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Parts 1-2

written by Michelle

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Published: 10 Jan 1998 | Size: 22 KB (4139 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13
Average: 4.3/5   4.3/5 (16 votes)

based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman

VO = voiceover
CU = close up
SC = slam cut (example: you see Angela in the hall, and all of sudden the camera cuts to Rayanne shaving her legs in the school bathroom)
POV = point of view (example: You see Rickie talking to Brian about the substitute in English, as if you were standing in Brian's place)

Part 1

Scene 1

Angela (VO): (sitting, looking out the window in her bedroom) Life is a paradox. You're always torn between two things. Like, you wait, and wait, and dream of something, and when you finally get it, something that was like, there all along catches you by surprise. Jordan Catalano was my dream. I went through every emotion in the book with him. And now, something that was there, caught me by total surprise.

Scene 2
SC to...Rayanne standing depressed against the wall of the school bathroom as a school bell rings.Cut to Rickie checking himself in the mirror.

Rayanne: man...(she sighs very loudly, obviously wanting Rickie to notice)
Rickie: Rayanne! Would you stop it, you're depressing me
Rayanne: She hates me. I mean, not that I don't like, understand why, I'm not like slow or anything, but I've begged for forgiveness...
Rickie: Rayanne, (he turns away from the mirror and faces her) you slept with Jordan. You like crushed her hopes of like having a serious thing with him.
Rayanne: Well...yeah...but, I didn't...they're like a couple now...(Rayanne's POV, looking at Rickie-he looks impatient, Cut back to Rayanne fidgeting, trying to find the right words-she just slides down on the wall, sits on the ground and sighs)

Rickie shakes his head, and turns back to the mirror.

Scene 3
SC to Angela sitting in English class. She seems fascinated by a pencil she's twirling between her fingers while the class is dead silent reading from the English book. The pencil drops, and as she bends down to get it, she knocks her heavy book to the floor with a loud thud. Everyone lifts their heads to stare at her with dissaproving looks. She puts her hair behind her ear with a little embarrassed smile. The smile fades as her gaze focuses on...
SC to...Brian Crackow. He looks at her sort of dazed
SC to-Angela picking up her book, and quickly looking away from him. She tucks her hair back again as she looks down at her book cover.
SC to-Jordan Catalano. He's staring at Angela. His face is just blank. It's hard to tell what he's thinking.

Angela (VO): I'm lost. I'm lost in a world I thought never existed. Jordan and I have been having like a normal relationship, where we like talk, and kiss...a lot...and have normal conversations. It's been...amazing...but then there's Brian. Brian Krakow, who I've known for like ever, and he's sort of amazing too, in his own way I guess.(she steals a glance at him and then quickly looks down again) I don't know what I would've done that night last week if Jordan hadn't come to take me in his car. It was really...weird. Like a dream moving in slow motion. And nothing made much sense.

The bell rings, CU of Angela, she looks surprised, and looks around as if she's surprised the class ever happened, as if she was just lost the whole time in her own world. She gets up to walk out of the classroom.

Cut to Jordan...

Jordan: Hey, Angela! (he's walking towards her)
Angela (VO): and it's weird that I still feel self concious (she tucks her hair behind her ear nervously) and like, nervous whenever I see him. And he's still the only person who can just say my name, and it comes out as the most beautiful word in the world.

(SC to Brian walking out of the class. He's looking at Angela, and they make eye contact (CU of Angela, then of Brian), but as soon as Jordan comes closer, he walks away looking back at her. He's now walking backwards out of the classroom just to keep eye contact with her. He accidently bumps right into Kyle and Sharon kissing in the hall.)

Brian: (faintly heard from Angela's POV): whoa, um, sorry...(he takes one more embarrassed glance at Angela and runs down the hall. Kyle and Sharon keep making out as if nothing had ever happened. Angela looks away and looks back to Jordan standing in front of her.)
Angela: Hey
Jordan: Hey

They stand there akwardly until Jordan puts his hand through her hair and they kiss. Angela smiles and they walk into the hallway holding hands.
SC to the bathroom door opening near the classroom. Rayanne and Rickie walk out. Rayanne looks at Angela nervously for a minute. SC to Jordan standing there looking very uncomfortable. CU of Angela looking at Rayanne with concern and sadness on her face.

Angela: I'll see you later Jordan, I gotta go to, um (she lets go of his hand and looks around trying to find a direction to turn in and leave. She finds one, and begins to walk away.)
Rayanne: Angela!
Angela: (she stops and turns around) What?
Rayanne:(walking closer to her) I need to talk to you. Please?

