good. Angela is enjoying the music.

ANGELA VO: This is enough. I think. Being the singer's girl. Shooting at my friends with squirt guns. Reading stories to Danielle. [pauses] But not having any ambitions probably makes me a real shallow person. [pauses] I should make that next year's project.

CUT to Jordan and Angela sitting alone in the loft. Angela is trying to play an acoustic guitar. Jordan is putting her fingers right.

JORDAN: No, no. An A-chord is like this.

ANGELA: Like this?

JORDAN: Yeah. And an E-chord is like this.

He moves her fingers.

JORDAN: Now, strum four times and then move to A again.

Angela does like he tells her. It sounds clumsy.

JORDAN: [laughing] You're a natural.

ANGELA: Hey, I *had* pianolessons for one year.

JORDAN: Sure. I can see why you quit.

Angela strums the guitar and after a while the chord switches go rather decent. Then Jordan gets another acoustic guitar and plays some bluesy melody. After ten seconds Angela gets mixed up in the strings.

ANGELA: I can't concentrate when you play all those little notes.

JORDAN: Allright, then I'll take you home.

Angela puts the guitar away.

ANGELA: [apologizing voice] O.K., this is gonna sound real dumb.

Jordan frowns at her.

ANGELA: [sighs] My parents are giving a barbecue this saturday. And they wanted me to invite you. They kind of forced me to invite you, but I don't think -


ANGELA: [surprised] What?

JORDAN: I'll come. [pauses] I like your mom.

ANGELA: [mumbling] That makes you the first.

She smiles at him and gives him a kiss. Then they get up and leave the loft.


Exterior Angela's street. Angela is stepping out of Jordan's car. She closes the door and looks in one more time. She waves and then Jordan pulls up and drives away. As she watches Jordan leave, she notices a black van somewhere up the street. As she watches it, the van's lights turn on, it turns and drives away. She slowly walks up to the door, humming "I want to be sedated". The camera zooms out as she opens the door and enters.


Interior motel room. Mulder is sitting at a table, staring at the wall. Scully enters the room. Mulder looks up and rubs his eyes.

SCULLY: I just got a call from the F.B.I. lab. You won't believe what they found.

MULDER: Tell me.

SCULLY: The oil found on the animals, is some kind of material that works in two ways. They managed to analyse it good enough to understand what it was before it crystallized. [pauses] If the material makes contact with an animal it first causes a fever. The animal weakens and when it's body temperature reaches 104.1 degrees an other material is released and that kills it.

MULDER: What is the material?

SCULLY: They don't know. All they can say is that there's a little lead in it. But there has to be more. The material released causes a sudden cardiac arrest.

MULDER: O.K. So they throw this stuff on the animals -

SCULLY: One more thing. They found out that not only oxygen causes crystallization, also temperatures below 120 degrees. And if it is cristalized it looses its power. Certainly for those big animals.

MULDER: So they brought the stuff in some kind of thermos bottle.

SCULLY: But why killing these animals?

MULDER: They're doing tests. They found this stuff or they created it and now they're testing it on animals.

They remain silent for a couple of moments. Scully sits down on the bed.

SCULLY: I'm going to bed. We can't do much tonight anymore.

MULDER: And tomorrow up to the school in Three Rivers. We could visit those kids. Brian Krakow and Angela Chase.

SCULLY: We should. [sighs]


SCULLY: That girl, Angela. She wrote me a letter and I never wrote back. [pauses] She reminds me so much of Melissa. It's like I can't take it or something.

MULDER: What did she write?

SCULLY: She thanked me for being there. Told a little bit about her life. That she hasn't got a clue to do with her life, but that she's fine with it. That she liked me. That she wanted to see me again someday.

MULDER: Here's your chance.

SCULLY: She probably hates me for not writing back.

MULDER: You'll see.

Scully nods and looks away.


Interior Chase house upstairs. Peaceful MSCL music is playing. Angela comes out of the bathroom, she's wearing sleeping shorts and a singlet. She gets in her room, closes the door and gets into bed. CUT to living room. Patty and Graham are watching t.v. Patty lies against Graham. He has his arm around her. CUT to Danielle's dark room. First we see the total room, then we zoom in to Danielle who is asleep, but moving her head and her arms. She's moaning a little. As we get closer we can see the sweat on her face and her frightened expression - although her eyes are closed. The moaning gets worse and drowns the music. It's a terrible sight. The screen fades to black.


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