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Parts 8-11

written by Michelle

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Published: 10 Jan 1998 | Size: 43 KB (8354 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13
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based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman

Part 8

Scene 1

School bus

Angela is staring out the window. Rayanne is sitting behind her, hogging a whole seat to herself, while Angela is sitting next to Rickie. Jordan is sitting across the aisle from her staring around the bus.

Angela (VO): So I have to go on this biology thing. It's not a huge deal. It's just's summer. School is over with. It's like, that's supposed to be it. You say goodbye to people and go on your excrutiatingly boring family trips. It's just that way, and no one can change it. It's just akward or smething to be around all these people for more than you have to.

Rayanne interupts Angela's thoughts by tapping her on the shoulder roughly

Rayanne: Yo, Angelika, wake up.
Angela: What?
Rayanne: I've been calling your name for like, a minute
Angela: Oh, sorry.
Rayanne: (an evil look on her face) You were thinking about Catalano.
Angela: What? No I wasn't.
Rayanne: (whispering) You want him Angela. Just admit to it.
Angela: Rayanne! What are you talking about?
Rayanne: (falls back in her seat disapointed) You people are no fun. I try to drag something out of you, and nothing happens. This trip is gonna be a blast, I can just see it now. (sighs) I'm missing Sesame Street for this.

Angela looks back out the window and sort of shakes her head confused, at Rayanne.

Angela VO: And so Rayanne can amuse herself by making up stories, and trying to get people to go along with them. Rickie just hangs out with Rayanne, and like, follows her like a puppy begging for food. Delia Fisher just left our group the second she found out Brian was in it. Brian Krakow I am convinced, just sits around thinking of ways to torture me, and Jordan has a world of his own. He has his band, and his friends, and his car, and his whole life. I don't have anything near that. I just watch other people like a movie. And that's what it all feels like sometimes. Like I'm in a movie. And every person in the world is watching my life being documented.

Scene 2
camp grounds somewhere in the woods. All the kids are walking around the area with huge backpacks.

Rickie: This could be interesting.
Rayanne: Or emotionally scarring.
Angela: This could not get any worse.
Rickie: Well at least we're all like, together and in the same group. I mean, if we hadn't gotten to pick groups, we would've like...
Rayanne: Maybe if we get Jordan to create a diversion, we could run...
Angela: (laughing) Yeah, and then Brian will go and tell on us, and say it's for our 'well-being'...

They all start laughing, and then Jordan walks up to them.

Jordan: Hey. What's so funny?
Angela: Oh, we were just...(she stops when she sees Jordan doesn't really care. He was just asking) We...nothing really.
Rayanne: (looking at Angela strangely) Me and Rickie are gonna go set up our tent or whatever.
Angela: Yeah, okay. We'll be there in a sec.

Rayanne and Rickie leave, and Angela and Jordan stand facing eachother

Jordan: (after a small pause) This sucks.
Angela: (for a minute, feeling like she had done something wrong) What??
Jordan: This....this camping thing
Angela: (relieved) Oh, yeah, definately.
Jordan: I mean, Tino was supposed to come, but he bailed just 'cause he like, decided he hates school.
Angela: Oh, really? Yeah,
Jordan: Yeah, we were gonna start working on the band again too. 'Cause you know, we just like, got back together and stuff
Angela: Yeah, yeah you told me that.
Jordan: Right. So we were gonna like, start writing some new stuff, but he's...not here.
Angela: Yeah, but I mean, you're not...alone here.
Jordan: Yeah, I know. (gets closer to her and lowers his voice) I was thinking...
Angela: uh huh?
Jordan: (gets even closer now, and whispers) Well, maybe we the nights. It could be cool to like, be able we want.
Angela: (smiles a little, and whispers back) Yeah...talking...could be good.
Jordan: Yeah. (They're so close, their lips are close enough to kiss)

all of a sudden, SC to...

Rayanne: ANGELA! Come on.

Angela and Jordan break apart and start walking towards the tent Rickie and Rayanne set up, holding hands.

Scene 3
nightime. Angela, Rayanne, Jordan, Brian, Rickie, Kyle and Sharon are sitting in a huge cabin like tent.

Brian: Okay, um, we need to all figure out when we're leaving tomorrow to find and observe the wildlife...
Jordan: Hey, Brain?
Brian: What?
Jordan: Shut up

Everyone busts out laughing. Brian sits calmly, and smiles a little nervously

Rickie: Say Brian? We were thinking...since you're so smart and everything...
Jordan: And since you know so much about this crap...
Rayanne: (bluntly) Could you do the stupid project?
Brian: What??
Rayanne: Well you think we're stupid anyway
Brian: I...I never said that!
Rayanne: (obviously toying with his mind) Nooo, but you were thinking it.
Brian: Look! I don't know why you guys are so...
Jordan: what?
Angela: You guys...

