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104.1 - Part 3

written by Jeroen de Jong

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Published: 1997 | Size: 43 KB (7586 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13

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MSCL / X-Files Crossover

based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman


Interior Chase house upstairs. Angela walks from her room to Danielle's, we hear some moaning. Text appears: Three Rivers, Pennsylvania. June 13, 4.15 a.m. Angela enters Danielle's room quietly and closes the door again. She sits on the bed and wakes Danielle.

ANGELA: [softly] Danielle, wake up. You're having a nightmare.

Danielle opens her eyes, but doesn't seem to see Angela. Angela picks up the wet towel from the floor and holds it to Danielle's head. Danielle is mumbling.

DANIELLE: [barely hearable] That man [pauses] cigarette tranquillizer [sighs] can't tell you [sighs].

ANGELA: [stroking her head] Sssh, sssh. It's over. You're home. There's no man here.

DANIELLE: [still weak voice] The zoo [sighs] can't go to the bathroom [pauses] that gun.

ANGELA: [firm voice] Danielle, wake up. You're not dreaming anymore. I am here. There is no man. No gun.

Danielle blinks her eyes and finally she notices Angela.

ANGELA: The fever is giving you nightmares. But you're safe now.

Graham enters the room.

GRAHAM: [concerned] Is she allright?

ANGELA: I guess so. She was having nightmares.

GRAHAM: [to Danielle] How are you feeling, honey?

DANIELLE: [weak voice] Tired.

Danielle closes her eyes again.

GRAHAM: Then go back to sleep again. We'll be here to look after you. [softly, to Angela] Go back to bed. You need your sleep.

Angela nods and gives Graham a little hug. He smiles. Angela walks out of the room. Graham sits down by Danielle, holding her hand.


Exterior Angela's street. Angela is standing behind a tree in front of Brian's house. Her backpack is at her feet, she has the gun in her hand.

ANGELA VO: I can't imagine I'm doing this. [pauses] And how good it feels.

Then we hear [off screen] a door slam and Bereniece's voice.

BERENIECE: [off-screen, yelling] We won't be home for dinner, honey.

BRIAN: [off-screen, irritated] Like that's new.

Then Brian walks by Angela's tree without noticing her.

ANGELA: Hey Krakow.

BRIAN: [irritated] What?

As he turns around Angela shoots him right in the face. His irritated look gets worse. Angela doesn't know to laugh or not. But she can't really hold it.

ANGELA: [laughing] The shooting isn't over yet.

BRIAN: [sighs] I know. I'll sign your paper in the bus. Which we're going to miss if we don't hurry.

They start to walk rather fast.

ANGELA: What's the reason for this depression act.

BRIAN: It's not an act.

ANGELA: [casual] Everybody is going crazy over your amazing shooting skills.

BRIAN: [smiling, proud] Really?

ANGELA: See, it's an act.

BRIAN: [irritated again] Just shut up.

ANGELA: Come on, Brian. It's too hot to be depressed. [pauses] But really, you're probably going to win the shooting.

BRIAN: Sure.

Then he sees the bus coming around the corner.

BRIAN: Come on, run!

They run to the bus and they reach it. Out of breath. They get in the bus, laughing and nearly fall in to the seats. The bus drives away.


Interior Chase kitchen. Patty and Graham are drinking coffee. They look tired. The phone rings. Patty picks it up.

PATTY: Hello. -- Oh hi Rayanne, Angela left already. -- Yes, that's true. But Danielle's sick and if she doesn't get better, we might cancel it. -- Hold on a sec., Rayanne. [puts hand over phone, to Graham] It's Rayanne. She asks if they could all come over saturday, for the barbecue.

GRAHAM: Why didn't Angela ask?

PATTY: Rayanne said that Angela thought it would be too much trouble. What do you think? She says that they will all bring food and drinks along.

GRAHAM: Who is they?

PATTY: Just Angela's friends: Rickie, Sharon, maybe Brian.

GRAHAM: [smiling] Fine with me.

PATTY: [in phone] Rayanne, sorry you had to wait. -- But it's o.k. -- Sure, it'll be fun. -- Bye.

Patty puts the phone down and sighs.

PATTY: I don't know why I agreed on that.

GRAHAM: [smiling] Maybe you don't feel too comfortable around Jordan Catalano.

Patty blushes. She looks around for something. Then she gets her keys and her bag. She kisses Graham.