Rickie signals to Jordan.

Jordan: Uh, yeah, bye Angela. Tino's got a new...idea for, and you know..(he can't make up a story, so he just kisses her on the cheek and leaves)

The halls are empyting, and the bell rings. Angela and Rayanne are alone in the hall now.
Angela:I'm gonna be late.
Rayanne:Angela, look...
Angela: just stop Rayanne. I know what you're gonna say.
Rayanne:I feel like, really awful...and... I know I'm this terrible person (her voice gets more and more serious, and tears form in her eyes) and you have always been like...this great friend, and I have been this, like...(tears start running down her face and her voice breaks)
Angela: (she's beginning to get that look on her face before she starts to cry)Rayanne...
Rayanne:(she wipes the tears away, and tries to get a hold of herself) Well, look, I just wanted to like say goodbye I guess, so I gotta like go to uh...

Impulsively Angela hugs her tight, and the two are crying again.

Rayanne:Angela, I am so sorry...
Angela: I know Rayanne. (she's now trying mostly to calm down Rayanne who is crying harder) I got through it with Jordan, I'll get through it with you

They stand in the hall hugging, and the shot fades away

Scene 4

At Angela's house-Sharon and Angela are studying in her room

Sharon: So you like made up with both of them?
Angela: Yeah...(long pause) do you think it was a bad idea?
Sharon: Well, no, (she says this quickly) if that's what makes you happy...
Angela: Well what would you have done if you were like in my place (puts her hair behind her ear)
Sharon: I guess you like did the right thing...
Angela: You guess? What do you mean you guess? (she's getting scared she did something wrong)
Sharon: Chase Face, you're like freaking out (she puts her arm around her).
Angela: Rayanne is like the closest thing I have to like a sister...
Sharon: (sort of laughing) Danielle?
Angela: Oh. You know what I mean. And I was so afraid to like lose her, and then like Brian...
Sharon: Did you say Brian? As in like, Krakow?
Angela: (quickly) What? I said Jordan
Sharon: Chase...what's going on?
Angela: like if an isocolese triangle...(picking up her math paper)
Sharon: (ripping the paper out of Angela's hands) Spill it
Angela: (hesitating, but then agrees) Okay, (tucks her hair behind her ear) this was totally before me and Jordan got back together, okay?
Sharon: uh huh... (she's looking intruiged, and woud looove to hear this story)
Angela: Me and Brian talked and, I mean, it's not much of a story or anything...
Sharon: Tell, tell!
Angela: Well we were just sort of talking I guess, and...then Jordan came and I left
Sharon: That's it? (she's really dissapointed)
Angela: (obviously lying) Yeah...(tucks her hair behind her ear)
Sharon: (she doesn't buy it) Uh huh..well, okay. I guess we should get back to work...

Sharon takes out her notebook, CU of Sharon's hand writing under her "to do list": Talk to Krakow--no mercy"

Scene 5

Chase dinner table that evening

Danielle: Oh daddy guess what
Graham: What sweety?
Danielle: my like, whole class voted me as best artist
Graham: Wow honey, I'm very proud (he leans over and kisses her forehead) Isnh't that great Angela?
Angela: Yeah, maybe next she'll be voted the first to know the meaning of humble
Danielle: shut up! (long pause) Daddy, what's humble?

The conversation fades as there's a CU of Angela staring off into space

Angela (VO): my mother is doing some PTA thing at Danielle's school tonight. Why is it those like, rare times you need your mother to talk to, she's never there? I need someone to talk to about like, Jordan and Rayanne...and Brian. I can't like, talk to Sharon about this. I guess it's like one of those mother daughter things. But when my mother's not around, I always have someone just as good a listener...

Scene 6

SC to...Rickie (Angela's POV) on the bleachers outside the school

Rickie: You what?!
Angela: (CU of Angela) shhhh!! I don't want anyone to hear
Rickie: (shot of both of them) (quieter) sorry. You mean you think you like Brian Krakow? Like, "like-like"?
Angela: (she groans and plops her head in her hands) I don't know! This is like, so confusing Rickie, you don't even know
Rickie: (long pause) well, does he know?
Angela: I don't know! (she looks up from resting her head in her hands) It's just the way we were looking at eachother last week...agghhh! (she plops her head back down) this is like, insane! This is Brian Krakow!
Rickie: What about Jordan?
Angela: What about Jordan?
Rickie: Well, what's hapenning with him?
Angela: (she looks up again) What's happening? It's amazing Rickie. It's like he's this really deep person once you get through that like, (she smiles a little) surly exterior, you know?
Rickie: (obviouisly a little dissapointed) Well, then you're happy...right?
Angela: well yeah
Rickie: (quietly, and more gently) Then why is it so confusing?