Everyone gets quiet and looks at Angela

Angela: Well, I...I just...nevermind.
Rayanne: Dude! You guys, we have 2 weeks together without any school stuff or anything. Let's make the most of it.
Angela: Since when are you so chipper about this?
Rayanne: You know me Angelika. I am like, the essence of chipperness.
Brian: Okay fine.
Rayanne: What?
Brian: I'll do the stupid project.
Rayanne: All right!
Jordan: Cool, Brain.
Kyle: Yeah, maybe Sharon will help you.
Sharon: KYLE!
Jordan: Geez, shut up.
Rickie: Everyone, calm down!
Rayanne: This bites
Angela: Why does this have to be so difficult?
Sharon: (to Kyle) I hate you!
Kyle: You can't keep a relationship! You cheated with HIM! (ponts to Brian)

Everyone gets silent and Rayanne sort of gasps.

Rayanne: (stifling loud laughter) You--Cherski?? Cherski and...Krakow?!
Brian: (blushing) N--no!
Kyle: They were making out on the floor!
Sharon: Oh shut up Kyle!
Jordan: Alright Brain!
Rickie: Uh...
Brian: We--we weren't doing anything!
Angela: Oh my god...
Rayanne: (laughing as loud as possible) You dumped him for (makes a strange face) him?!
Kyle: He was on top of her!

Rayanne starts laughing even louder

Angela: Okay, this is more than enough information!
Jordan: I thought you were a dork, but you're different!
Sharon: Jordan!
Angela: Jordan!
Jordan: Sorry.
Sharon: That's it! I'm leaving!
Angela: Sharon! Where are you going?
Sharon: (getting up) I'm taking a walk!
Rayanne: (her laughing is fading slowly) Oh, boy! That was good!
Angela: I better follow her.
Jordan: Want me to go?
Angela: No, it's okay. I'll be back

Angela leaves, and the tent gets quieter, until all of a sudden Rayanne's laughter starts all over again, and louder than ever.

Scene 4
The girl's tent. They are all dressed and rollling up their sleeping bags. Rickie is sitting on the ground desperately trying to work a walkman. Brian peeks his head into the tent.

Rayanne: Aggh! Don't look! I'm naked!

Rickie, Sharon and Angela crack up

Brian: Ha ha. Listen, I'm gonna start on the trip to observe the animals. Is anyone coming?


Brian: (continued) Okay then....Uh, bye. I'll be back later...or whatever. (he leaves)
Sharon: Weirdo.
Rayanne: Oh but Sharon, I thought you were so close to screwing him on your living room floor!
Sharon: Would you just shut up?! This isn't funny!
Rayanne: (evil grin) Sooorry
Angela: So like, what exactly happened?
Sharon: I don't want to talk about it, okay?
Angela: Okay! I was just asking.


Sharon: (obviously can't resist) Okay well see Krakow came over to get Delia Fisher's number.
Rickie: Delia? Why?
Sharon: Well that was before she dropped out of our group. Maybe he thought he could like...score?
Rayanne: (laughing) Okay, go on. I'm intruiged.
Sharon: (somewhat liking the attention) Well then I went to open a drawer to get my phonebook, and it dropped and I went to pick it up, and that idiot was leaning on a drawer and it knocked out and he fell on me...
Rayanne: Woah-hoh! Hot stuff Cherski.
Sharon: Okay shut up. So then I was laughing...sort of...and then (saddening) Kyle came through the door.
Angela: So can't you just like explain it all to Kyle?
Sharon: He won't listen to me!
Rickie: So Kyle thinks you...
Sharon: Yes! (dropping to her knees) Oh god, this is awful.
Rayanne: It's not like he won't get over it! Kyle Vinovich. He's a jock. He'll get over himself...eventually.
Rickie: Well, on a completely different subject. What are we supposed to do today?
Angela: What do you mean?
Rickie: We're in the middle of the woods. Brian is doing the project for us. What are we supposed to do?
Rayanne: Well Mr. Vasquez I have plans for you! (she pounces on Rickie with a wicked laugh)

Scene 5
afternoon. Everyone (minus Brian, who is still doing the project) is hanging out in the girl's tent

