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Parts 16-18

written by Michelle

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Published: 10 Jan 1998 | Size: 28 KB (5262 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13

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based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman

Part 16

Scene 1

Chase kitchen. Graham, Patty and Danielle are running around like crazy while Angela is sitting at the table calmy, sipping orange juice.

Angela (VO): There's something about the first day of school that makes you wish you had a like, a better life...a more interesting life, so you can like, at least pretend you had a decent summer.

Danielle: Mom! Stop it! I don't want pigtails!
Patty: (pulling the brush out of Danielle's hair violently) Fine Danielle. You did last year!
Danielle: Oooww!
Graham: Where's your lunchbox?
Danielle: I don't have a lunchbox dad! That is so 3rd grade!

Angela (VO): There's this feeling that you get on the first day of school that like...makes you want to just die. I mean..."the first day of school". it's like this notorious title that no one really understands the meaning of. You always like anticipate this terrific thing and it always turns out to be...horrible.

Patty: (checking her watch) Graham, leave!
Graham: What??
Patty: Hallie Lowenthal is meeting you..isn't she?
Graham: Oh...right (kisses her on the cheek) bye, love you. Bye Danielle (Danielle kisses him on the cheek) bye Angela (angela waves with a fake smile)
Angela: Bye dad.
Patty: Come on girls, time to go.
Angela: Uh...could I get a ride?
Patty: I thought Jordan, sure, yeah
Angela: Jordan is...Jordan's busy. He..he'
Patty: So he's not attending the first day of school.
Angela: (going out the door with Patty and Danielle following) No, he is. God. What is the big deal about the first day of school? It's just like...the first day of attending where you just go for nine months out of a year. It's not that big of a deal.

Patty rolls her eyes, and locks the door behind them.

Scene 2
the famous Liberty High hallways. Rickie slams his locker shut to reveal Rayanne standing behind it.

Rayanne: Don't you just love the first day of school??
Rickie: Yeah, it thrills me to the bone. I have chills.
Rayanne: oh shut up. (they start walking) You're just mad 'cause Cory Helfrick transfered schools. (Rickie doesn't say anything) Rickie! Come on! There's like so many...(checks out a guy passing by) new, fresh men! (sees Angela walk through the metal detector) Angelika!! (they run over to her and hug her)
Angela: Hey! (they start walking) You're not mad are you?
Rayanne: Who, me? Why?
Angela: 'Cause I like, wasted your time with that stupid Jordan Catalano thing.
Rayanne: Nah, it's cool. I got rehearsal in.
Angela: Okay...I...I just feel so incredibly stupid! It was just this horrible feeling of guilt or something that I could not overcome, and I just...I was...nervous (sighs)
Rayanne: Angela, there is like, no reason to feel bad! So you screwed up. (Angela sort of glares at her) Sorry. an itsy bitsy mistake. Feel better?
Angela: Yeah...until I see Jordan, and then I'll feel like crawling into a hole and dying!
Rickie: Maybe you can avoid him.
Rayanne: Eh, did you guys pick up your scheduales?
Rickie: (checking) I have Katimski first period...isn't that like illegal if he's like my...gaurdian...or whatever?
Rayanne: Please! Like you ever even go to class Vasquez.
Rickie: Hmm...
Angela: God, I have Lerner again. She like wants to fully destroy whatever I have left of an understanding of geometry.
Rickie: Does anyone have Chataval?
Angela: Yeah...after lunch
Rickie: cool
Angela: Oh god. Oh god, pleeeease hide me! (camera pans to Jordan talking with some of his friends)
Rayanne: (taking Angela's head in her hands) Angelika. to him. If he doesn't wanna talk to you then he's a jerk! I will help you get over him if....(checks out another guy) God! There are so many guys here!
Angela: Okay. Okay! I will go. I will go talk to him. (takes a deep breath and walks over) Uh...hi.
Jordan: (to his friends) Uh...I'll talk to you later.
Angela: S-s-sorry if I like...interrupted you.
Jordan: (looking around) It's cool.
Angela: Look...Jordan...I..I wanted to tell you how sorry I am. I was acting really stupid... and, I can't even like explain to you why, but I was just...
Jordan: Okay! Alright. It's...fine.
Angela: Okay, maybe I shouldn't have even bothered.
Jordan: Look, I get it okay. Just...just stop.
Angela: Forget it. I'll talk to you later or something. You're obviously too mad...
Jordan: I'm not...mad. I's fine okay. I gotta go.
Angela: (looking really sad) Yeah.

