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Parts 19-21

written by Michelle

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Published: 10 Jan 1998 | Size: 20 KB (3931 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13

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based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman

Part 19

Scene 1

Angela is sitting in English class, reading.

Angela VO: I wonder if anyone actually reads in class when they're supposed to. I mean, how can a person concentrate in a silent classroom when like, their lives are just...happening. As for me, I've been on page 45 for the past half hour. This play makes absolutely no sense. Mr. Katimski is making us read Romeo and Juliet. Like that's supposed to teach us anything. Romeo and Juliet fall in love. It's not a big deal. Until Romeo can only think about his band, and Juliet's neighbor kisses her...okay...I think this a sign that my life is officially eroding away to nothing but a ridiculous play written like 500 years ago. (bell rings)

Mr. Katimski: Okay to page...100. And don't forget that...(pause) essay due on Friday

Angela begins to put the book in her backpack. Brian walks quickly out of the classroom, bumping into Jordan on his way out. He mumbles something and nearly runs into the hall.

Jordan: So this play...
Angela: Yeah, I like has no signifigance in our world. Why would he make us read it?
Jordan: So you like,  understand it?
Angela: Well...I's...sorta. I guess.
Jordan: That guy...Brain tried to explain it to me, but it doesn't makes sense. It's like, these two kids think they're like in love or whatever, but their families are fighting...
Angela: Yeah, that's exactly it. What doesn't make sense?
Jordan: Can't they like...find someone to like who's enemy?
Angela: I guess it's not that simple. (they walk out of the classroom) Brian Krakow tried to explain Romeo and Juliet to you?
Jordan: Yeah.
Angela: Like he could even understand a word Shakespeare meant
Jordan: Probably more than I do. Oh, I gotta go. Tino's got this thing going. Later. (kisses her and leaves)
Angela: See ya.

Angela VO: (walking down the hall in almost slow motion) Is this a joke? Is this all some sick joke? Brian Krakow is seriously trying to destroy my life for like, no reason. Well, I'm not going to let him. That's it. I am not going to let someone like him make my life a complete hell...again. So he kissed's not a big deal, right? I mean, it's his problem that he has no life that he has to try to tear apart mine. The thing is...I didn't think Brian Krakow was even capable of attempting to do something so...severe.

Rayanne walks up to her

Rayanne: So Angelika, lips still infested with Krakow germs?
Angela: Ssshh!! Shut up! If anyone hears about this, that's it, my life is over.
Rayanne: Yo it's cool...(whispering) I'll keep your lovefest quiet.
Angela: You just want me to strangle you, don't you?
Rayanne: It's my true goal in life. (they walk into the bathroom and see Rickie and Sharon looking through a makeup bag)
Angela: Hey
Sharon: Hi!
Rickie: Hi
Rayanne: Awww, are you two bonding?
Sharon: I was showing Rickie this new eyeliner I got. It's like this amazing shade
Rayanne: Enrique, it's definintely your color.
Sharon: That's what I said
Rickie: I don't know...
Angela: Can someone explain something to me?
Sharon: If it's about geometry, forget it
Angela: If Juliet was supposed to be like this great girl, how come no one liked her except Romeo?
Sharon: you're reading the story. Well what about Paris? He liked her. He wanted to marry her.
Angela: Who's Paris?
Sharon: Angela! He's like in the beginning of the story!
Angela: I haven't gotten past that first scene. I just kinda know the basics of it.
Sharon: Well anyway, Paris wanted to marry her. And he's kind of the reason Romeo and Juliet died for eachother. He was the way of their love.
Angela: Why? Did he like...kiss Juliet or something? (Rayanne and Rickie laugh)
Sharon: Well's just that Juliet's parents wanted her to marry him...but she couldn't 'cause she was like already married to Romeo, and she didn't even really like Paris, but he was like trying to be with her all the time.
Rayanne: (nudging Angela and whispering) Hittin' a little close to home, huh Angelika?
Angela: Rayanne!
Sharon: Relax Angela, I know about what Krakow did.
Angela: You know?? What--
Rickie: I told her...I'm's just...i figured you would tell her anyway and...well the name came up...and...and...I have a really big mouth.
Angela: Oh, it's fine! The whole school is gonna know by tomorrow anyway. Could someone just pass me the gun now?
Rayanne: Oh come on! (putting her arm around her. Angela looks at her with a face desperately in need of advice) A gun is so pills..that's the way to go.

Angela yells out in frustration. Rayanne offers her a lollypop, but she pushes it away.

Part 20

Scene 1

Angela is sitting in front of her mirror reading Romeo and Juliet. She puts the book down and looks at herself in the mirror, puzzled.

Angela: (looking in the mirror, trying to sound meaningful) Dost thou love me? (she sees how ridiculous she looks and breaks out laughing and squeezes her eyes shut in embarassment).

Angela VO: Juliet had a lot of like....courage. She wasn't afraid to tell Romeo how she felt about him. And that...makes me crazy. How can someone be so forward about something so...big? I have to say I envy her. A lot. To have someone to be with, but...not just as like a title, as something she could actually say was hers.

Scene 2

School halls. Rayanne is making out with a guy while nearby, Rickie is talking to Angela while putting books in his locker.