Angela: So what exactly happens if a teacher sees Brian hiking by himself?
Jordan: Brain wouldn't say anything...right?
Sharon: I doubt Brian would do that to us
Kyle: Well Brian seems to have done a lot of things to you.
Sharon: Shut up! I hate you!!
Rayanne: Can it. Is this child abuse?
Rickie: What?
Rayanne: The fact that they dropped us off in the middle of the woods and the only time we ever meet with the teachers or the other groups is tomorrow night for dinner?
Jordan: Can we like, sue?
Angela: We're like expected to survive for 3 full days without anyone.
Sharon: At least we have food. And eachother.
Jordan: So...can we eat something?
Angela: There's a couple of sandwiches and stuff.
Jordan: (reaching into the cooler)
Sharon: 2 full weeks of this. (sadly)
Rayanne: Uh, you guys...

Everyone turns to see what Rayanne is talking about. Everyone peers out of the tent, and there is Brian coming up the hill towards them covered from head to toe in mud.

Angela: (laughing) Oh my god!
Jordan: He looks like a pig with frizzy hair.

everyone laughs

Rickie: Should we help him in?
Rayanne: He is not coming in to this tent.
Sharon: But look at him!
Kyle: God Sharon!
Sharon: Shut up Kyle!

Brian walks closer and finally reaches the tent and pokes his head in.

Brian: Hello.
Angela: (still laughing) Uhh, Brian? What...what exactly happened to you??
Brian: A bear. That's what happened. (angry now)
Sharon: Oh my god!! There are bears here? Oh no!
Rayanne: Get a friggin' grip. We are in the woods.
Brian: Yeah, so I was going down the road happily when all of a sudden..this huge, gigantic, titanic sized if you will, bear came at me...
Jordan: It came at you?
Brian: Okay, so it didn't come at me exactly.
Angela: Well then where was it?
Rickie: Yes?
Brian: It was drinking from the river

Everyone laughs hysterically

Rayanne: Okay, let me get this straight. You saw a bear peacfully drinking from a river--a kodak moment--and you freaked and...
Angela: And ran in to a puddle of mud?!
Brian: Well not exactly. I wanted to blend so the bear wouldn't see me, so I saw a pool of mud and I...lay down in it.

Everyone laughs even louder.

Jordan: You are so weird Brain.
Rayanne: (laughing like crazy) into a pool of mud so that a baby bear cub drinking from a river wouldn't see you?!
Brian: It was a titanic bear. Hideously large. Gargantuon. Enourmous.
Rayanne: Sorry--you ran into a pool of mud so a "gargantuon" baby cub wouldn't see you?

Everyone laughs yet again

Brian: Ha...ha.....ha. Look. I have to take a shower. Where are the showers anyway?
Angela: Uhh...that building right there. (she points to a secluded building hidden in the bushes)
Brian: Okay. Thanks for your care guys. (He walks off)

Scene 6
Brian sticks his head out of the shower. Jordan is smoking outside.

Brian: Hello. What are you doing here?
Jordan: I had to uhh...use the facilities or whatever you call it. Then I had to smoke.
Brian: Oh.

Brian starts looking through towels more and more hysterically on the bench outside the shower, without getting out.

Jordan: What?
Brian: My clothes. Have you seen my clothes?
Jordan: Why would I see them?
Brian: Oh great.
Jordan: (stifling laughter) Maybe another bear took them.
Brian: Ha ha. You people are just too funny.
Jordan: Did you like leave them somewhere?
Brian: No! Where are they??

Brian's POV--The rest of the group comes walking down to where Jordan is. Brian closes the curtain and looks embarrassed beyond belief.

Angela: (outside) Are you coming back?
Jordan: Uh, Brain lost his clothes.
Rayanne: (laughing again) What??!
Angela: Brian? Are you in here?
Brian: (putting on an "oh god, this has to be a nightmare" face) Uh huh.
Rickie: lost your clothes?
Brian: Um, I'll look for them. You guys can go.
Jordan: We can help you or something
Sharon: Yeah, come on you guys.

Everyone (including Kyle who goes reluctantly) starts heading out looking for Brian's clothes while Brian bumps his head against the shower wall looking faint.

Rayanne: (outside) I do not believe this. How stupid is he?
Angela: Is he on some kind of mental narcotic?
Jordan: He is weird.
Rickie: He's just feeling akward I guess.
Sharon: (sticking her head in a bush) Found them!
Rayanne: Oh thank god. I was worried for Krakow's well being!

