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Parts 5-7

written by Michelle

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Published: 10 Jan 1998 | Size: 24 KB (4605 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13
Average: 4.0/5   4.0/5 (8 votes)

based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman

Part 5

Scene 1

the school stage
Rickie looks nervous. He's touching everything up on stage, making sure it's perfect.

Rickie: No! That doesn't go there! What are you doing?
Guy #1: Oh, sorry dude.
Rickie: (turns around, and mutters to himself) geez.
Delia (coming out from backstage): You sound like Mr. Katimski!
Rickie: I'm just really nervous. The play is tomorrow night Delia! What if a prop falls over or something?

Rayanne is heard singing what sounds like "#1 Crush" in the backround. Rickie and Delia look over and Rayanne is appearantly trying to seduce some guys.

Rickie: Oh god. What if Rayanne loses her voice? (he's turning hysterical)
Delia: Rickie! Calm down, it's okay! Nothing will go wrong!

Cut to Rickie's POV of Rayanne--the guys are walking away seemingly unimpressed. Rayanne yells something after them, and undaunted, comes boucing over to Rickie and Delia

Rayanne: Hey there
Delia: Hi!
Rickie: (nervously fidgeting with a prop nearby) Hi
Rayanne: Rickie, don't you think you're a little too nervous?
Rickie: (tires to say something, but it comes out scratchy, so whispers) Oh no! My voice!
Rayanne: Not again!
Delia: What? What's wrong??
Rayanne: (rolling her eyes) Whenever he gets nervous he goes and loses his voice
Rickie: (whispering) why?! Why now??
Delia: Shhh. Maybe you shouldn't talk.

Angela comes out from backstage with a paintbrush

Angela: Hi. (sees Rickie's nervous) Oh god, is it your voice again?
Rayanne: Bingo
Angela: Is it like a disorder or something?
Rayanne: Alright Vasquez! Maybe they'll name a disorder after you!
Rickie: (whispering loudly) This isn't funny! I'm gonna go get tea.
Delia: (overly concerned) I'll go too!

They walk away together. As they walk, it looks like Delia's trying to check his temperature. She's a little too in to it.

Angela and Rayanne stand alone in the middle of the stage as people hurridly walk around them trying to find things and rehearse at the same time.

Rayanne: So, you went out with Catalano I hear?
Angela: Oh....yeah
Rayanne: Uh oh. What happened Chase?
Angela: What? Nothing.
Rayanne: Angelica! This is me you're talking to! Good old Rayanne! (in a low voice) You can tell me.
Angela: I don't know, he was just acting like, weird.
Rayanne: Well he does have that...learning problem...
Angela: (almost laughing) He's not like, challenged Rayanne!
Rayanne: Alright! I was kidding! Go on.
Angela: Well we went to see a movie, and...believe it or not Brian Krakow has managed to ruin amother aspect of my life again.
Rayanne: What? Was he making the moves on Jordan again?
Angela: Would you take this seriously please? This is my life!
Rayanne: (smiling) soooorry.
Angela: Well, Brian went and just told Jordan that I knew about the letter
Rayanne: sooo?
Angela: Yeah! see, I don't get it either. Jordan just got so pissed off, and he thought I was calling him stupid because I didn't like, admit to knowing about it!
Rayanne: Catalano's got problems.

Angela looks up and stares at Rayanne. She then falls out of the shot as she plops down to the floor with a thud. A loud sigh is heard from her direction.

Scene 2
Math class

Angela is sitting at her desk drawing something. She looks up suddenly to see Jordan standing in the dorrway as the teacher drones on about congruent triangles. He's trying to get her attention desperately. He then starts mouthing the words "come on!" She looks around for a minute and then gathers her things and starts to get up.

Ms Lerner: Excuse me Ms....Chase? What do you think you're doing?
Angela: I uh, (notices some people are laughing) I needed, to go to my uh, locker
Ms. Lerner: No you don't. Sit down. (she goes to close the door as Jordan tries to hide) ah! Mr. Catalano! How very nice to see you! Sit, make yourself at home!