PATTY: [fast] I got to go.

Patty leaves the kitchen. Graham gets up, humming and poors himself another cup of coffee.


Interior Liberty High hallway. Angela and Rickie are standing at Angela's locker. Rayanne comes running in. Angela and Rickie point their guns, but Rayanne doesn't shoot. She looking extremely happy.

RAYANNE: [to Angela] You are *so* going to thank me.

ANGELA: [surprised] Why?

RAYANNE: You're not going to be alone with Jordan and your parents at the barbecue.

ANGELA: [sighs] Come on, Rayanne. I'm positive my parents don't like to have the winner of the shooting over for the barbecue.

RAYANNE: [smiling] Did you ask?

ANGELA: [excusing voice] No.

RAYANNE: Well, *I* did.

ANGELA: [mouth open wide] You *what*?

RAYANNE: I thought it would be nice for you to have some friends over at the barbecue. [pauses] But since you are like incapable of asking these things, I thought I wouldd. [to Rickie] I had such a nice telephone conversation with Patty, you wouldn't believe it.

ANGELA: [still can't believe it] What did she say?

RAYANNE: I said we all would bring some food or drinks along. Then she said it was o.k.

ANGELA: Who is we?

RAYANNE: Oh, just me, Rickie, Sharon and [pointing at Brian, who's coming down the hallway] mr. Contractkiller. [loud, to Brian] Hey, Krakow, wanna go to a party?

Brian comes to them. Angela is looking a little embarassed at the whole situation.

RAYANNE: You're invited. Saturday, 6 a.m.

BRIAN: Where?

RAYANNE: At the Chase's.

Brian looks at Angela in surprise. She closes her locker and starts to walk away.

ANGELA: I don't want to talk about it.

Angela walks away. Rickie, Rayanne and Brian watch her leave. The bell rings.


Exterior elementary school. Mulder and Scully get out of a blue car. Text appears: St. Mary school, Three Rivers, Pennsylvania. 9.15 a.m. They walk to the entrance and enter the school. CUT to interior school. They walk through the small school, looking into classrooms. Then a fifty year old concierge walks up from behind. Scully and Mulder turn around.

CONCIERGE: [firmly] Excuse me, can I help you?

SCULLY: Yes. [shows I.D.] We're federal agents Scully and Mulder. We're here to see miss Mitry.

CONCIERGE: [impressed by the i.d.] Come with me.

The concierge walks through the hallway, Mulder and Scully follow him. At the third door he stops, knocks and signals the teacher. The same woman as we saw in the very beginning steps out of the classroom. She doesn't seem to like being called out of her class.

MULDER: Miss Mitry?

MITRY: [a little irritated] Yes.

MULDER: We're federal agents Mulder and Scully. We're here to ask you some questions about last monday, when you went to the zoo.

MITRY: [indifferent] O.K.

Scully gets out a print of the videotape picture showing Danielle walking to the toilets. It's almost impossible to recognize her, it's a bad print from a bad tape. And you can't see her face.

SCULLY: Excuse for the quality, but do you recognize this girl?

Mitry takes a careful look.

MITRY: Sure, it's Danielle.

SCULLY: She's in your class.


SCULLY: Can we see her?

MITRY: No. [pauses] She's at home. She's been sick for three days now. Since the trip to the zoo.

SCULLY: She's sick?

MITRY: [offended] Yes. What has she done?

MULDER: [impatient] She has stolen lipstick at the mall, that's why the F.B.I. is at your school.

SCULLY: Can you give me her address?

CONCIERGE: [fast] I'll have it in a second.

SCULLY: [to Mitry] Thank you for your time, miss Mitry. [to concierge] Let's go.

They hurry away, Mitry looks at them without a clue.


Interior car. Mulder is driving fast. Scully is looking at a little piece of paper.

SCULLY: Turn left. And at the second street at the right. [pauses] I can't believe this.

MULDER: You just can't escape from the Chase family.

SCULLY: I hope this is purely coincidental.

MULDER: Of course it is. [pauses] Here we are.

Mulder stops the car and they get out. They hurry up the driveway. Mulder rings the bell. After a few moments Graham opens the door. He's surprised.

GRAHAM: Uhh, hello again -

SCULLY: [interrupting] Your daughter Danielle is sick, right?

GRAHAM: [confused] Yes.