They walk off in seperate directions

Scene 3
girl's bathroom

Rayanne: God I missed it in here!
Rickie: You know, me too. This is my home away from my uhh...well I guess it's my home now.
Sharon: Hi! I haven't seen you two in a while
Rayanne: Oh, hey Cherski.
Rickie: Hi (waves) Oh...I gotta go--I gotta meet with Ms. Krysenowsky.
Rayanne: Well tell that lovely woman i said hello Enrique!
Rickie: Will do. See ya (leaves)
Rayanne: (putting on lipstick) So...Cherski
Sharon: (fixing her hair) So...Graff
Rayanne: (suddenly turning around to face her) Did you hear about Jordan and Angela?
Sharon: Oh god what now?
Rayanne: Well nothing except she was supposed to go on this weekend trip with him and she chickened out and now he's like, pissed off or whatever
Sharon: God! What does she see in him anyway?

silence. Angela walks in.

Sharon: Angela! I haven't seen you all day! (hugs her)
Angela: Hi. God, geometry was like 50 times worse than before. (props herself up on the window sill Rayanne is always sitting on)
Rayanne: So is he still being a total idiot?
Angela: He's not....yeah.
Sharon: You know Angela, I know some really nice guys...
Angela: Oh please Sharon! Both of you! You can stop being my mothers! I can handle it okay?
Rayanne: Jeez...
Sharon: Fine, fine, fine.

Angela leans her head against the window and sighs

Scene 4
English class

Angela (VO): Stop staring at me. Stop it. Maybe once...for like a second it would have been okay, but seriously, stop it. I'm going to turn around and you will be reading. 1...2...I'm turning around....3...

Angela slowly turns around to reveal Brian staring at her. She quickly turns around.

Angela: (whispering to herself) Oh god
Jordan: (whispering) Angela! Angela!
Angela: (turning to her right to face him) What?
Jordan: Could I like, drive you home later?
Angela: Uh...Maybe..I don't know.
Jordan: Okay.

The bell rings and everyone starts to leave. Angela's staring at Jordan

Brian: Chase!

Angela (VO): Ohh...great...

Angela: What?
Brian: I need that book you borrowed
Angela: Brian, I need to go. What are you talking about?
Brian: That book you borrowed on the trip. I need it
Angela: Well I don't have it
Brian: Okay...well bring it, okay?
Angela: Yeah...(searching the hall for Jordan)
Brian: Okay.
Angela: Okay. (walks out)

Brian rolls his eyes a little at his own stupid remarks and just stands there

Scene 5
outside of school. Angela is standing on the steps with Rayanne and Rickie

Angela: So do I go or not?
Rickie: I say....go
Rayanne: No way. You have wasted way too much time on him already
Angela: Well this is great.
Rickie: Okay, I change my mind. Don't go.

Angela rubs her forehead, frustrated

Jordan: (from the parking lot) Angela!

Angela: (to Rayanne and Rickie)Oh god
Jordan: Are you coming?
Angela: (to them) Am I?

at the same time:
Rayanne: no
Rickie: yes
Angela: Thank you. (walks off towards Jordan)

Jordan: hey
Angela: hey
Jordan: So do you wanna ride?
Angela: I...(short pause) Yeah. Sure
Jordan: Cool. (gets in the car. After a few seconds Angela gets in.
Angela: So, how was your day?
Jordan: Okay I guess. (pause, starting the car and pulling out of the parking lot) Except see, like, none of the guys wanna rehearse and we really need it 'cause we basically blow.
Angela:, no, you're great. The band...I mean
Jordan: Tino's never in school so that doesn't help us. I was thinking about quitting school too, you know? Like Tino.
Angela: No, Jordan, please, you can't. Please.
Jordan:'s just so...useless.
Angela: I know, I know it seems that way, but it'll help, I mean. I should take my own advice.

Jordan looks at her a little confused

Jordan: I didn't even go to any classes today except shop and English...cause I wanted to see you
Angela: Why?
Jordan: They all suck, there's like no point
Angela:, I meant why did you want to see me?
Jordan: Ohh...because, I felt...bad about what happened.
Angela: You did?
Jordan: I guess it wasn't like, your problem. Just forget it. It's cool.
Angela: Okay. (pause) I'm, I'm glad you didn't like go insane over this, because I was worried that I like completely screwed up.
Jordan: You didn't. (pulling up in front of her house)
Angela: So, thanks. For the ride, and everything.
Jordan: No problem.

pause. Jordan doesn't know what else to do so he leans over and kisses her. After a few minutes, Angela pulls away.