More people are laughing now as Angela and Jordan sit down.

Angela (VO): Why is it that when you really need to pour your soul at to someone, you can't? It's like, the one minute you need to tell that person every emotion you're feeling, something is stopping you? In this case, I need to talk to Jordan Catalano Which is like, not an easy thing to talk to him about, because he just...doesn't get into it.

She looks over at Jordan and he's staring at her looking like he's trying to find something to say. He stops trying and just smiles. She half-smiles back at him and put her hair behind her ear.

Angela (VO): I have no doubt in my mind now that love in your teenage years seems to only be true for one person. I don't know what the hell I was even trying to persuade myself to think before. Brian Krakow. God! What is wrong with me? At least I now have a sure feeling about something. I want to be with Jordan Catalano and no one but Jordan Catalano. And I know how corny this whole analagy is, but to me, it makes so much sense now, that all the love someone has can only be felt for one person.

She looks over at Jordan again but he's deeply engrossed in what seems to be a song he's writing.

Part 6

Scene 1

Backstage of the theater

Rayanne: (to herself) oh my god, oh my god, oh my god

Angela sees her and hurries over

Angela: Are you okay Rayanne?
Rayanne: No! I'm not okay! I'm gonna screw up!
Angela: Rayanne! You'll be great! I know it! I mean, you have become the part of Emily!

there's a pause as Rayanne's face clouds over with despair

Rayanne: My lines!! I don't know them! Angela!! I'm in a blank! They're gone!
Angela: (trying to stifle a laugh) Rayanne! Calm down!

Delia skips over

Delia: Wow! Did you guys see the audience coming in? They're almost all here! Isn't this great?
Rayanne: Shut up!!
Angela: Excuse her, she's just a little psychotic at the moment.
Rayanne: You shut up too! I'm fine! I just don't know my lines!
Delia: What? Is she serious? Are you serious?

at the same time:

Angela: (cont.) Here, Delia, why don't you run some lines with her, okay? I have to go check on Rickie's well being.
Delia: Okay, come on Ray--I mean Emily.

as they walk away Rayanne is heard:
Rayanne: Is this humorous to you?

Angela peeks through the curtain. Angela's POV: she sees the entire auditorium filling up. A hand taps her on the shoulder and she spins around with a gasp.

Rickie: (whispering) Hey!
Angela: Oh god, you're voice is still gone?
Rickie: Yeah, (he gestures to the headset he has on) Thank goodness for headsets. Did you get yours?
Angela: Me? I just paint, and put out one prop. I don't think I need one. What am I gonna say during the show to the crew? "Um, hi, I paint the set.'re you?"
Rickie: (starts to laugh, then coughs) Don't make me laugh! Come on, I'll get you one anyway. If I get nervous and feel faint, I'll talk to you okay?
Angela: But of course my dear Enrique
Rickie: hey! I'll be right back.

Angela starts fixing props when something catches her eye and she stops all of a sudden.

SC to...Jordan. He has a rose in his hand.

Angela (VO): Oh my god...

Jordan sees her and walks over

Jordan: Hey.
Angela: Uh, hey. What are you doing here?
Jordan: I just knew this play meant a lot to you, or whatever.
Angela: (smiling extatically) That's really sweet.
Jordan: Yeah...I got you a rose. You like roses, right?
Angela: Yeah. (smiling even more now) Thanks
Jordan: (taking a piece of her hair) It matches your hair...sorta
Angela: Yeah. (They're edging closer to eachother)

Their lips are nearly touching now.

Jordan: (whispering) Wanna go somewhere after this?
Angela: (whispering) Yeah, I would like that.

Mr. Katimski (from the other side of the stage): PLACES!!

Angela and Jordan pull away.