SCULLY: How is she?

GRAHAM: She has a fever. She's asleep now.

SCULLY: We need to get her to a hospital.


SCULLY: She has been exposed to something that caused the fever. She may be in danger.

Graham looks really confused and concerned.

GRAHAM: Come in, she's upstairs.

Mulder and Scully enter the house. Graham hurries up the stairs, Scully follows him. Mulder stays downstairs, They enter Danielle's room - it's still dark there. She's asleep, but her face is real sweaty.

SCULLY: What's her temperature?

GRAHAM: 103.2. I took it one hour ago.

SCULLY: Take it again.

Graham takes the thermometer and wakes Danielle. He puts it in Danielle's


GRAHAM: Easy honey, just lie down.

SCULLY: Did you give her any antipyretic?


SCULLY: Do you have any?

GRAHAM: I think so.

SCULLY: You'd better get it.

Graham leaves the room and Scully gets closer to Danielle. She strokes her head. Danielle looks without seeing. Scully looks concerned.

SCULLY: Everything's gonna be allright.

Scully takes the thermometer out of Danielle's mouth. It's on 103.4. Graham gets back in. He gives a small bottle of pills to Scully. She looks at the label.

GRAHAM: This is all I've got. It's for adults.

SCULLY: That's not the point now. Could you get her up?

Graham lifts Danielle, so that she sits up. Scully takes out two pills and gives them to Graham. He takes them and puts one in Danielle's mouth and he poors a little water in her mouth.

GRAHAM: Swallow it, honey.

Danielle does as she's told and Graham gives her the other pill. Then Mulder comes in.

MULDER: I called an ambulance and told them in the hospital what to expect.

GRAHAM: [real concerned] What is going on?

MULDER: You heard about the polar bear that died, here in the zoo?

Graham nods.

MULDER: Danielle touched something at the zoo that caused the bear's death and her fever.

SCULLY: The only problem is that what she touched is unknown material and we have no idea how to stop it.

GRAHAM: But she's going to be allright?

SCULLY: I don't know, mr. Chase.


Exterior Chase house. An ambulance is on the driveway, two paramedics are carrying a brancard with Danielle on it out of the house. Scully walks along with them. Mulder and Graham follow. The paramedics enter the ambulance with the brancard. Graham gets in and looks back at Scully and Mulder. Graham's POV.

SCULLY: We'll meet you at the hospital, mr. Chase.

Mulder and Scully's POV. The ambulance doors close and the ambulance speeds away. At the end of the street the sirens go on. Then Mulder's phone rings. He gets in out of his pocket.

MULDER: Hello.

It's the Cigarette Smoking Man. As they talk the shots go from Mulder (in front of the Chase house) to the CSM (interior office, holding a cigarette).

CSM: Hello, agent Mulder.

MULDER: [recognizes the voice, angry] What do you want?

CSM: [calm] No, what do *you* want, agent Mulder. [pauses] The girl is going to die, unless you find a cure pretty soon, right?

MULDER: [real pissed] What did you do to her?

CSM: What I did doesn't matter, but I guess she's going to reach 104.1 rather fast. [pauses] The cure is nearer than you think, agent Mulder.

Then a black van suddenly pulls up. Mulder sees it and runs to the car. He puts the phone in his pocket.

MULDER: [to Scully] Come on!

They get in the car and drive away, following the black van. Mulder's driving. He gets out his phone.

MULDER: [in phone] What's the cure?

CSM: I think you're near.

MULDER: How can I trust you?

CSM: Why would I have called you? The *girl* doesn't need to die.

CSM puts the phone down. So does Mulder, but he's angry.

MULDER: [to Scully] It was him. The cure is in the van. I hope.

The black van races through the streets of Three Rivers. Mulder and Scully are right behind it, but due to the other cars, they can't pass the van. After a minute of high speed car chase, Mulder gets beside the van. Scully pulls down her window and points her gun. The van driver sees it, but he's not going to stop. The driver is the same guy as the guy who met the CSM in the parking garage. Mulder tries to drive the van off the street. They're in a street with shops. He succeeds. The van get to the side of the road. But the man who drove it gets out immediately and runs away, before Mulder and Scully even get out of the car. Mulder runs after him and catches up on him. He jumps on him from the back and they both fall to the ground.

MULDER: F.B.I. You're under arrest.

