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Parts 22-23

written by Michelle

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Published: 10 Jan 1998 | Size: 11 KB (2233 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13
Average: 3.2/5   3.2/5 (12 votes)

based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman

Part 22

Scene 1

The bus stop near Angela's house. She's standing with her arms crossed at the corner. Brian turns the corner, but stops when he sees her, and gasps a little. He starts walking again, and stops about 5 feet away from her. After a long pause, he finally says something.

Brian: So're mom called my house yesterday like 20 times.
Angela: (not looking at him) Why?
Brian: Um..she was like concerned that you weren't home.
Angela: She knew I was with Rayanne. (turning to him finally) Why? What did you tell her?
Brian: (defensively) Nothing! I swear. I told her you were probably with Rayanne. were.


Brian: So...where were you?
Angela: It's none of your business.
Brian: Yeah. (long pause) Angela.
Angela: (pausing) What?
Brian: I--I'm...sorry about...about what happened.
Angela: (looking at him again) Brian, I don't want to talk about it.
Brian: Look, I know you're mad
Angela: No. I mean ever. I don't ever want to talk about it okay? Especially now.
Brian: (looking at the ground) Yeah...right.

The bus comes and they get on. Angela finds a seat in the back. Brian tries to find a seat somewhere else, but everyone pushes him around until the only seat available is next to Angela. He looks very embarassed, but finally sits down.

Angela: (after a long pause) Am I...really mean to you?
Brian: (looks surprised) What??
Angela: (looking out the window) I...It's just...people do things..(getting tearful) that...hurt...other people. A lot. And I...I just don't want to be like that. Anymore, if I was.
Brian: (looking concerned) Does this...have something to do with umm...

Angela nods with tears running down her face

Brian: So was it something like...really revolting?
Angela: (shaking her head) I don't want to talk about it

pause. Angela wipes her eyes.

Angela: (quietly) Sorry for taking my problems out on you.
Brian: It's..not a problem.

The bus stops and everyone starts to get off. Angela looks around and picks her backpack up off the floor.

Angela: (standing up) So um...I'm...sorry if I've been like a bitch to you.
Brian: Y-you...haven't.

Angela nods, and gives him the weakest of smiles as she walks past him, out the door. Brian sighs and hits his head against the seat in front of him.

Scene 2

The Liberty High halls. Angela is at her locker. Rayanne is standing close by, fixing the bandana on Rickie's head.

Rayanne: So are you gonna talk to him?
Angela: I...I don't know. I just never want to see him again. I'm afraid if I see him...I'll kill him. And that would be too easy.
Rickie: Totally understandable. I mean, I don't think you should forgive him. In my humble opinion, he's hurt you enough.
Rayanne: Yeah, really. And he's a loser Angela. You could do like so much better.
Rickie: Definitely.
Angela: I....I actually umm...Brian Krakow this morning about it.
Rayanne: You what??
Angela: Not...directly about the subject, but umm...I apolizigized, because I..I just don't want to...(she stops and gasps a little when she sees Jordan walking down the hall) Oh my god. (looking sick) I...I can't deal with this...
Rayanne: Angela, we're here if you need us, but you gotta get rid of him. So do it. Harshly. (kisses her on the cheek)

Angela nods and looks like she's going to throw up. Jordan sees her and starts to walk over. Rayanne and Rickie move across the hall, but they're still in earshot.

Jordan: Hey (kisses her on the cheek. Angela closes her eyes and looks angry, and sad at the same time. She pulls away a little) Where were you? I came to pick you up today and your mom said you like left already.
Angela: Yeah. I umm..took the bus. Jordan, I...I have to talk to you. Now.
Jordan: Okay, go ahead.
Angela I...(starting to get teary eyed) I Last night. At Let's Bolt.
Jordan: (looking a little panicked) did.
Angela: (growing angrier) Yes. I did. And I...
Jordan: So uh...what did you want to talk about, because I gotta go...
Angela: (very angry) No! You are not going to leave me. Again. (Jordan looks around embarassed) You are totally insensitive, and a complete jerk! Why can't you understand that our relationship means something to me?
Jordan: Look, Angela... (trying to calm her down) Look, I was drunk okay? I didn't....
Angela: No! Stop it! (People are starting to look because of her yelling. Rayanne and Rickie look concerned) How many times are you going to do this to me? It's not a game to me okay? This is my life! And are killing me! From the very beginning our relationship has...has...sucked. Just completely. And I thought I could improve it. But you know what? I don't care anymore! So just leave me the hell alone! (walks off down the hall quickly. People are left staring at Jordan, snickering. Rayanne and Rickie walk off after her, glaring at Jordan)

Rayanne: Angela! Angela wait up!

Angela is crying, but stops walking when she hears Rayanne. As soon as she catched up, Angela collapses into her arms, crying.