Angela looks up at him. She can't find an answer.

Part 2

Scene 1

Angela is walking out of biology class and Sharon is running up to her

Sharon: Angela! (Angela turns around)
Angela: hey (they're walking into the hall together)
Sharon: ready to talk Chase?
Angela: Sharon, there is nothing to tell, okay?
Sharon: I've know you so long I can like read you like a book. Just tell me!
Angela (stops walking): Okay (whispering) you know that loveletter Jordan sent me?
Sharon: (intruiged) yeah?
Angela: (hesitating) well it turns out, I think Brian wrote it
Sharon: Oh my god! Are you like serious?
Angela: shhh! Well I talked to him last week, and he sort of...
Sharon: What? What did he do?
Angela: admitted it.
Sharon: Oh my god!
Angela: (people are looking over at them now) shhhh!
Sharon: sorry. So like, does Jordan know you know?
Angela: no! And I don't know if I want to tell him yet. I mean, I believe he would have meant the same thing, but like, maybe Brian got it on paper better or something.
Sharon: (rolling her eyes) Angela!
Angela: Well look, it doesn't matter. Brian was just helping him out. So let's forget it okay? (she walks away quickly)
Sharon: Angela! (Angela's lost in the crow and Sharon can't see her anymore) Great. (she sighs)

Scene 2
in the halls-Rickie is passing out flyers for the play "Our Town"

Delia: Hi Rickie!
Rickie: Oh, hi Delia
Delia: (very bubbly and energetic) so whatcha doin'?
Rickie: Oh, just passing out flyers for "Our Town"
Delia: Want any help?
Rickie: No that's okay, I'm almost finished
(akward pause)
Rickie(cont.): Listen Delia, do you think you'd wanna go get some lunch...or something?
Delia: Yeah! I'd love to!
(both are laughing)
Rickie: Okay, well i'll meet you outside in 5 minutes
Delia: Okay! (she leaves)

Rickie looks after her and sighs deeply

Scene 3
Outside the school

Sharon: Krakow!
Brian turns around, Sharon runs up to him
Sharon(cont.): Hey
Brian: uh, hi
Sharon: Look Krakow, I'll get to the point. What did you do to Angela?
Brian (surprised): What? I didn't like do anything!
Sharon: Calm down. I know about the letter
Brian: Huh? What letter (nervous)?
Sharon: I talked to Angela.
Brian: Oh great...what did she say?
Sharon: All I have to say is, I cannot believe you did that for Jordan Catalano
Brian: Well like what was I supposed to do? He like practically begged me!
Sharon: That's not what I'm talking about. It's so obvious YOU wrote the letter to Angela
Brian: Yeah, she knows that.
Sharon: No! I mean YOU wrote to her, like to show YOUR feelings for her.
Brian: What are you talking about? Jordan's the one who asked me to write it!
Sharon: Well then why did you do it?
Brian: (pause) to help him out, or whatever. I didn't want to see them like get hurt (he looks down for a second)
Sharon: Okay Krakow, fine. I don't have time to pry news out of you...
Brian: well...good. (he walks away)
Sharon: (to herself) ...for now.

Scene 4
The library

Jordan: (looks up from writing) listen brain, thanks a lot for that letter.
Brian: uh yeah, no problem. So, how's the flashcards going?
Jordan: (obviously doesn't care about the flashcards) so, has she like said anything to you?
Brian: What you think I like talk to her or something?
Jordan: Well I just figured...
Brian: No, I don't like talk to her on a regular basis or something.
Jordan: yeah, sorry (he looks down to write again)
Brian: look, she knows
Jordan: she what?
Brian: She knows...I wrote the letter
Jordan: I don't believe this! You told her?
Brian: Jordan, you two are together, what difference does it make?
Jordan: You don't even understand brain.
Brian: What? understand what?
Jordan: For like, once she thought I was smart...or whatever. That letter had like everything she likes in it... (looks at Brian. CU of Brian looking really regretful. CU of Jordan) Forget it, you don't even like, her, how would you know. ( he gets up and walks out)

Brian looks back to the table, drops his head and bangs it on the wooden table.