Angela: (in a low voice, in his face, smiling) I have to go. My mom will like-- (he kisses her again)
Jordan:(smiling) Sorry. I...
Angela:(smiling) Interrupted me.
Jordan: Yeah. So, I'll see you tomorrow or whatever
Angela: Yeah...tomorrow. (gets out of the car)

Jordan drives away and Angela hums to herself and skips a little, before walking into the house.

Angela (VO): This is too amazing, and I promise myself to like not get my hopes up because they always get dropped, but there's always these momets that you can like, pick out from the rest that are so incredible, they move in slow motion. And in those moments, you can accept yourself, and everything...the way it is.

Part 17

Scene 1

English class. Angela is drawing something on a piece of paper while Ms.Chataval is droning on in front of the class.

Ms. Chataval: Class, come on now! Didn't anyone read the chapter?

silence. Brian hesitates...then slowly raises his hand halfway. A paper airplane hits him in the head from the back of the room and he lowers his hand again. A few people laugh. Angela smiles a little and rolls are eyes, and goes back to her sketch.

Ms. Chataval: Alright...everyone open your books to page 45 and start reading (sighs)

Angela VO: I can't stand biology anymore. I have Brian Krakow on one side of the room, who won't even look at me...which I...I can't even begin to understand why it bothers me. I have Jordan Catalano on the other side of the room who like, passes me notes about his band. Not that I'm sick of hearing about it. At all. He just always signs the notes with "sincerely, jordan". Sincerely is usually spelled wrong. But I guess Brian hasn't like covered that in tutoring or something.

Ms. Chataval: Angela! Angela Chase!

Angela looks up

Angela: Huh?
Ms. Chataval: It's good to see your still here on planet Earth, Ms. Chase. Who are you working on the project with?
Angela: Umm...(eyes widening with an "what the hell is she talking about??" look) The...that project we...were class?
Ms. Chataval: (sighing) Angela, pay attention from now on. You'll be teamed up with...(scanning the room) Brian Krakow. (a few people either snicker or whistle)
Angela: (to herself) Oh god.
Ms. Chataval: Now everyone read til the end of the period.

Angela takes out her book and leaves it on her desk unopened for a few minutes.

Girl #1 (sitting behind Angela) Hey (tapping her with a note) Here

Angela takes the note. She turns around to look at Jordan. He motions at her to read it.
She unfolds it and reads it.

Angela VO: Dear Angela, we're having rehearsal after school. Can't drive you home. Sorry. Tell Brain I can't have him tutor me. I'll call or something. Bye. Sincerely, Jordan.

Angela gets a dissapointed look on her face and slowly folds the note. The bell rings.

Ms. Chataval: Read chapter six!!
Jordan: (walking over to her desk) Hey. Sorry about that.
Angela: Oh, it's okay. I'll just take the bus or something.
Jordan: Okay cool.

akward pause. Jordan kisses her quickly on the cheeck.

Jordan: I gotta go. Later.
Angela: Yeah, later (he leaves)

Angela gets all her books together and starts putting them in her backpack.

Rayanne: (in the doorway) Psssst!! Aaaangela!
Angela: Hi, come here
Rayanne: (coming in and sprawling out on a desk) What's shakin' girlfriend?
Angela: Ugh, you will not believe this. Not only do I have to work with Brian Krakow on or something...but Jordan keeps writing me these..these notes. These weird little notes about his band or whatever and he signs them "sincerely"! Like he's my pen pal or something. No...pen pals even sign "love"...
Rayanne: And you're with him because...?
Angela: It's not like I don't feel anything for him...okay forget it. This is driving me crazy already (walking out)
Rayanne: (walking out after her) Alrighty...Hey can you come over after school?
Angela: Yeah probably.
Rayanne: Cool. Amber got this fortune telling thing and she figured you're into that...
Brian: (walking towards them) Chase!
Angela: Ohh god...
Brian: Uh, hi
Angela: Hi. What?
Brian: Well the's due like on Friday, so...
Rayanne: (pulling out a lollypop) So start it.
Brian: Yeah, normally I would, but see...she's gonna know...if don't help. Because...I'm not even supposed to like be in this class. It's just...the other class was full and...
Rayanne: Did I ask for a biography? No....
Angela: Okay! Fine, whatever. When are we supposed to work on it?
Brian: Well, today is okay..I mean...
Angela: I'm busy.
Brian: Well I have calculas homework like every other night of the week and it'll take like 8 hours, but you wouldn't understand that...
Angela: (rolling her eyes) Fine! Come over at 6 or something.
Brian: Fine! (leaves)
Rayanne: (pulling the lollypop out of her mouth) The sexual tension between the two of you is amazing

Angela glares at her, and Rayanne widens her eyes and puts the lollypop back in her mouth as if to shut herself up.

