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Parazone - Part 2

written by Jeroen de Jong

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Published: 1997 | Size: 35 KB (6370 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13

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MSCL / X-Files Crossover

based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman


Interior Angela's room. It's morning. Angela is laying under the covers, but she's awake. At the bottom of the screen appears the text: Three Rivers, Pennsylvania. April 8, 7.15 a.m. Angela gets out of bed and gets her clothes.

ANGELA VO: Something is happening. Really. Something big.

She looks out of the window. On the street the Mercedes's skid marks are clearly visible.

ANGELA VO: Brian is involved. I saw things. I told Jordan and he doesn't know what to think of it. Neither do I. But it's scary. And I can't just ask Brian.

Cut to Angela opening the front door. She is dressed now. Wearing jeans, a t-shirt and her flanel shirt. She's sitting on the porch with a bagel and a mug of milk. The sun shines, it's a beautiful morning.

ANGELA VO: Nothing has changed. And everything has changed. It's hard to believe that a car chase actually took place in our street. And that somebody put a package in Brian's garbage can.

Angela looks across the street, the garbage can is gone. Then she looks at Brian's house, all curtains are closed. The newspaper boy comes by on his bike. As he sees Angela, he stops and brings her the paper personally. He's about 12 years old and wears a blue bicycle helmet with yellow lightning flashes on it.

PAPERBOY: [hands the paper to Angela] Here you are.

ANGELA: [looking up, peaking her eyes because she looks into the sun, takes the paper] Thanks.

The boy is a bit of a smart-ass but in a nice way. It's clear that Angela is the adult in this situation. It shows that she's enjoying this.

PAPERBOY: You're up early.

ANGELA: So are you.

PAPERBOY: I get paid for it. I guess you don't get paid for sitting on your porch and eating a bagel.

ANGELA: I finished sleeping.

PAPERBOY: Yeah right. You feel like helping me?


PAPERBOY: I give you two dollar.

ANGELA: Still no.

PAPERBOY: [after a few seconds] Well, it was worth trying. Gotta go now. Bye. [turns and walks to his bike]

ANGELA: Bye. I like your helmet.

PAPERBOY: [turns and smiles] Gee, thanks.

ANGELA: [smiling] You're welcome.

The boy waves as he gets on his bike. Angela waves back. She takes a sip from the real big mug, which covers a big part of her face. In a second the relativity of Angela's adultness is shown. But this doesn't seem to get through to Angela. She puts the newspaper aside and leans back to enjoy the warmth of the sunlight.

ANGELA VO: I am so low. Something big is going on and the one thing that really bothers me now is, when I think about it, that the stupid car thing ended the best kissing me and Jordan ever had. Like really ever.

A grey car stops across the street. Angela's POV. Mulder and Scully get out and watch the skid marks on the street. Angela watches them with attention. They walk to Brian's door and Scully rings the bell. She gets no answer. Mulder knocks on the door real hard. Angela hears him call.

MULDER: Hello. We're the F.B.I. Could you open the door?

They wait a while, but no one opens the door. Scully looks around and sees Angela sitting on her porch. As Scully's and Angela's eyes meet, Angela frightens a little. She sees Scully saying something to Mulder and as Mulder walks around Brian's house, Scully comes to Angela. Angela gets up.

SCULLY: [tries to talk friendly] Hello. I am special agent Scully, F.B.I. [she shows her i.d.]

ANGELA: Hello. [little nervous, fast] Do you want to talk to my parents? I could get them, but they're still asleep. They went out yesterday.

SCULLY: No, that's o.k. I just want to talk with you.

ANGELA: [nervous, little scared] O. [little pause] Why?

SCULLY: [comforting voice] Relax. This is just routine. [pauses] Did you see the skid marks on the road?


SCULLY: I thought so, they're pretty obvious. The car that caused them must have braked all of a sudden from high speed. And you can see it happened rather recently, like yesterday. Did you by any chance see or hear anything?

ANGELA: [still nervous] Well. No. I mean, yes. [pauses] I mean, it happened last night. Somewhere around 10.30. I was already asleep. And then I woke up from the braking sound.

SCULLY: Did you see anyting?

ANGELA: I got out of bed and heard a car pull up fast. When I looked out of the window. The car was gone.

SCULLY: Was it just one car?