Mulder searches the driver, but he has nothing on him. No gun, no medicine. They walk back to the van. Mulder has his gun tot the man's back. Scully is already searching it. Some people are standing and looking at them.

MULDER: Where is the cure?

DRIVER: [serious] I tell you if you let me walk.

MULDER: In your dreams.

DRIVER: You can't afford this, Mulder.

MULDER: O.K. I'll let you go. Where is it?

DRIVER: A small metal box. In the glove compartiment.

They've reached the van. Mulder is still holding his gun to the man.

MULDER: [to Scully] It's in the glove compartiment.

Scully gets in the van and a few seconds later she comes out with a metal box. She opens it. The box is filled with a piece of green foam. In it is a glass tube with some numbers on it and blue liquid. Scully looks at it carefully.

SCULLY: What is it?

DRIVER: The little girl's life. [pauses] But you've got not much time left.

Mulder pushes the guy away. He falls to the ground, but gets up and gets in his van.

MULDER: [to Scully] To the hospital.


Interior hospital room. Danielle's is lying is some kind of bath. Wires are attached from monitors to her body. Her head rests on a pillow. Her eyes are closed. A doctor is standing there. So are Patty and Graham. Patty is crying.

SCULLY: What's her temperature?

DOCTOR:: [points at a monitor] 103.95. The ride here made her fever a little worse, but she's stable now for five minutes. We've put her in this bath to make sure she's not going to a higher fever, as you [nods to Mulder] told us. But I'd like to know why that's so dangerous.

As he says this. The digits on the screen go ot 104.00. Scully gets the tube out of the box and hands it to the doctor.

SCULLY: Inject this.

The doctor frowns and doesn't take the tube.

SCULLY: We don't have much time left. At 104.1 she dies.

Patty and Graham frighten. Scully looks at the doctor, who's still doing nothing.

DOCTOR:: No one dies at 104.1. [pauses] And I'm not going to inject something I don't know. Not in this hospital.

Then Mulder gets out his gun and points it to the doctor. The doctor frightens like hell.

MULDER: At this moment, we know more than you. Step back and get us an injection needle. [to Graham and Patty] You've got to trust us.

Patty in tears, nods. From a small table the doctor gets a sterilized injection needle and gives it to Scully. Mulder puts the gun down.

SCULLY: Thank you. I am a doctor too.

She fills the injection needle with the blue liquid and then walks over to Danielle. She gets her arm out of the water and injects the liquid. As she does this the temperature digits go up to 104.05. She injects all of the liquid and then puts the arm back in the water. Scully steps back and looks (like they all do) at the temperature digits. After a few moments it goes down to 104.00, then with long pauses to 103.95 and 103.90. The doctor doesn't believe it. Scully looks relieved. Patty and Graham hold Danielle's hands and she opens her eyes for a second.

PATTY: It's o.k. sweetheart.

GRAHAM: [realizing] We forgot to get Angela. I should get her.

SCULLY: No, you'll stay here. I'll get her. Agent Mulder will explain what happened.

Mulder frowns at her.

SCULLY: What's her school?

GRAHAM: Liberty High, it's on JFK avenue.

SCULLY: I'll be right back.

Scully leaves the hospital room, looking at the temperature digits one more time, it's on 103.65.


Exterior Liberty High. Angela is sitting with Sharon at the steps. Angela has a wet spot on her t-shirt. She gives Sharon back her shooting list. Two water gun lie in front of them.

SHARON: So how many have you shot?


SHARON: Me too.

ANGELA: Brian's got eight.

SHARON: Rayanne nine.

ANGELA: [sighs] It's like impossible to shoot anyone anymore. It's like they're all hiding or something.

SHARON: I think they *are*.

ANGELA: [whispering, looking to the ground] Rayanne is sneaking up at us behind this wall. I heard her bag. On three we get up and shoot her. O.K.?

SHARON: [whispering] O.K.

ANGELA: [whispering] One [pauses] two [pauses, loud] three!

They both get up and lean over the wall to shoot Rayanne. Rayanne is there and nearly gets a heart attack. They shoot her and then burst out in laughter.

ANGELA: [laughing] Your bag gives you away.

Rayanne gets up and sits on the wall.

RAYANNE: *Man.* Krakow's got nine too. I thought I'd shoot you both and be the total winner, but I guess not.