Scene 2

Bus stop. Angela is leaning against a tree, waiting for the bus.

Angela VO: The last time I was at this bus stop was one of the last times I actually had a conversation with Brian Krakow. I walked off crying, which I hate. I hate him. I hate him because he has a power over me, but not like the power Jordan Catalano use to have on me. That was...good....but bad at the same time. But I enjoyed it in this sick way of knowing that at least he'd think I was interested or something. With Brian it's just a power that makes me think I'm someone else, which I don't understand because...I don't even know who I am.

Brian rounds the corner to the bus stop. Angela turns away hoping he doesn't see her. He does. He walks over and stands near the tree. There's a long pause. Angela still doesn't look at him.

Brian: So Jordan like...couldn't drive you or something?
Angela: (finally looking at him) He had rehearsal. Oh...he said for you not to go for tutoring him today or something
Brian: Yeah, it would've helped to know that before I waited for all of 6th period.


Angela: Sorry.
Brian: Yeah. Whatever. No problem. I just wasted time I could've used to start the stupid project that you're not even gonna help with.
Angela: (suddenly turning to face him angrily) Why are you like this?
Brian: Like how??
Angela: Like how you are! You do things just to drive me insane!
Brian: Yeah, sure, Chase! I spend my short existence on this earth sitting around thinking of how to destroy your life! God!
Angela: (quieter) Well you wouldn't have written that stupid letter then.
Brian: What?? That was like so long ago! And I explained that to you anyway.
Angela: It was three months ago! And you never explained anything to me! I don't even believe you.

silence. Long pause.

Brian: Do you want the truth?
Angela: What?
Brian: (hesitating) The truth...about the letter.
Angela: (pausing) Yes...
Brian: I...I wrote the letter at first to help out Jordan, because I...felt bad or whatever.
Angela: (quietly) At first?
Brian: Then...I guess I was like using him as an excuse. Or that's what Rickie said. But he was using me too to like, get through to you.
Angela: An excuse? For what?
Brian: To like...tell you.
Angela: Brian...I...
Brian: I didn't think it would get this bad or anything, or I wouldn't have like done it. I didn't want to...hurt you on purpose or anything. (edging closer to her)
Angela: So what are you saying?

Before Brian can answer, Rayanne runs up to them

Rayanne: Angelika! Come on, you gotta work at 6, so I'm stealing you away for now. Come on, I gotta show you that fortune telling thing, and Amber is like dying to see you

Rayanne grabs Angela's arm and runs down the block. Angela tries to protest but just keeps running after her without turning back.

Part 18

Scene 1

Angela's living room. Brian is sitting in a chair almost clear across the room. Angela is reading from the book while Brian is writing something down. The room is tensely silent.

Brian: So how's the reading going?
Angela: Fine.


Brian: what did you and Rayanne do?
Angela: Nothing.


Brian: Okay, so you're like ignoring me?
Angela: What? Please, my life does not like revolve around ignoring you.
Brian: Jeez. Fine.


Angela: I just...I don't--(stopping herself) I'm just....working.
Brian: Yeah well me too. (pause) Is Danielle home?
Angela: (laughing) What, you're gonna go after my 11 year old sister now?
Brian: God, you are like so sick. I wanted to know 'cause I can't give her her saxaphone lessons anymore.
Angela: Oh. She's gonna like tear her hair out and lock herself in her room.
Brian: Uhh...I...
Angela: (laughing) She likes the saxaphone, Brian. The saxaphone.
Brian: What?? You think I like..thought...god, just shut up.
Angela: (pause) Okay nevermind. I tried to bring a joke into your dark life, and that's what...
Brian: God! So I have to like know when I can laugh around you now? I have to like set my watch to when I know you won't pounce?!
Angela: (pause) Okay Brian. Fine. You don't want to stay. Leave. It's not like I need you here.
Brian: (walking over to her to get the book Angela was reading) Fine!
Angela: (stopping him from leaving, and standing face to face) Brian, we had like a serious talk today! We had an actual conversation. And I still couldn't get through to you! Something always happens! If you have something to say, say it. Now. Before the house collapses or something.
Brian: Fine! (seriously hesitating as if he's going to spaz)
Angela: (suddenly concerned) Bri--

Before she can finish, Brian kisses her! She desperately tries to push him off, not understanding what's going on.