ANGELA: [calm again] Well, I heard one brake and one pull up. I assumed it was the same. Especially since there wasn't any car left when I looked out of the window.

SCULLY: Allright, thank you. [pauses] Do you know who lives in the house across the street?

ANGELA: Yeah, of course. They're our neighbours. It's the Krakows. But they have gone away yesterday. You see, they are psychologists or something and they go away to conferentions a lot.

SCULLY: Do they have any kids?

ANGELA: Just one. Brian, he's in my class.

SCULLY: Did he go along with them?

ANGELA: I guess so. If he's not answering the door.

SCULLY: O.K. That will do. You helped out a lot. Can you tell me your name?

ANGELA: Sure. It's Angela Chase.

SCULLY: Thanks a lot, Angela. [reaches in her inside pocket] If you remember more or thinks of something else, you can call me. Here's my card. [hands her her card]

ANGELA: Thanks. [looks at the card] Can you tell me what this is all about?

SCULLY: No and that's mostly because we don't know it either.


SCULLY: Well then. See you around, Angela.

ANGELA: Yeah. And agent Scully?


ANGELA: [smiling] I like your hair.

SCULLY: [surprised, mumbling] Thanks.

Scully walks away, Angela's POV. Mulder is looking at the skid marks again and trying to find something out. Angela picks up the mug and the paper. Scully's POV. Angela walks through the front door and leaves it open. For a few seconds we only see the open door.


Interior car. Scully is driving, Mulder is talking on the phone.

MULDER: [in the phone] Thanks. [puts away phone, to Scully] Well the girl was right about the Krakows. They went to some conferention in Chicago. Took the plane at 10 p.m. yesterday. [pauses] But they went by themselves. The kid didn't come with them.

SCULLY: She *knew* that. She was hiding something.

MULDER: And lying about the cars. There was a red car in front of the girl's house. I couldn't take a good look at it 'cause I was following the Branigan Mercedes, but it looked like a Plymouth convertible with the top closed.

SCULLY: A boyfriend coming over? She said her parents went out yesterday. Maybe she's afraid they'll find out.

Scully pulls over and parks the car in a street with a lot of shops. They get out and walk into a diner. They sit down on a couch and a waitress comes to take their order.

MULDER: Two coffee please.

WAITRESS: On their way. [walks away]

SCULLY: Why would she lie about the boy, Brian Krakow?

MULDER: She must have seen something.

SCULLY: What was there to see? *You* didn't see much.

MULDER: I wasn't close enough. This probably happened: Branigan noticed or *felt* someone was following her. She steps on it and tries to loose me. I'm positive she sensed or felt it. When she started to race, I was invisible for her. I do my best to follow her, but can't get too close of course. When she gets at the Krakow house they almost lost me. She brakes like hell, she must have been driving 60 or something. I see the car as it pulls away again. Maybe she got out, maybe she didn't, 'cause I was coming. And she went home again with a big detour.

SCULLY: Maybe they picked the boy up.

MULDER: Could be, or they delivered something.

The waitress brings the coffee.

WAITRESS: Here you are. [walks away immediately]

SCULLY: Thanks anyway.

Mulder stirs his coffee, without putting any sugar or cream in it. Then he puts his face in his hands and yawns.

MULDER: I guess I need some fresh forest air too.


Interior Chase kitchen. Graham is making coffee. Patty is putting things in the fridge.

PATTY: [exhausted] Thank god we *did* the groceries. [closes the fridge]

GRAHAM: Yeah. Now the weekend really begins.

Angela comes in, opens the fridge and gets out a bottle of orange juice.

PATTY: You were up early.

ANGELA: I didn't wake you, did I?

PATTY: Only long enough to take one hazy look at the alarm clock.

ANGELA: Good. How were Neil and Marla?

GRAHAM: Together, *again*. We had fun.

Angela looks surprised.

PATTY: We had. Really!

ANGELA: Allright, allright. [pauses, looks around] Did you leave Danielle in the trunk?

GRAHAM: [looking scared] O, no! We *did*. I hope she's still alive.

Danielle comes in.

DANIELLE: I managed to get out myself. Of course. [looks triumphantically, she's beaten their joke] Mom, could you make braids later?

ANGELA: *I* will. [looks at Danielle] If you let me.


PATTY: So, how was the concert?