SHARON: The day isn't over yet. You've got till midnight.

ANGELA: So do we. [pauses] We've got seven now. *I* can beat nine.

Then Scully comes walking up the steps. Angela sees her before Scully sees Angela.

ANGELA: [happy] Agent Scully.

Scully comes to them. Sharon and Rayanne look at her in surprise.

SCULLY: [little uncomfortable] Hi Angela.

ANGELA: Why are you here?

SCULLY: Something happened with Danielle. She's in the hospital.

ANGELA: [scared] Is she o.k.?

SCULLY: Yes, she's going to be allright. I'm here to pick you up. [pauses] Let's go.

Angela gets up and gets her bag. Scully starts to walk away. Angela turns around.

ANGELA: [to Rayanne and Sharon, hesitating] I don't know if I'm going to be at the festival tonight.

RAYANNE: That's o.k. [impatient] Go now, go!

Rayanne and Sharon's POV. Angela walks with Scully away. CUT to parking lot. Angela and Scully get in the car.

ANGELA: But the fever is going away now?


ANGELA: Thank god.

Scully puts the key in the egnition, but doesn't start the car.

SCULLY: Angela?

Angela looks up.

SCULLY: [sighs] I'm sorry I didn't write you back.

ANGELA: [uncomfortable] Oh, that's o.k.

SCULLY: No, it's not. I liked your letter, but somehow I couldn't write back. Like a mental block or something. [pauses]

ANGELA: I know. [pauses] You know, sometimes I get so caught up in my own thoughts, that it's like impossible to say them out loud or something. Or write them down. [pauses] When I was thirteen, my mother gave me a diary. But I barely wrote in it. [some what laughing] I guess "mental block" could be my Indian name.

Scully smiles. After a few moments she turns on the engine.

SCULLY: [smiling] I'd still like to make it up to you.

Angela looks at her.

SCULLY: [uncertain] Would you like to come over to Washington for a couple of days this summer? I could show you the F.B.I. building, we could have fun.

ANGELA: [amazed, mouth open wide] That's fantastic. [pauses, smiling] I'd love to.

SCULLY: [smiling] Allright. Let's go and see your sister.

She turns on the engine and they drive away, both smiling.


Interior hospital room. Danielle's lying in a normal bed. She's awake. Patty and Graham are with her. They look beter than before. Angela comes in. Graham and Patty look up, happy to see her. Angela walks to the bed and looks at Danielle.



ANGELA: [smiling] I can't win the shooting anymore. Because of you.

DANIELLE: Well, but you get to to the barbecue anyway, right?

Angela smiles and looks at Patty and Graham.

GRAHAM: Did agent Scully tell you what happened?


GRAHAM: Do you believe it?

ANGELA: [surprised] Of course!

GRAHAM: [reassuring] It *is* a weird story.


Interior hospital cafeteria. Mulder and Scully are having a soda.

MULDER: I just got a call from Skinner. He told us to get back to Washington.

SCULLY: Of course.

They say nothing for a few moments.

MULDER: I don't know why they were testing the stuff on big animals, if they had the serum already.

SCULLY: Maybe the serum only works for humans or for small creatures.

MULDER: The aliens I saw were small.

SCULLY: Like Danielle's size, right?

MULDER: Right. [pauses] So they needed to test the limits of the materials killing capacity. To create a serum for bigger life forms than 11 year olds.

SCULLY: They tried the strongest life forms on earth. Which means that it is even for them impossible to do vivisection on elephants and polar bears.

MULDER: Or they just went to the zoo, because that was easier and to see if they could get away with it.

SCULLY: [sighs] And they can.

MULDER: [after a while] Not forever.


Exterior festival. A stage is put on some kind of sports field. It's evening, nearly dark. There are a lot of people. Residue is playing. Jordan is the new singer. Rayanne and Angela are standing near the stage. They're singing along. When the song is over, the crowd applauds and Rayanne and Angela are screaming.

RAYANNE: [yelling] This is *so* amazing.

ANGELA: [yelling] The rehearsals really helped.

The Residues leave the stage, only Jordan remains. He gets an acoustic guitar and steps up to the microphone. He looks more secure than in real life.

JORDAN: This is the last one. Thank you all for being here.