Brian: There! Bye! (grabs his books and leaves, stumbling and almost falling. He slams the door shut)

Angela stands with her eyes wide with what seems to be terror. Her mouth is dropped open. She screams and runs up the stairs.

Scene 2
Angela's room. Her face is buried in a pillow. Rayanne and Rickie are sitting on the floor. Rickie is flipping through an issue of Seventeen. Rayanne is staring at Angela.

Rayanne: Angela, come on. You gotta talk.
Angela: (stifled by the pillow) I can't! It's too horrible!
Rickie: Why'd you call us over? It's gotta be important.
Angela: (bearly audible) I had to have you here. I can't even describe...
Rayanne: Uggh! Just tell us what the hell is going on! The Ray-gun doesn't have all day.
Angela: (pulling her face out of the pillow with a terribly distressed look) I...I...aagghh! It's too weird and...not real! (plopping her face down again)
Rayanne: Oh that is it! (walking over to Angela. She grabs her by the hair)
Angela: Ooooow!! What are you doing?!
Rayanne: Speak! I'm trying to get you to speak! Now come on girl, what's wrong? Is timmy in the well again? (Rickie laughs)
Angela: Shut up! Okay! I'll talk,'re gonna like convulse, I swear.
(sitting up)
Rickie: Come on Angela, if you can't tell us, who can you tell? (Rayanne and Rickie bat their eyelashes sadly with pouted lips)
Angela: Okay, okay. Just...sit down. You'll like, definitely want to be sitting.
Rayanne: We're sitting, we've got front row seats, and we're ready babe. Spill it.
Angela: Okay...okay. Brian...Brian...(her face scrunches up, trying so hard to get it out) Krakow...he...he was here...helping with that...that...
Rayanne: (motioning with her hand for Angela to get on with it) Project. It's a project. We know. Get to the damn point!
Angela: Okay! Okay! was here...and we in this stupid fight about...something..and he was about to leave, and he....he...(looking like she's about to collapse onto the bed again)
Rayanne: He...? Come on Angela, help me out here. Fill in the blanks, he...passionately groped you? (Rickie laughs)
Angela: (looking even more distressed) He...he...he kissed me! (collapses back onto her pillow)

Rayanne lets out a small burst of laughter, and then bites her lip to keep it in. Rickie looks at Rayanne with wide eyes, nearly laughing, but knowing he shouldn't.

Rayanne: (still stifling laughter) Well...(pushing Angela's hair away from her face, gently) Come least he didn't passionately grope you.

Angela screams into her pillow.

Rickie: Hey, wait a second. I thought something almost happened between you and Brian.
Angela: No, no, no. What could have happened existed for like a grand total of five minutes. He is just way too immature, and I have Jordan. What would I need Brian Krakow for? Ugh, the thought of it like sickens me!
Rayanne: Man, I thought Brian dug me!
Angela: Rayanne, shut up! Could you for once, like take my life seriously?
Rayanne: Listen Sunshine, this isn't the end of the world. I mean, come on!
How long have you known Krakow has had the hots for you? For like ever! So it's not a big deal, he's just living out his "ultimate fantasy" which is pretty mild, cause you know...he's my humble opinion.
Angela: I didn't think he would like...act on it. Now I feel all...gross.
Rickie: I think it's flattering. You have two guys after you.
Angela: Flattering?? This is Brian Krakow! I've known him since he was 5! This is so beyond wrong!
Rayanne: Okay look girlfriend, I gotta go meet Tino. He's buying a car. Yeah...right, like Tino could like ever decide on an automobile...but try not to spaz or anything, because it's not worth your time! need to dye your hair again. Those roots are showing bad...but anyways, I'll call. Stay here...don't pop any pills, okay?
Angela: My roots are showing??
Rayanne: (kissing her on the cheek) Bye hon. (kissing Rickie) Bye sweety
Rickie: Bye Rayanne (she leaves)


Rickie: I don't think your roots are showing...that...bad.

Angela collapses again on the bed and makes a few whiny sobbing sounds.

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