ANGELA: [big smile] It was the best. We had so much fun. Sharon and Rayanne were also there. And the band played for like two hours.

PATTY: And Jordan brought you home?

ANGELA: Yes. And he didn't drink.

PATTY: Of course, I know that. [pauses, thinks of something] Maybe you can invite him for dinner some time.

ANGELA: *Mom*.

DANIELLE: Yeah, then I can meet him too.

ANGELA: No way. Just forget it. I'm not bringing Jordan Catalano over for dinner. The idea.

PATTY: Allright. [to Danielle] Honey, when is Brian coming over for your lessons?

DANIELLE: At four. [looks at her watch] In 3 and a half hours.

PATTY: [smiles] O.K. Berenice and Bob left for the weekend, maybe we could ask *him* over for dinner.

DANIELLE: Yes, that's fun. [to Angela] Maybe we should rent a movie and watch it with Brian tonight.

ANGELA: Maybe.


Exterior woods. A small uphill, mud and stone road. The same blue Chevrolet as yesterday in Angela's street is slowly getting up hill. We see Mulder in it. Cut to interior car. A map is on the passenger seat. Through the radio we hear Neil Young's "Like a hurricane". Mulder is mumbling along. Out of nowhere a deer crosses the road and even though he's driving only 15 m.p.h., he has to brake fast. The deer disappears. Mulder takes a deep breath, puts the car in the first gear and continues. After one curve he reaches the cabin. The road continues uphill, but the cabin has some space to park and turn. He turns the car and gets out. The cabin looks simple. There is still some orange plastic 'police crime scene' ribbon flattering around the house. The door is locked. Mulder opens the door with a key. He goes through the cabin, but everything is cleaned up there. The first floor is a living room and kitchen. Furniture is sparse, there is no t.v. or stereo. He pokes in the ashes of the fireplace, but he can't find a thing. Then he walks upstairs. There is a bathroom and two small bedrooms. He looks around in the bedrooms, lifts up the sheets, but there is nothing there. He walks down again, out of the cabin and walks through the immediate surroundings of the cabin. The trees and bushes are very thick. A roaring river is heard. Mulder walks down to where the river should be. He has to push branches away to get through. Just before he enters an open space, a thorny branch gets in his face. It causes a pretty big scratch on his cheek. He touches the blood on his face.He looks at the branch that caused the scratch. It is part of a big bush. When Mulder looks more closely and reaches a little down. On one of the thorns sticks some long blond hair. Mulder gets it and puts it in a little plastic evidence bag he gets out of his inside pocket. Then he walks to the open space, there's a tree right in the middle. The sound of the water is pretty hard now. Mulder walks to the tree and looks around the open space. It's a circle with a diameter of 15 yards. The soil is covered with moss and high grass. At one spot, at the edge of the open space, there are a lot of dead leaves on the ground. Mulder walks to them, shoves them away with his hands and sees that the ground beneath is recently been worked. He shoves all of the leaves away and recover a spot of 7 feet long and 3 feet wide. It looks like a grave. He walks back to the cabin and he finds a spade. At the spot he takes off his jacket and starts digging. Pretty fast he bumps into something. It's a wooden box and it's only one feet under the ground. The lid on it is not fastened. Mulder shoves the lid away. In the box is a big bouquet of rotten flowers. Mulder stares at it for a few seconds. Then his phone rings. He gets his jacket and reaches for the phone.

MULDER: Hello?

Scully is standing in front of a big house. On the driveway are a police car and an ambulance. Two paramedics carry a brancard out of the house. The body on it is totally covered in a blanket. As Mulder and Scully talk the shots switch from Scully to Mulder a couple of times.

SCULLY: Mulder, it's me.

MULDER: I was just gonna call you.

SCULLY: [serious] Listen. I found dr. Walden dead. In his house. There are no signs of murder, but I found a broken window in the back door. So somebody forced his way in.

MULDER: What is it? Haemorraghe?

SCULLY: I don't know that yet. There *was* some dried up blood from out of his nose. He died only a few hours ago. We're on something, Mulder.

MULDER: I know. I found an empty K-mart coffin with some rotten flowers in it near the cabin. And some hair with a slight familiar look.

SCULLY: I'll get the cops over to you, so they can take some pictures. I'm going to mrs. Branigan. Meet me there?