The crowd gets quiet. Jordan looks at Angela and she smiles at him. Then he starts to play "Red" all alone. It's beautiful. Angela is melting at the spot. Rayanne is smiling. When the song is done the crowd applaudes even louder. Angela has tears in her eyes. Rayanne puts an arm around her. Jordan smiles at Angela and then he leaves the stage at the back.


Exterior Chase backyard. Graham is preparing the barbecue with Brian. Patty is putting plates and stuff on a real big white plastic table. Rickie and Sharon are helping her. Jordan is playing guitar on the grass. He plays some undefinable song and Danielle is singing it with him. Angela lies on the grass on her stomach. She's looking happy.

ANGELA VO: This looks like one of those feel-good commercials for life insurances or something. Or a photo out of a Jehova's Witnesses brochure. [pauses] A plane is going to crash here any minute.

Then Rayanne enters the backyard. She's carrying three bottles of coke.

PATTY: Hi, Rayanne.

RAYANNE: I'm not late, am I?

PATTY: No, no. Give me those bottles, I'll put them in the fridge.

Rayanne hands the bottles to Patty. She walks over to Angela.

RAYANNE: [softly] I can't believe this.

ANGELA: [laughing a little] Me neither. [pauses] Maybe I'm hallucinating.

RAYANNE: Yeah, like those things in the desert.

ANGELA: What? Cactusses?

RAYANNE: No, idiot. [pauses] Fata morgana's.

ANGELA: I never heard of that.

RAYANNE: Bet you never been to the desert either.

ANGELA: Like you have, Livingstone.

RAYANNE: Well, I *have* driven through Death Valley once.

They both laugh. Patty comes to them.

PATTY: [to Angela] There's someone here to see you.

Angela frowns, but gets up and goes in the house. CUT to interior kitchen. Scully stands in the kitchen.

ANGELA: Agent Scully.

SCULLY: Hi Angela. [pauses] We're going back to Washington.

ANGELA: Can't you stay for the barbecue? I'm sure that's allright.

SCULLY: I know. Your dad invited us yesterday, but we really got to get back. [pauses] I talked to your mother and she says it's o.k. for you to come over for a week or so this summer.

ANGELA: [exited] Cool.

SCULLY: Call me when summerbreak starts.

ANGELA: I will.

SCULLY: And keep an eye on your sister. If the fever comes back, go immediately to the doctor and call me. And if she wants to talk to you about what happened, be there to listen. She's been through a lot these these.

Angela nods.

SCULLY: O.K. I'm going. Agent Mulder is waiting in the car.

Angela steps up to her and hugs her.

ANGELA: Thank you for saving Danielle.

Scully says nothing, a little surprised by the hug, but smiling. Angela lets go. They walk to the living room and Angela opens the door.

ANGELA: Bye, agent Scully.

SCULLY: It's Dana.

ANGELA: [smiling] Bye, Dana.

SCULLY: Bye. See you soon.

Scully walks away and Angela watches her get in the car and leave. She waves as the car leaves. Then she closes the door.


Exterior Chase backyard. The table is full with plates, glasses, food etc. Everybody's eating and talking.

RICKIE: This really good, mr. Chase.

They all nod and mumble.

GRAHAM: Well, I only put the meat on the barbecue. It's that simple.

ANGELA: But you did spend all day in the kitchen with herbs, sauces and marinades.

GRAHAM: [apologizing] Hey, I own a restaurant. I have a reputation.

DANIELLE: Hey, who won the shooting?

Sharon reaches under her chair to get an envelope.

SHARON: [oscar-show voice] I've got the winner right here.

Danielle starts to drum on the table. Sharon opens the envelope. She gets out a piece of paper.

SHARON: And this year's winner of the World Happiness Shooting, poule A, is [dramatic pause] Brian Krakow. With eleven hits.

They all applaude. Brian sure feels uncomfortable.

GRAHAM: So, what the prize?

SHARON: Actually the prize was going to be a seat at this barbecue. But since we're *all* here, that's not a real prize anymore. [pauses] So, you just get the honour and this certificate.

She hands him the certificate, which reads Winner World Happiness Shooting 1995 - poule A: BRIAN KRAKOW. Then all their names are there.

RAYANNE: Hey, Krakow. Where did you get the last two ones? Angela wasn't at school anymore and I was hiding.

BRIAN: [casual] O, that was easy. I just walked into the ladies room and there were Sharon and Rickie. So I shot them. [apologizing, to Patty and Graham] That's not what I usually do. [pauses, to Sharon] So, if there's not any prize, what's that package under your chair.