Sharon walks cautiously into the bathroom.

Sharon: Brian?
Brian: (more embarrassed than ever) What?
Sharon: I found your clothes.

He backs up and opens the curtain just enough for her to slip the clothes in. Just then Kyle walks in.

Kyle: Sharon!
Sharon: What?
Brian: Not again.
Kyle: God, just forget it! I don't need someone like you who can't keep away from him! (he stalks away angrily)
Sharon: Agghh! This place is a living hell!! (she walks out)

Brian slaps his forehead with his palm

Part 9

Scene 1

It's nightime. Everyone is walking back from a big log cabin where they all ha dthe dinner Rayanne was refferring to the day before. There's kids all over the place walking back to their tents and Angela, Rayanne, Sharon, Rickie, Brian, Jordan and Kyle are all walking back together.

Rayanne: That food sucked
Sharon: Do you have to comment like that like, constantly?
Rayanne: (mocking shock) Geeeez. Someone's PMSing.
Sharon: I am not PMSing! Just shut up.
Brian: Are you okay?
Kyle: Leave her alone!
Sharon: Shut up Kyle!

Silence. They keep walking and the light of the cabin is getting further and further away.

Angela:'s the project?
Brian: Oh. Great. Teriffic.
Angela: What? Is something wrong?
Rayanne: You screwed up?
Brian: No! I did not screw up. I just...
Rickie: What?
Brian: Well, you know all the work I had done?
Jordan: Yeah....?
Brian: I...I lost it.
Angela: You what??
Brian: It's not like I meant to do it to like subconciously fail the group or whatever, they just...
Rayanne: So we're gonna flunk because you're too stupid...
Brian: Hey!
Sharon: I don't believe this
Angela: Great. This is wonderful.
Jordan: So because you screwed up...
Brian: I...
Rickie: Well you guys...
Kyle: Krakow, I don't...
Brian: Well I didn't see any of you guys helping!

Silence. Everyone is sort of surprised that Brian Krakow raised his voice.

Brian: Forget it. I'll just write everything over. Or something
Rayanne: Okay!
Angela: Rayanne!
Rayanne: What? He's willing. I'm accepting. It's a mutual thing here.
Jordan: So we're not gonna fail...right?
Angela: Are we?
Brian: (sighing) No. Okay? You won't.

Silence. They are completely alone in the woods now.

Angela: Are we going the right way?
Rickie: Yeah, of course
Rayanne: So okay, what we just went to...that...
Angela: meeting?
Rayanne: Yeah, sure. Diane Dimaya and Pedro Shay were practically like doing it on the table, but sure...the "meeting"--are the teachers like abandoning us officially now?
Brian: Well no. They come back every two nights to check on us and we have to send someone every other night to check in with them.
Rayanne: Like they even give, what happenes to us
Sharon: Why is it so dark?
Rayanne: It's nightime genius.
Sharon: Shut up. No, look. It's like a lot darker and there are a lot more trees and stuff than at our campsite
Jordan: Where are we?
Angela: Oh please don't tell me we're lost
Rayanne: Uh oh
Kyle: Great!
Rickie: Are you sure?
Sharon: Hell! I'm in hell!

Scene 2
Everyone's sitting around a campfire.

Angela: Where are we anyway?
Sharon: Hell.
Kyle: We got the point already! You think this is hell! We get it!
Sharon: Shut up! Shut up, shut up, shut up!!
Brian: Well I got the fire to light
Rayanne: Yay! We have a fire in the middle of nowhere. This is helpful
Sharon: Why do you always have to talk like that? Why are you so sarcastic?

The talking fades into the backround

Angela (VO): I'm in the middle of a deserted area with Jordan Catalano. Okay, so there are a few more people here. But I'm like alone with Jordan in nowhere. Is it possible that the life of Angela Chase is improving? Everyone sitting with me is staring into the campfire focusing on how much this trip is ruining their lives. This could possbily be the best time I'll have like all summer. Brian Krakow has forgotten about me, Jordan and I are together, Rayanne is my best friend again, Rickie is just...Rickie. He just hasn't changed much. And Sharon and Kyle...well I'm not sure, but I know they're affecting me in like some weird way that is somehow making my life better. I think I can safely say I'm happy in this moment. Like, right now.