Back to Mulder. He looks at the coffin again. The camera goes up, focusing on Mulder, the grave, the center tree and the open space. It all gets smaller and smaller.


Interior Angela's room. Angela's making braids in Danielle's hair, they're sitting on Angela's bed. Rickie is there too. He's putting on some eyeliner in front of the mirror.

DANIELLE: So, Rickie, are you staying for dinner too?

RICKIE: Uh, [not sure, looks at Angela] I dunno.

ANGELA: [enthousiastic] Come on. It'll be fun. I'll ask my dad. Brian is probably coming too.

DANIELLE: And we're gonna rent a movie. A scary one, like "Scream".

ANGELA: Danielle, you are too young to watch that.

DANIELLE: So are you!

RICKIE: That's right.

PATTY: [from downstairs, off-screen] Danielle, telephone!

Danielle runs off. One braid is falling apart.

ANGELA: I can start all over again.

RICKIE: I wish I had a sister.

ANGELA: Well, sometimes it's fun. [stands up, puts a tape in her stereo, turns it on and immediately turns it off again] Rickie, I got to talk to you about Brian. Something's going on.

Angela stops talking, because Danielle enters the room again. She looks angry and disappointed.


DANIELLE: That was Brian. He's cancelling the lesson and he's not coming over for dinner or for the movie. He says he's too busy and not feeling too well. He says we'll do an extra lesson next week.

Angela looks at Rickie and frowns.

DANIELLE: I don't care for the braids anymore. But we can still rent a movie right?


DANIELLE: I'm going outside on my bike. Bye.

Danielle walks away. Rickie stands up and sits down on the bed close to Angela.

RICKIE: I know what's going on.

ANGELA: [surprised/frightened] You do?

RICKIE: Well, it *is* pretty obvious that Danielle is having a crush on Brian Krakow.

ANGELA: O, you mean *that*.

RICKIE: Of course. What did you think?

ANGELA: Something real is going on. At least I think so. Listen to this. Two nights ago, I was looking out my window and a black Mercedes stops in front of Brian's house. Brian was already outside. Somebody in the car gave him something. Like a big package.

RICKIE: [a little frightened] Really?

ANGELA: Really. But that's just the beginning. Last night when Jordan brought me home, the same black Mercedes comes racing through the street. Stops at Brian's house and a woman gets out puts something real heavy in Brian's garbage can. As it races away again another car comes by. Following the Mercedes, only trying not to be seen.

RICKIE: Did they see you?

ANGELA: I don't think so. We got beneath the windows of Jordan's car. And then finally this morning, the F.B.I. is examining the skid marks caused by the Mercedes. Like they knew it had been there. And they were knocking on Brian's door, but he didn't answer. I was outside and this F.B.I. woman - with this real cool red hair, obviously not out of a bottle - comes asking questions. Like if I had seen anything.

RICKIE: What did you tell her?

ANGELA: That I had seen nothing. That I was in my bed and woke up from the braking sound.

RICKIE: [astonished, loud] Angela, you *lied*. To the *F.B.I.* You can go to jail for that.

ANGELA: Shhht. Shut up. I know that. But I don't know what Brian's up to and I don't want to get him into trouble.

RICKIE: If the F.B.I. is knocking on his door and he is not answering, he probably is in real big trouble already.

ANGELA: Yes. But you know Brian, he's not a criminal. I called him a couple of times today, but he didn't answer. Maybe we should go to him now. We know that he's home.

She stands up. Pretty sure about herself. She walks out of the room and Rickie follows, nervous.


Exterior N.P.A. house. We see the house from out of the air and on the road to it, we see Mulder's blue car. Scully's grey car is on the driveway, with the driver's door open. We get closer and then cut to Mulder parking his car next to Scully's. They both get out.

SCULLY: What happened to your face?

MULDER: Some real good "men in the wild" experience.

SCULLY: [agitated] You're not gonna believe this.

MULDER: She left.


MULDER: The butler?

SCULLY: He's still here. He told me mrs. Branigan suddenly packed a suitcase, got in her car and said she won't be back for a couple of weeks. He thinks she's gone to Europe.

MULDER: She's scared of something.

SCULLY: Like getting convicted for murder.

MULDER: No, that doesn't make sense. [pauses, thinks]

SCULLY: I looked around in the house and I took some hair of her pillow.