Scene 5

Rickie and Delia are eating lunch outside of school, and going over something for "Our Town" Rayanne walks over

Rayanne: Hey (plops down next to them)
Rickie: (looks up) oh, hi Rayanne
Delia: hi!
Rayanne: whatcha doing Vasquez?
Rickie: Oh, we're going over ticket sales and stuff
Delia: Are you getting nervous yet Rayanne?
Rayanne: (sort of offended) me? no I'm not nervous (in a mocking voice)
Delia: Well, I just meant...
Rayanne: I know what you meant okay? What's your name again?
Delia: Delia Fisher
Rayanne: Oh right.
Rickie: (breaking the tension) sooo, what time is rehearsal today?
Delia: Oh, (looks at her watch) in two hours actually. (sensing Rayanne's not in a good mood) ...I'm gonna go help Mr. Katimski move some scenery
Rickie: Oh, bye Delia!
Delia: bye Rickie, bye Rayanne (she walks off)
Rayanne: well isn't she perky?
Rickie: How are you today sunshine?
Rayanne: just fine, thank you very much.
Rickie: You and Angela...?
Rayanne: we made up actually
Rickie: that's great!
Rayanne: yeah, we're like one big happy disfunctional, emotionally disturbed family again! (she puts her arm around Rickie and squeezes him tight)
Rickie: Did you hear about the Krakow thing?
Rayanne: Nope, spill it-- I've been shut out of the Chase thing for weeks
Rickie: Well Jordan wrote her a love letter, but it turns out it was Brian Krakow that wrote it
Rayanne: Whoa. she knows right?
Rickie: Yeah, but Jordan doesn't know she knows, well as far as I know anyway
Rayanne: Info overdose Vasquez.
Rickie: sorry, it's a confusing story

Angela walks over

Rayanne: Angelica!
Angela: (a little dazed-like she almost forgot she had made up with Rayanne) hey, what's up?
Rickie: nothing much. "Our Town" stuff
Rayanne: Well, I gotta run--Tino's meeting me at his garage--I might just be the assistant manager of "Residue". pretty cool huh?
Angela (VO): Jordan's band. I'll let that go. Maybe she doesn't like know he's in it or something
Angela: great (overly happy)
Rayanne: see ya two
Rickie: bye
Angela: yeah, bye

Rickie and Angela look at eachother, then at the ground. Angela drops her head in her hands again

Scene 6
Angela is walking to the bus stop after school

Angela (VO): (CU of Angela) People create situations for themselves. Trouble isn't always lurking around the corner. That's not true at all. You make trouble for yourself. So maybe it is true then. Because it seems like people always like, want to create a bad situation for themselves...

SC to Brian from Angela's POV at the bus stop. He's staring off into space, and he doesn't see her. (She puts her hair behind her ear)

...Maybe that's why I'm taking the bus today instead of getting a ride from Jordan. I have to confront Brian Krakow. I don't know like, why I'm doing this. I have to find something out for myself. But I think in a way, I'm just making trouble for myself that I can't avoid...

SC to Brian from Angela's POV. She takes a deep breath and walks up to him.

Angela: Hey
Brian: (looks like he's gonna pass out) um, hi.
Angela: Brian, I think we need to talk.
Brian: Talk? There's like nothing to talk about.
Angela: yes there is...
Brian: I didn't write the stupid letter okay? Your boyfriend needed help, so I helped him
Angela: But Brian, when we talked last week...
Brian: Forget about last week! (people are looking at them now) (in an almost-whisper) I just wanted to help him out okay?
Angela: (almost to the point of tears now) So all that stuff in the letter, who wrote it Brian?
Brian: um, I did, but...
Angela: Well then if you wrote it you weren't helping Jordan at all
Brian: Why am I like being blamed for all of this anyway? It was your boyfriend who slept with your best friend
Angela: Just shut up Brian! How the hell would you know what it's like to get hurt anyway?

She's crying now and walks away down the street. Brian looks after her.

Brian VO: I don't know what it's like to get hurt? Well that's great Chase. That's just great. I think I know a little more about getting hurt than you even know. And she called me heartless at the dance. Me? Why did I even like, write the letter? What was the point? Catalano got a girlfriend, and I got hate. Again.

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  • hockeylove gave this story a 4.0/5 4.0/5 rating and commented on 06 Apr 2008:
    this was really good.
    i think you captured the characters well. Most people make jordan out to be really emotional and talky and i think you did a good job with him.
  • geneva_84 gave this story a 5.0/5 5.0/5 rating and commented on 14 May 2009:
    I really like this story. I think you really have a true sence of all the charaters. Really good job :)

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