The talking returns just as loud

Sharon: Why are you always such a jerk?!
Kyle: Me? You're the...nevermind
Sharon: (about to explode with rage) What?! What!
Brian: Maybe we should talk about something new...
Sharon: I'm going for a walk!
Angela: Sharon, you're gonna get lost. You don't know where we are
Sharon: I can take care of myself, okay! (walks away)
Angela: Maybe someone should like go after her
Rickie: I would, but I have like, no sense of direction
Angela: Jordan?
Jordan: You want me to go?
Angela: Well no, not if you're like uncomfortable with it or something
Jordan: No, it's okay I guess. (gets up) Are you coming?
Angela: Umm...
Rayanne: Let her be with us for once Catalano
Angela: Rayanne!
Jordan: Alright. Bye. (walks in the direction Sharon went)
Rickie: So....
Brian: I didn't mean to...
Kyle: Just shut up Krakow.


Rayanne: Is anyone else hungry?
Angela: We don't have any food?
Rayanne: (with a smirk) Au contraire! (pulling a bag out of her coat)
Angela: What's that??
Rickie: Marshmellows?
Rayanne: (a proud smile) I swiped 'em from the dinner!
Rickie: Alright!
Angela: What? Aren't they gonna find out?
Rayanne: Angelika, it's a bag of marshmellows. They're not gonna care that we're using them to save our lives!
Kyle: A bit dramatic are we?
Rayanne: I am an actress need I remind you!

Footsteps are heard in the bushes. Sharon ermerges pouting.

Rayanne: Hey! You're just in time for marshmellowy goodness
Angela: Where's Jordan?
Sharon: He went to smoke or something
Rickie: Is everything okay?
Sharon: fantasic.
Kyle: Why do you have to be so bitter all the time? You're like my grandmother!
Sharon: Me? You're the one who accuses me of cheating and then won't listen to me!
Kyle: You were cheating!
Sharon: I was not!
Kyle: I saw you!
Sharon: You saw absolutely nothing!
Kyle: Oh yeah?
Sharon: Yes!
Kyle: Well two can play at this!

Kyle walks around the campfire to where Angela is, gazing off into space. He grabs the back of her neck and roughly kisses her!

Sharon: Kyle!!!
Rayanne: Whoooa!
Rickie: Hey!
Brian: Oh my god!

Angela desperately tries to push him off, shocked. Just then Jordan walks through the trees. Kyle backs off.

Angela: What the hell was that!?
Jordan: Oh my god
Angela: Jordan!
Jordan: What the hell are you doing with him?!
Angela: Nothing! He...
Sharon: (in tears) I don't believe yooou!
Jordan: Screw this (walks off angrily)

Kyle walks off in the other direction. Sharon sits down and cries. Angela sits looking like she's about to cry. Rayanne sits eating marshmellows with a surprised look on her face, with an equally shocked Rickie. Brian just sits looking amazed and angry at the same time.

Scene 3
outside at around midnight. Everyone is asleep except Angela. She's staring at the sky. Her chin is trembling and a few tears are forming in her eyes.

Angela (VO): >Everything in my life is wrong. One minute you can be in a perfect world, and the next, everything comes crashing down and crushes you in the process. (her voice begins to break as tears roll down her cheeks) And for some reason, no one understands. No one. Either someone is out to get you, or they're too wrapped up in their own lives to care. Mostly they're out to get you though. I'm like, sure of it. Oh, but there's another type of person. The person who won't listen. The person who assumes, and doesn't care if you get hurt. That's Jordan. It has to be.

Angela gets up, wiping the tears off her cheeks. She carefully steps over everyone's sleeping bodies, and walks about 20 feet from the "campsite" they set up with whatever resources they had with them, and leans against a tree.

Angela (VO):And so, because he doesn't want to listen, I don't know. I don't know if he cares, I don't know if he hears me, and I don't know if he realizes he breaks another piece of my heart every time he walks away.

She sighs and looks around her slowly.

Angela (VO): I don't even know where he is. He left and doesn't care that was he saw wasn't what he thought like at all. Is isn't fair that people don't listen. It's like they don't have time or something, but everyone has time. They just think it's too precious to waste.

As she turns her head around, her gaze slowly focuses on something with horror and disbelief.

SC to CU of: Jordan. He's not very far away, leaning against a nearby (about 30 feet away) tree, but he's not alone.

SC to CU of: 2 unfamiliar girls. One, tall, with long brown hair and green eyes is sitting on the ground further off, smoking. The other has blonde hair with red, blue and purple streaks. She has a dog collar and a long chain. She's leaning on Jordan, toying with his hair. All of a sudden, she leans over and kisses him!

Angela: (crying, she says it to herself) Oh my god...oh my god....(out loud finally) Jordan!