Angela: I guess I'll see you after the show.
Jordan: Well, actually I was thinking...maybe I could sit here with you.
Angela: (looks around nervously) Sure (after hesitation)

Rickie and Rayanne, and Amber (Rayanne's mother) come over. Rayanne is almost trembling, and Rickie is not much better.

Rickie: Here's your headset. Hi Jordan.
Angela: Thanks.
Jordan: Hey.
Rayanne: This is it. I...I...have to go.
Angela: You'll be fantastic Rayanne.
Rickie: Break a leg!
Amber: Oh, my Raynee! You'll be the best!
Rayanne: Bye! (she runs over to the other side of the stage)
Rickie: Well, I gotta get to the balcony. If I need you, I'll get you on the headset.
Angela: Okay. Don't worry Rickie! She'll be great!
Amber: I gotta go to my seat! Oh, I am so nervous!

Amber and Rickie walk off the stage together through the back door.

Angela: (whispering and taking Jordan's hand) Come on.

Scene 2

The play is in full swing now and Rayanne is on stage during a very emotional scene.

The camera slowly pans up to...
Angela and Jordan dangling their legs off of a walkway they're sitting on above the stage. They're looking down silently at Rayanne crying onstage.

Rayanne: (on stage) I can't go on, it goes so fast, we don't have time to look at one another. I didn't realize. So all that was going on, and...we never noticed. Take me back. Back to the hill, to my grave. But first, wait! One last look. Goodbye. Goodbye, world. Goodbye, Grover's Corners. Momma and Poppa. Goodbye to clocks ticking. Do any human beings ever realize life while they live it? Every every minute?

Angela: I had to go through this scene with Rayanne during rehearsal once...

Jordan interupts by kissing her. They kiss as minutes go by...

Suddenly a sound is coming from Angela's headset sitting next to her.Angela and Jordan stop making out. Angela frantically picks up the headset.

Angela: What? Rickie? What is it?

pause as she listens to Rickie and her face distorts into fear and humilation

Angela: No!
Jordan: What?? What happened?

Angela quickly climbs down from the walkway.

Angela: Fuck! (mouthing the word to Rickie in the balcony without making a sound)

Rickie is seen panicking and going hysterical in the balcony.

Jordan: (whispering) What happened? Angela??
Angela: (whispering) While we were...sitting up there...I forgot to put a prop on stage! Look!

Angela's POV: Rayanne is on stage standing while Abyssynia, and three other cast members are sitting in chairs in what appears to be someone's house setting.

Angela: I forgot to put Rayanne's chair on stage! She looks like an idiot!
Jordan: Oh man.

Scene 3
Patty is lying on her bed watching tv as Danielle comes running in with the phone.

Danielle: Where's Angela?
Patty: Oh, she's at Rayanne's play, you know that.
Danielle: Oh, that's right. Okay...
Patty: Why?
Danielle: Oh, some looking for Jordan.
Patty: For Jordan? Who's Tino?
Danielle: Yeah, is he with Angela?
Patty: I...yeah...I think so (she's trying to blurt out the right words)
Danielle: (rolling her eyes) Okay. (she picks up the phone again) Hello? Yeah he's...(and she closes the door behind her)

Graham comes out of the bathroom with a toothbrush in his mouth

Patty: Who's Tino?
Graham: (taking out the toothbrush) Who?
Patty: Appearantly he's one of Jordan's friends. I have to tell Angela to not have her...boyfriend's friend's call our house.
Graham: Yeah. Okay.
Patty: Do you even care that our daughter is hanging out with people we don't even know, or have never met?
Graham: Well of course, but...
Patty:'s not as important as Hallie Lowenthal
Graham: What??
Patty: All you've had on your mind is the restaraunt.
Graham: I'm so sorry that my career is important to me...
Patty: Okay, fine forget it!

Danielle yells from down the hall

Danielle: Daaaad! Phooone!
Graham: Who is it?


Danielle: It's Hallie!!

Graham looks at Patty.
Patty: go.

Graham walks off down the hall and Patty turns the volume up on the tv.