MULDER: Great. [reaches in his inside pocket] This is what I found. We should get this to the cops and have it examined. But keep something behind. [Scully frowns] Just in case they decide to loose it.

A phone rings. They both reach for it. It is Scully's.

SCULLY: Hello? - Yes. - You are sure? - O.K. - Thank you. [puts phone away and looks at Mulder] Dr. Walden had indeed a very severe haemmoraghe. Similar to Branigan's. And Walden was also I good shape. And 15 years younger.

MULDER: [to himself] What is going on?

SCULLY: I think we should go back to D.C. to find about paranormal powers that can cause these haemorraghes. I don't think there are more than 25 people in the U.S. who can do that.

MULDER: You go. I'll stay here and try to find out about the Krakows. And we should track mrs. Branigan and put her somewhere safe before she gets an haemorraghe, too.

SCULLY: You think so?

MULDER: Yes. I'm positive those hairs match. So she dug or helped dig the grave. It was most likely for David, somehow they knew he was going to die. And *he* died of natural causes. They wanted to bury him in the woods, because they probably didn't want anyone to know he was dead. Why, we don't know. But their intentions were honorable. They even got flowers and made a coffin.

SCULLY: Yes. But before they could bury David, somebody else came and gave Branigan his haemorraghe.

MULDER: And somehow mrs. Branigan got away, or maybe she had left already.

SCULLY: But where is the blood and why is was it taken?

MULDER: Either mrs. Branigan took it, or the killer took it. And I think it was mrs. Branigan, who was helped by dr. Walden. Since it was done professionally and since he's dead too.

SCULLY: Walden was suspended by the hospital director for three months, but no one in the hospital could tell me why. The hospital director could not be reached.

MULDER: Let's get out of here. And come back as soon as you can.

They get in their cars and drive away in different directions. Mulder drives back the way he came. As the camera pulls backwards to capture more space in the shot, we see a beige car coming around a corner and following Mulder.


Exterior Angela's street. Angela and Rickie cross the street and walk to Brian's house. Angela rings the bell. When Brian doesn't answer, Angela knocks on the door and yells.

ANGELA: Brian! Open the door. We know you're in there.

Still no answer. Rickie is obviously getting nervous.

ANGELA: Maybe we should try the back door.

RICKIE: [fast] No. [pauses] We should call the police.

Angela looks in the street and sees the blue chevrolet of last night coming. She gets a little afraid.

ANGELA: Rickie, just be calm. We're going back to my house.


ANGELA: There's one of the cars I told you about.

RICKIE: [panicking] Oh my god.

ANGELA: Just relax, we have nothing to do with this.

The car stops and Mulder (*we* knew that) gets out. Angela recognizes him. He walks towards them.

MULDER: Hello. You're Angela Chase, right?

ANGELA: That's right.

MULDER: I'm agent Mulder, F.B.I. I was here this morning, you talked to my partner, agent Scully.

ANGELA: I recognized you.

MULDER: So, how's Brian?

ANGELA: I wouldn't know. He's not home.

MULDER: So he left with his parents for Chicago?

ANGELA: I didn't know they went to Chicago, but if they did he's probably with them. Since he's not here.

MULDER: O.K. And if I told you that we checked that and found out that his parents went to Chicago by themselves?

ANGELA: Well, I still wouldn't know where Brian is. Maybe they dropped him off at his grandparents's. They live somewhere in Pittsburgh.

MULDER: Fine. [to Rickie] Do you drive a red Plymouth convertible?

RICKIE: [nervous] No. [looking to Angela] That's her boyfriend.

MULDER: [smiling] O.K. Thanks. Bye.

Mulder turns around and walks to his car. Angela and Rickie watch him turn the car and drive away. A beige car can be seen pulling away and following Mulder. Angela and Rickie take no notice of that. They cross the street.

ANGELA: We should get back to Brian.

RICKIE: No. [still shaky] They're probably watching us right now. We should try to call him on the phone.

ANGELA: [looking at Rickie in surprise] Wow. You're right. [pauses] And guess what? You lied to the F.B.I. too.

RICKIE: I didn't.

ANGELA: Well, you let me lie. That's pretty much the same.

RICKIE: But what about Jordan's car?