Jordan looks up and sees her. The girl gives Angela an angry glance and blows Jordan a kiss goodbye before she drags her friend off the ground and they run off into the woods.

Jordan: (obviously a little nervous, he approaches her very slowly) Look...I just....they're lost too...

Angela has tears running down her cheeks and her chin is trembling.

Jordan: (closer to her) Look, you did it to me. So I did it to you...
Angela: Go to hell! (pushes him out of the way and walks off crying)

Part 10

Scene 1

morning. everyone is getting ready to leave. No one is speaking to anyone. All of a sudden...

Brian: um, we should be able to find the campsite if we go that way (points north)

no one responds.

Rayanne: Angela... (no answer--she's tying her boots angrily) Angela? (still no answer) Angela! (she shakes her out of it)
Angela: What (dazed and angry)
Rayanne: just wanted to make sure you were still there.


Brian: So we should go 'cause they're probably like really worried about us
Rayanne: You really think they care about us.
Brian: Well they were supposed to come check on us, so they probably like sent a out a search party...
Rayanne: Please Krakow! No one cares. The only thing they care about is getting sued by our parents, and I don't know about you, but Amber's a little busy to be worrying about my ass


Rickie: so, let's go.

everyone gets up and starts walking.

Rayanne:(to Angela, aside) Hey
Angela: Hi
Rayanne: (doesn't really know what to say) Look...he'll get over it
Angela: Rayanne, I don't want to talk about it.
Rayanne: I just...
Angela: Rayanne. Leave it alone.
Rayanne: (toying with the zipper on her jacket) sorry. (pause) Well, if you like wanna talk about it, tell me or something.
Angela: Yeah, okay

Rayanne walks over to Rickie and Angela is left at the back of the group by herself. Brian is leading about 20 feet from Sharon who's second. Kyle is off to the side following and Jordan is far off to the other side.

Angela (VO): It's all a joke. My life is a joke. Whatever I do is like ridiculed and destroyed in seconds. I mean, okay, you're born, and you have like a relatively happy childhood. And then you become a teenager, and all these things happen that like make your life hell, and you think you can handle it, but you can't. And when you try, it seems okay, and you're happy. And then everything you've built up, falls. So there's no point in trying. I might as well forget about Jordan. What was I even thinking? I always fall into this trap with him. I should be mad at Kyle. I should like want to kill him. And I sort of do, but in a weird, distorted way, he helped me. I was jolted out of my blissful world of Jordan Catalano and realized that world doesn't exist. I just imagined it to make my life easier or something.

Brian: Wait. Uh oh.
Rayanne: Oh god what now
Brian: I think this is the wait...but...?
Sharon: What are you trying to say?
Brian: I...I don't know. I don't know where we are.
Rayanne: Well duh. We're lost.
Brian: No, I know that. I just thought that I could figure out which way to go
Rickie: You mean you really have no idea how to get back like, at all?
Brian: Well...
Sharon: You know, we try to depend on you for like one simple thing....
Brian: Simple? We're in like, the middle of nowhere
Rickie: So we're not going the right way at all?
Brian: Well the compus...uh oh
Angela: What?? Would you just speak already?

everyone turns to look at Angela. This is the first thing she's said to the group in days. She turns away and avoids eye contact with everyone.

Brian: okay....the's broken (everyone groans)
Rayanne: Great! So we've been going the wrong way the whole time?
Brian: well....maybe
Sharon: (yelling loudly) HEEELP!!
Rayanne: No one is going to hear you!
Sharon: (starting to cry) This isn't fair!

Kyle walks over to her and offers her a tissue

Sharon: Go away!
Kyle: (in a lower voice, but everyone can still hear him) Look, I don't want to fight
Sharon: You...(whispering--everyone still hears) kissed my best friend!
Kyle: I only did it because you were on the floor with Brian Krakow! I mean, it's not like I enjoyed it!

Angela rolls her eyes and sits down on the grass with her chin trembling and tears in her eyes. Everything is getting to her.

Sharon: (crying) why don't you believe me? we weren't doing anything!
Kyle: Okay. I believe you...really. I'm sorry.
Sharon: Yeah?
Kyle: Really sorry.
Sharon: me too.
Kyle: sorry
Sharon: sorry

Rayanne and Rickie stifles laughter. Sharon and Kyle hug

Rayanne: (whispering to Rickie) Hey Rickie? You think they're sorry? Maybe they should say it a few more times.