Angela: He's such a jerk! Why was I such an idiot?!
Rickie: (smoothing her hair) It's not your fault. You did the right thing.
Rayanne: You collosally embarassed him. Every girl in there knows what a complete asshole he is now.
Angela: It's not fair! (calming down) I mean...(lifting her head) I actually thought I loved him, and he...hurt many times. How could he do that to me?
Rayanne: People can do...stupid things.

Rayanne and Rickie stand hugging Angela in the empty hallway.

Part 23

Scene 1

Lunch time at Liberty High. Angela, Rayanne and Rickie are sitting on the bleachers poking at whatever food they have.

Rayanne: Do you want that? (pointing at Rickie's candy bar)
Rickie: Yes, as a matter of fact I do.
Rayanne: You suck. So Angela...
Angela: No, you can't have it.
Rayanne: Goddamn it I'm hungry! I'm not looking forward to developing this Kate Moss body. I'm wasting away. (Angela offers her a half eaten bag of sour patch kids. Rayanne grabs them quickly)
Angela: So I thought you should know...I'm living a really happy single life.
Rickie: So it's not as bad as you thought?
Angela: No, it's...good. I've had time to...
Rayanne: Sit.
Angela: No! I have a life. I've had time to...
Rayanne: Do nothing.
Angela: Rayanne shut up!! I've had time to think over my life and how much better it is without him.
Rayanne: (her mouth drops open and the sour patch kid she was about to eat falls out) That's it?! That's what you do?! You got rid of him, and now without him all you do is think about him?? You've got such major problems.
Angela: (looking a little surprised) N-no. It's not like that!
Rickie: So you still talk to him?
Angela: Rickie, no! I-I can't. I...I guess I'm almost afraid to.
Rayanne: Afraid?? Of him??
Angela: not of HIM. Of like...the situation. Of what could happen. I mean, I know he doesn't want to see me. He's probably sickened by my very existence.
Rayanne: God! Listen to yourself!! Him sickened by you?? It should be the other way around! Stop being a scared little girl and be a bitch for once!
Angela: I'm not a scared little girl! And I can be a bitch!
Rayanne: Prove it.
Angela: I don't have to prove it.
Rayanne: All I'm asking is for you to stop obsessing over it. It's done.
Angela: (taking a deep breath) Okay. It's...done.
Rayanne: (giving a proud smile) That's my girl! Now get out there and be a bitch!


Angela: (quietly) Can I have a sour patch kid? (Rayanne groans, and pretends to faint from dissapointment)

Scene 2
Liberty High halls

Angela VO: So it's over. Despite what Rayanne says, I'm over it. It's really not concerning me that much. The break up I mean. Not that anything else has been on my mind. maybe it is concerning me. But only because he hurt me so many times. But it's over now. I just have one problem...

As she blindly turns the corner, she bumps into Jordan, harshly. She gasps loudly and Jordan's eyes widen.

Jordan: S-sorry.
Angela: Uh...yeah.

They turn in opposite directions and walk away quickly, pretending nothing ever happened.

Angela VO: I see him EVERYWHERE. It's like there's no escape. That's probably why this is bothering me so much. That I can't just get away from him. That's why I always regretted not having a crush on a movie star or something. It's like you can't get hurt. They're not there every second of the day to...taunt you. Not that I have a crush on Jordan Catalano or anything. He's just...there. A lot.

Scene 3
Fifth period English. Angela is sitting, trying to partially cover her face with her hair, very casually.

Angela VO: And then there's the other part of the problem...the fact that he's in my English class...along with History...and biology. I don't think I can handle this.

The bell rings. Angels sighs with relief, gathers her books and starts to walk out.

Jordan: Angela!

Angela eyes widen, and she quickly turns around.

Angela: What?
Jordan: You have my book.
Angela: (obviously trying to use the bitch method Rayanne recommended) What book Jordan?
Jordan: Umm..that book Katimski gave me to like...practice reading on.
Angela: (growing impatient) out of the billions of books in the world could you be specific and NAME IT?!
Jordan: Fine! Forget it!
Angela: Fine!

They both start to walk away, but realize there's only one exit out of the class. Angela rolls her eyes, and lets him go first, knowing he wouldn't get the clue to do it for her.

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Average: 3.2/5   3.2/5 (12 votes)
  • *EriCkA* commented on 22 Apr 2000:
    Whoa, i just spent the last i dunno hour or so readin' all yr stories....they were all good. It kept me busy, hehehe. I most defiatnly think that you hafta continue though, you have my imagination running as to what may or may not happen next. hehehe good work!
  • Tone (Sweden) commented on 01 Sep 2002:
  • Jessie commented on 19 Apr 2004:
    Ok I like the Jordan/Angela relationship and I dont think Jordan would of done that to her a 2nd time because you can tell at the end of the show he loves her.
  • Annie commented on 22 Feb 2005:
    Damn...that was the best fan fiction i've ever read...are you sure you aren't related to some really really freakishly famous author or playwright?

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