Scene 4
dressing room--there's a cast party going on all around. Rayanne is talking to someone when she sees Angela.

Rayanne: Angela!

Angela (VO): I've grown to know that when Rayanne doesn't yell "Angelika" when she's referring to me, it's usually not good.

Angela: Rayanne! You were incredible!
Rayanne: You forgot my chair!
Angela: I...I know...
Rayanne: Because you were too busy having yet another non-sexual encounter with Jordan Catalano!
Angela: Rayanne, look, I'm really...
Rayanne: Do you even know how upset Rickie is?
Angela: But...
Rayanne: I mean, geez! I'm supposed to be the irresponsible one or whatever, and you're going around forgetting the only job you even have!
Angela: Rayanne!
Rayanne: What?
Angela: You were incredible, and I'm sorry, okay? I...just...I mean, it's not like you can't understand...right?
Rayanne: Oh right, I'm the slut, I should understand.
Angela: Rayanne! Come on!
Rayanne: Forget it.

She walks away as a few people stop her hailing her performance. Angela turns to walk away when she sees Jordan

Jordan: Hey
Angela: hi
Jordan: So, is she...mad?
Angela: Yeah, but she'll get over it...eventually
Jordan: Sorry.
Angela: (surprised) Oh, Jordan! It's not your fault!
Jordan: (a little relieved) Oh, okay.
Angela: I'm gonna go try to talk to Rickie.
Jordan: Yeah, I better go too. Tino might be calling your house

Jordan kisses her cheek as she looks really confused

Angela: house?
Jordan: See ya.

Angela looks around for a minute and then walks off looking for Rickie

Part 7

Scene 1

hall lockers--Angela is leaning against a locker as Rayanne is opening hers

Angela: Raaaayanne
Rayanne: Fine, if you just stop whining maybe I could forgive you.

Angela has a glimmer of hope on her face

Rayanne: I guess we're...even now
Angela: (almost laughing) Oh yeah, you slept with my boyfriend, and I forgot a chair
Rayanne: And why did you forget the chair?
Angela: Because...I was...busy
Rayanne: ...busy making out with Jordan
Angela: uh huh.

Rickie comes walking over

Angela: Hi Rickie
Rickie: (quietly) Hi.
Angela: Rickie, I'm sorry!!
Rickie: Uh huh.
Angela: Pleeeeease forgive me?
Raynanne: Just do it Vasquez. She'll annoy the hell out of you.
Rickie: Fine, fine, fine.

Angela has a little smile on her face as Rayanne slams her locker shut.

Angela: We should probably go to bio today. I mean, I can't even like. remem--

A girl comes running up to them and cuts Angela off

Girl #1: You guys!! Mr. Sewalski!! He's failing the whole class!

At the same time:
Angela, Rayanne and Rickie: What??

Girl #1: We're gonna all have to go to some summer school biology class because everyone cut the whole year practically!

Angela: Oh my god.
Rayanne: Amber's gonna kill me!
Rickie: Man.
Angela: Come on!

Scene 2
Chase family dinner

Patty: This teacher better have a damn good reason to be making you all do this
Angela: Mom--
Patty: I mean, I need your help during the summer.
Angela: Mom--
Patty: Maybe I'll just have a talk with him--
Angela: Mom!
Patty: (wearily) what?
Angela: It's only for 2 weeks, and please don't humilate me by going down there.
Graham: It couldn't be a horrible thing if (laughs) Brian Krakow is required to do it.
Patty: So, explain to me why you have to go on this...excursion

Angela (VO): If my mother can't bring herself to admit I'm not a perfect student, there's like, no point in telling her the reason I have to do this biology thing is because I basically never even went.

Angela: Well, it's this...extra credit thing, and the teacher thought we all needed it, so...
Graham: Everyone needed the extra credit?
Angela: Well, yeah,'s a class project, and, we...couldn't work in groups without the whole class

Angela (VO): I always wished I had been taught to lie. Rayanne can lie about anything. She'll probably like, win an Academy Award.