Rickie clasps his hand over his mouth, keeping from laughing out loud. Angela sits on the grass with her head in her hand, teary eyed. Jordan just pulls out a ciggerette, and Kyle and Sharon keep hugging.

Scene 2
sunset. the group is sitting on the ground. Kyle and Sharon are kissing. Brian is writing something in a notebook. Rayanne and Rickie are playing a handgame. Angela is sitting, leaning against a tree, hugging her knees and has a blank stare on her face. Jordan is far off from the group, standing and staring off.

Brian: I'm almost done.
Rayanne: (stopping the handgame) With whaaat?
Brian: (annoyed) The work we lost that I've been making up for the past two hours
Rayanne: Work! You've been doing work?? We're gonna die and you're thinking about school!
Sharon: (pulling away from Kyle) Oh shut up Graf, we're not gonna die
Rayanne: (trying to play with Sharon's mind a little) Oh yeah? Where are we Cherski?
Sharon: What?
Rayanne: Where are we?
Sharon: the woods
Rayanne: Can you get us back to the campsite?
Sharon:, but....
Rayanne: You think someone will find us here? In absolutely nowhere?
Sharon: Well they might (worried now)
Rayanne: Nope! We're gonna die! We'll starve to death probably (shrugs)
Sharon: No!! You're lying! I don't believe you!
Rayanne: (rolling her eyes) Grip yourself Cherski.

Kyle hugs Sharon and comforts her the only way he knows how...he kisses her again. Rayanne resumes her game with Rickie.

Angela: You don't really think we're gonna you?

Rayanne, Rickie and Brian all stop what they're doing to look at Angela who hasn't said a word the whole day

Angela: I mean....someone would come looking for us eventually, right? And people just don't get like lost. They have to be found eventually, cause if like no one was ever found after they got lost, then what would be the point of these trips if they like know we're gonna be lost forever? my humble opinion

Everyone just stares at her for a few minutes

Brian:'ll probably look for us, so maybe we should like just stay in one place, just in case, you know?
Rayanne: You guys, come on! Pul-eaze!
Sharon: (pulling away from Kyle again) It's getting dark
Brian: We should build another fire
Angela: Get out the marshmellows
Rayanne: (her eyes widening) Well....umm....
Rickie: Rayanne...?
Sharon: What?
Rayanne: Well they were my marshmellows!
Angela: You ate them??
Rayanne: (guiltily) Uh huh
Angela: Great!
Brian: What are we gonna eat?
Sharon: Oh terrific!
Rayanne: Hey! There's perfectly good pinecombs all over the place!
Sharon: Shut up!
Angela: I was planning to amuse myself by food
Rayanne: Well hey, I have a much better idea.
Rickie: What?
Brian: What?
Sharon: What?
Rayanne: We could play truth or dare
Sharon: Pul-eaze!
Rayanne: What are you afraid of?
Sharon: Nothing...
Rayanne: So let's play!

Part 11

Scene 1

night, everyone is still sitting around the campfire, in the same places.

Rayanne: So come on, let's play
Angela: Do we have to?
Rayanne: Listen, does anyone have any better ideas?
Sharon: Well we could've been eating...
Rayanne: But we're not, so oh well.


Rayanne: So that settles it come on.
Rickie: Come on guys, it could be fun
Rayanne: Catalano! (Jordan turns around) Come on mr. happyness, you gotta play too

Jordan walks over and sits down next to Brian. He doesn't look in Angela's direction.