Sharon and Rayanne give him a look from hell. Sharon recovers and gets the wrapped gift from under her chair.

SHARON: We *did* buy something. [to Brian] Only not for you. [to everybody]. There is someone here -

RAYANNE: Cut out the crap, let me do this. [to Danielle, who sits right in front of her] You have been through a lot this week and that wasn't much fun for you. Since we don't want you to go to the zoo anymore, we brought the zoo here. [pauses] Well sort of. [pauses] It's from all of us. Even from Brian, although he doesn't know yet. If you feel to mature for it, you can always give it to me.

Danielle looks surprised and then Sharon hands her the gift. She tears the paper away and reveals a very cute Winnie the Pooh bear. She looks amazed and happy.

DANIELLE: Gee, thanks a lot.

RAYANNE: Well, it's the least we could do. [pauses] If you hadn't been sick, we would have never known what a great bedtime reader Angela is. Now we never have to worry about being not able to sleep anymore.

ANGELA: *Rayanne!*

RICKIE: Yeah, you should get your license as fast as you can. Then you can do rounds.

ANGELA: [to Rickie and Rayanne, quasi-angry] Shut up. I won't turn sixteen before the end of august. So I guess you'll have to wait a *very* long time, before I come pulling up your driveways with The Grimm Brothers in the backseat.

GRAHAM: Allright, you all. I'd suggest we'd eat some more, before we start killing each other over bedtime reading.

He gets up and walks over to the barbecue. Angela gets a bottle of coke and poors some glasses. When she gets to Rayanne's she whispers in her ear with an evil voice.

ANGELA: [to Rayanne] *Me*. Reading bedtime stories. To *you*. [short pause] Not before you're in a mental institution.

Camera pulls back to get an overview of the table. They're all talking again.


Exterior Angela's street. It's dark. Jordan and Angela stand by his car. They're standing close.

ANGELA: [whispering] So, did you have a good time?

JORDAN: [softly] Yeah.

ANGELA: [smiling] So, you wanna take me for a long ride with the top down tomorrow?

JORDAN: [smiling] Well, yeah.

ANGELA: [wicked smile] And eat lots of ice cream in some stupid town we never heard of?

JORDAN: Whatever.

ANGELA: Be here at eleven?

JORDAN: Allright.

She gets on her toes and kisses him. He gets his arms around her and kisses her back. Then we hear a door slam off screen. CUT to Chase front door. Rayanne and Rickie come out.

RAYANNE: That's enough. We need to get home *before* Thanksgiving.

Angela and Jordan let go of each other. Angela is smiling.

JORDAN: [softly] See you tomorrow.


Rayanne and Rickie reach the car and kiss Angela on the cheek.

RAYANNE: The barbecue was great. We should do this more often.

ANGELA: [teasing] Well, you can always call my mother.

Jordan gets in the car. So do Rickie and Rayanne.




MSCL music starts. Angela watches them drive away. Then she turns around and takes her time to do a little dance before she gets back to the house. CUT to interior Chase house. Angela enters. Patty and Graham sit on the couch.

ANGELA: It was really good. Thank you.

GRAHAM: [smiling] It's what we do.

ANGELA: I'm going to bed. Goodnight.

She kisses them both.

GRAHAM: Goodnight.

PATTY: Goodnight, honey.

CUT to Chase upstairs. Angela peaks into Danielle's room. She's asleep. The Winnie the Pooh bear is lying on her pillow. Angela closes the door and gets to her room.

ANGELA VO: I guess the feel-good commercial doesn't end today.

Angela sits down in front of her mirror. She smiles into the mirror. Music starts playing, it's "Doubled up" by Heather Nova. It's a small kind of song.

MUSIC: I saw a mountain from higher above,

I held your hand and I was doubled up in love.

Big sky above me, a river inside me

and I'm doubled up in love.

Feels good it feels like poetry

don't ask me to explain it just

feels good, like poetry,

I'm doubled up again.

The camera goes to her make-up table where the yellow the squirt gun lies and then up again to the mirror with Angela's face and on the edge the postcard she got from Mulder and Scully: "I want to believe". Then she stands up and turns the lights off. Angela walks to the window, opens it more and leans out. She looks at the stars, there are many. And then the screen slowly fades to black.


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