Patty: (rubbing her face wearily) So explain to me again, what exactly do you have to do?
Angela: Well, it's for 2 weeks, and we have to like camp out in the woods, and go around in groups and observe...
Danielle: Juliet Shea pulled my hair today, and expected it to hurt, and...
Angela: Danielle! I was talking!
Patty: Okay...
Danielle: Why is your life so much more important than mine?
Patty: Okay... (everyone is getting on her last nerve)
Angela: Oh, I'm soooo sorry my education is more important in this houshold than your pre-pubecent elementary school problems!
Patty: Okay, that's enough!!

everyone gets quiet and stares around the table. There's a long pause.

Angela: I'm leaving in two days, so I should go pack.

Angela gets up and sprints up the stairs. Danielle gets up after a few seconds, and finally Graham leaves the table with a kiss to Patty on the forehead. Patty sits alone at the table and starts picking at her untouched food.

Scene 3
Sharon's room. Her mother (Camille) is helping her pack

Sharon: Mom, no I don't need that.
Camille: You never know...
Sharon: Mom...

They grab back and forth at an article of clothing until the doorbell rings

Sharon: I'll get it.

Sharon skips down the stairs and opens the door to see...
SC to CU of...Brian Krakow

Brian: Uh, hi
Sharon: What?
Brian: I just...are you busy?
Sharon: Yes.
Brian: Oh, because uh, I needed to know if you have Delia...Delia Fisher's number...because...
Sharon: Delia Fisher?? Brian, are you insane?! The girl hates you. Besides, it serves you right for just...dumping her at the dance
Brian: Yeah, okay...but do you have it?
Sharon: Why in the world would you even need it?
Brian: She was like, assigned to be in my group for the trip.
Sharon: So was Angela. And so was I!
Brian: Yeah, but I obviously am not, like welcome at the Chase house now, and you...
Sharon: What about Rickie Vasquez?
Brian: He's friends with Angela, and he's probably mad at me for this
Sharon: What, you think I'm like not or something?
Brian: Well, no, but, I...
Sharon: Fine, come in.
Brian: Okay

Brian walks in through the door and Sharon leaves it open behind him, rolling her eyes.

Sharon: So why do you even want to talk to her?
Brian: I...I don't like want her to be mad at me forever, and I need a partner for hiking in the group.
Sharon: She has the right to be. Can't you call Jordan Catalano or something? Don't you tutor him?
Brian: He's...he's mad at me too.
Sharon: God Brian! I mean, how do you get every group in school against you?
Brian: Look, can I just have her number?
Sharon: Yeah, hold on. (Sharon reaches into a drawer in the desk, and the drawer falls out onto the ground)
Brian: Here, I'll help
Sharon: Brian, no.
Brian: No, really it's okay.

Sharon reaches to the ground to get the drawer on hands and knees. Brian tries to help, but just makes it worse. He somehow manages to knock the drawer he was leaning on, on to Sharon's hand, and fall on top of her. Meanwhile, without them noticing, Kyle walks up to the door and all he sees is...

SC to...Brian on top of Sharon sprawled out on the ground behind the desk. All that's heard is Brian laughing nervously and Sharon stifling laughter.

Sharon: Brian! Ow! (giggles)
Brian: I'm sorry! I just--(laughs)
Sharon: Ow! That...that hurt!! (giggles)
Kyle: (shocked) Sharon?

Brian gasps and backs off of Sharon quickly. Sharon's eye's widen with humilation as she pulls herself off the ground.

Kyle: I don't believe you!
Sharon: Brian just...
Kyle: You were cheating on me..with...with..him!
Sharon: What!? Kyle!
Kyle: Forget it! (He backs out of the door quickly)
Brian: I..I..
Sharon: Brian, just go!
Brian: Delia...
Sharon: GO! (tears start forming in her eyes) Thanks a lot!

Sharon runs up the stairs and Brian walks out the door, sighing deeply, and closes the door behind him.

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