Jordan: This is so stupid.
Rayanne: Yeah it is. So who starts?
Brian: I don't think i want to play.
Rayanne: Jeez! I try to do you all a favor!
Angela: Okay. Lets play.
Rayanne: Alright Angelika! You could all learn a lesson from her, ya know. Okay then Chase, you start.
Angela: umm...(glances at Jordan) Fine. Okay...Sharon. Truth or dare?
Sharon: Ummm...truth i guess
Angela: Did you date anyone before Kyle?
Sharon: what? Isn't this like incriminating or something?
Kyle: Come on Sharon, it's okay
Sharon: Umm...okay....yes.
Kyle: What??
Rayanne: Wow
Angela: Wait a minute you have?
Sharon: Well look, it was only like for a week and we did absolutely nothing!
Rickie: who was he?
Sharon: It was just...this guy. You guys wouldn't know him. He's like....older
Kyle: Oh.
Sharon: Really it was nothing! I didn't even like him!
Rayanne: How much older?
Sharon: Um....just...older. I don't know...
Rayanne: How old were yooou?
Sharon: know...this is too many questions. Umm...Rickie, truth or dare? (Kyle sort of pouts)
Rickie: Hmmmm....truth
Sharon: one person you have a crush on
Rickie: (hesitating) Ummm....well...
Sharon: Come on
Rickie: You guys, I don't think I want to...
Rayanne: Yeah, think of something different Cherski
Sharon: This isn't fair! I had to do it!
Angela: Leave him alone Sharon.
Sharon: Come on! This is totally unfair!
Rayanne: Cherski! Shut the hell up
Rickie: No. It''s okay. Ummm...well...
Sharon: (smiling) Come on...
Rickie: Well...I guess for a while I had....sort of a crush on....
Sharon: Uh huh...
Rickie: Umm...Jordan.
Sharon: Whoa!
Kyle: Uhh..
Rickie: Well...
Angela: Okay so next...
Jordan: What?? (gets up) This...this...
Rayanne: Catalano, come on, get a grip
Rickie: I'm...i'm sorry, I didn't mean...
Angela: Rickie, it's okay...
Rickie: I didn't mean to like....offend you...
Jordan: (obviously uncomfortable)'s....okay.....I guess (sits down--futher away from Rickie)
Rickie: Sorry
Jordan: It's...fine
Rayanne: (breaking the tension) Soooooo....Vasquez, it's your turn
Rickie: (recovering from embarrassment) Oh, um...Brian. Truth or dare?
Brian: Me?? Why me?
Rickie: Come on Brian.
Brian: Okay....dare.
Rayanne: Finally!
Rickie: Hmmm...Okay...I got one! You gotta kiss...
Brian: No! No!
Rickie: gotta kiiiiss...Rayanne!
Rayanne: Ugh! Rickie, you are a traitor beyond belief
Brian: No! No offense or anything
Rayanne: None taken Krakow.
Sharon: Come on! Let's see some lip action!
Angela: I think I'm gonna be sick
Rayanne: that you mention it, (playing with his mind) you are kind of.....dreamy....Brian. Mind if I call you Brian?
Brian: What?? Leave me alone!
Angela: Oh god...
Jordan: This is disgusting.
Kyle: Blah
Rickie: Come on, you gotta do it.
Rayanne: Alright Krakow, (edging toward him with an evil smile) cooome on!
Brian: This isn't fair!
Sharon: Just do it and get it over with!
Angela: I feel ill...
Rayanne: Oh god Krakow! I'm not gonna bite! Unless...
Brian: Aaghh! This is a nightmare! No offense or anything...

And Rayanne pounces. She knocks him to the ground, and whether or not they kiss, isn't seen. Rayanne gets up after about 10 seconds of Brian screaming, and Angela groaning about how disgusting it all is. Brian gets up as fast as he can

Brian: What is wrong with you?? are you possessed??
Rayanne: Heh heh heh. That was not the reaction I was going for, but okay...

Rickie laughs his head off.

Rayanne: What?? I'm bored. When I'm bored I tend to get like this. Don't think I like wanna do you now or something.
Brian: I won't, I swear.
Rickie: Okay Brian, your turn
Brian: Fine! Angela. Truth or dare?
Angela: Me?
Brian: Uh huh.
Angela: guess.
Brian: Ummm....Did you or did you not um, sleep with Jordan Catalano?
Angela: What?? What the hell is wrong with you?
Brian: Hey, I had to do a dare that i was not comfortable with.
Angela: No, I'm not answering that.
Jordan: What's your problem Brain?
Brian: What?? It was a rumor! It's not my fault!
Jordan: Shut up and leave her alone.
Angela: Excuse me? You're standing up for me now??
Jordan: I was just trying to...
Angela: Oh shut up.
Jordan: What? I was just doing you a favor!
Rayanne: Um...Kyle, how about you go...
Jordan: Wait, I wanna know why you're so pissed off
Angela: Jordan, we'll talk about it later.

There's noise in the bushes.

Girl's voice: Hello?
Rayanne: What the hell is that?
Girl: (coming out from the bushes) Oh thank god!
Sharon: Kristy?? You found us!
Kyle: Who is that?
Sharon: That's Kristy, Kyle. (rolling her eyes at his stupidity) She's on the cheerleading team, you know.
Kristy: We have been looking everywhere for you guys!
Angela: well you found us....finally.
Rayanne: Come on, let's get out of here!
Kristy: (into a walky talky) I found them!
Rickie: Let's go
Kristy: Alright, come on

Brian puts out the fire, and everyone silently follows Kristy through the bushes where a crowd of people are waiting.

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