ANGELA: He saw it last night. As he followed the Mercedes. He knows I'm hiding something, but I hope he thinks it's something relatively innocent.


Interior Chase house. The Chase family and Rickie are having dinner. Rickie is talking to Danielle, Angela seems a little absent minded.

ANGELA VO: I've been impatient before. And sometimes that feels good. Like when you're impatient for your birthday. Or for a date with Jordan. But the feeling that's posessing me now is not good at all. It's fear.

PATTY: [to Angela, looking concerned] Honey, are you feeling allright?

ANGELA: [quickly putting on a smile] Oh yes. I'm just a little tired. It *was* pretty early this morning.

Rickie smiles at her and Patty nods. They continue eating. Cut to Chase living room. Rickie, Danielle and Angela are watching "Scream". It's the scene where the principal gets killed. In front of them is a large bowl of popcorn. Danielle is sitting very close to Angela, holding her arm. Rickie and Angela don't seem to have their attention completely at the movie.

ANGELA VO: Maybe sometimes I thought my life was waiting for something to happen, but this is not what I meant. This is going to change our entire lives. And I can't tell mom and dad. They can't handle something like this. They'd probably screw everything up.

Cut to the Chase door. Rickie's being picked up by mr. Katimski. Angela and Rickie stand at the door. They talk quietly.

RICKIE: I'm sorry. But I really gotta go.

ANGELA: It's o.k. I'll try to call Brian tonight and I'll call you tomorrow.

RICKIE: O.K. Bye. [kisses her on the cheek]


Angela closes the door. Graham and Patty are in the living room. Patty is reading a magazine, Graham a cooking book. Angela walks to them.

ANGELA: I'm really tired, I'm going to bed.

GRAHAM: Allright. Sleep well, then you'll be ready for your first lesson tomorrow: Chase's stuffed turkey.

Angela and Patty look really surprised.

ANGELA: [hesitating] Dad -

PATTY: [astonished] Did you buy a turkey? You hate turkey.

GRAHAM: Relax. It was a joke. Ha ha. [to Angela] No, we're gonna make a real good hazelnut-torte.

ANGELA: That's better. Well, goodnight. [kisses them both]

GRAHAM: Goodnight.

PATTY: Goodnight, honey.

Angela walks up the stairs.


Interior F.B.I. office. Scully is sitting at a desk behind a computer. On the desk are a couple of books on paranormal activity. She's reading one of them and underlines sentences with a pencil. Then assistant director Skinner comes in.


SKINNER: I've got something for you.

He hands her a xeroxed article. Scully looks at it and starts to read it. After a few seconds she looks up.

SCULLY: It's dated 1967. Where did you get this?

SKINNER: Listen Scully, this article doesn't exist. [pauses] It's from a scientific journal called Cortex. The article is from the last issue. For some reason all the copies of this issue were destroyed and nobody ever got one. And there never came a next issue.

SCULLY: Where did you get this?

SKINNER: You don't want to know.

Skinner turns around and walks away. Scully watches him leave and then she starts to read the article.


Interior motel room. Mulder is sitting at a table going through some papers, he has his glasses on. On the table are also his gun, an empty coffee mug and his phone. We see the papers he's reading. It are copies of Brian's report cards. It's all A's. Another sheet of paper says: Pittsburgh University Chemistry Department. On it are also Brian's name and some grades: two A's and one A minus. Mulder's phone rings.

MULDER: Hello?

SCULLY: It's me.

As they talk the shots switch from Mulder to Scully.


SCULLY: I found out why David got the one hundred grand from the army.

MULDER: Is that important?

SCULLY: It explains everything. The army intelligence is involved. In a bad way. Look Mulder, it -

A loud beep is heard in the phones.

SCULLY: Mulder?

MULDER: Somebody's listening.

He puts the phone down. Suddenly he grabs his head and sighs and mourns. He screams. He grabs his gun and unlocks it. The pain in his head is so bad, he can't walk straight. It takes Mulder a few seconds to reach the door. He opens the door and on the parking lot someone gets in the beige car and drives away. Mulder watches the car leave. The headache goes away. He gets back inside, locks the door and gets to the bathroom. In the mirror we see a little blood coming out of his nose. In the mirror we see Mulder touching the blood and looking at it. He stares at it for a couple of seconds and then the screen turns to black.


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