Guy: Yo, gotta go. See ya Graff. (walks away)
Rayanne: me. (fixes her hair and walks over to Angela and Rickie) He bores me.
Rickie: I would have never been able to tell.(Angela laughs a little)
Rayanne: Oh, so you haven't forgotten how to laugh.
Angela: Oh shut up.
Rayanne: Well I barely see you anymore. You're either with Catalano or you're reading that dumb story.
Angela: (defensively) It's not a dumb story. It makes a lot of sense.
Rayanne: I thought you hated it.
Angela: I...I did. But it just really means something to me now.
Rayanne: Yeah, yeah. Don't come crying to me when they both croak. (taking Rickie's hand) Oh Romeo! Why art thy redheaded friend such a freakin' bore?
Rickie: Juliet! I feel as if I shall swoon! (puts his hand to his forehead and flutters his eyelashes. Rayanne, Rickie and Angela crack up and can't stop laughing)
Angela: (still laughing a little) Oh come on! You guys are too harsh. It's a good story.
Rayanne: Uh huh. I gotta go. Jeremy's waiting in the boiler room. Later. (runs off)
Angela: Jeremy?
Rickie: Don't ask me. Like I can keep up with her boiler room activity. (they start walking down the hall)
Angela: So seriously Rickie, you should read this play. It's like amazing.
Rickie: Yeah, maybe. I'm not a Shakespeare kinda guy.
Angela: I didn't think I'd like it, but it's really--
Jordan: (walks up behind her) Hey
Angela: Oh, hi
Rickie: Um..hi. (pause) Ohh...uhh...Mr. Katimski needed my help with...umm..papers. see ya (walks off)
Angela: So what's up?
Jordan: Nothing. You seen Brain?
Angela: What?? Brian? Krakow?
Jordan: Yeah. Right. He's helping me with this story. That Shakespeare guy...he was like in need...of something to write something like...that. You know?
Angela: Right...right. Yeah.
Jordan: Oh, there's Brian (they see Brian opening his locker) Gotta go (kisses her on the cheek and walks away)

Angela waits until Jordan is a few steps away before making a run for it in the opposite direction.

Part 21

Scene 1

Girl's bathroom. Rayanne is sitting on the window sill as usual. Angela is playing with her newly dyed hair in the mirror.

Angela: Is it too red?
Rayanne: Nothing can be too red.
Angela: Maybe red is out. Maybe I should've gone with Midnight Velvet.
Rayanne: First of all, it's not red. It's Crimson Glow. Second of all, Midnight Velvet? Black is out babe. Third of all, it's only hair! You didn't screw it up too bad, and it'll grow out...eventually.
Angela: (turning away from the mirror) So umm...I finished that know, Romeo and Juliet?
Rayanne: Oh god. And did you weep like a little schoolgirl?
Angela: (considering the answer and smiling a little) It's a sad story Rayanne.
Rayanne: yeah yeah yeah.
Angela: I don't know. It me thinking (turning to the mirror again)
Rayanne: Oh reeeeally? (pulling out a bottle of nailpolish from her bag and holding it up to the sunlight, squinting) About...?
Angela: Just about, you that new? (turning to look at the nailpolish)
Rayanne: Stop delaying your responses to me and spit it out! And's yours. I borrowed it.
Angela: Okay! Sorry. I want that back. got me thinking about how two people could actually like love eachother that much. I was just dwelling on it, and thinking...
Rayanne: About Jordan Catalano.
Angela: (pausing) About Jordan. But other things too. Just everything, and how it all relates.
Rayanne: (hopping to the ground) You need to live.
Angela: (turning to her) What?
Rayanne: I'm taking you out! We're going out tonight. You can't live your life through some 500 year old chick.
Angela: Rayanne..I can't.
Rayanne: And why not?
Angela: I...I...because. Because....where are you taking me?
Rayanne: Let's Bolt. Believe me, it's been renivated...totally better.
Angela: Can't we live..someplace else?
Rayanne: No, you're going. Gotta go tell Rickie. (kisses Angela on the cheek) Wear leather! People are afraid of leather! (yells this as she runs out the door)

Angela looks at herself in the mirror again and half smiles.

Scene 2

Sharon is running around the classroom while everyone is standing around talking.

Sharon: (to a guy) Did you do the title for the autographs page yet?
Guy: Lay off Cherski
Sharon: (yells out in frustration and pushes the guy out of her way) I hate this class! Why do I sign up for yearbook when I hate it?!
Delia: (out of nowhere) Because you can't stand letting other people do it?
Sharon: Thank you, that must be it.
Delia: I'm here to help, remember that.
Sharon: Thank you so much. I'll try not to kill you if I get real stressed out. (they both laugh and start talking about something for the yearbook)

Angela pokes her head into the room and slowly walks a few steps in, searching the room for Sharon until she spots her.

Angela: (half whispering) Sharon! Sharon! (Sharon and Delia look over at Angela who's clinging to the doorframe hissing Sharon's name. Sharon says something to Delia and then walks over to Angela with her eyes wide)

Sharon: (leading her into the hall) You're supposed to be in English
Angela: Yeah, thanks mom.
Sharon: I'm just saying...nevermind. So what are you doing here?
Angela: I was wondering...wanna go to Let's Bolt tonight?
Sharon: Let's Bolt?! Angela! That place is like idiot capital of the world! Do you know what kind of people go there??
Angela: and Rayanne.
Sharon: No way. Did you dye your hair again?
Angela: Uh, yeah.
Sharon: (inspecting a lock of her hair) Cute. So why do you wanna go to Let's Bolt?
Angela: Just to you know...go. To live.
Sharon: You're living right now.
Angela: No. No I'm not. Rayanne has changed my point of view. I've been spending the past two weeks reading this play about true love, and I've like been living vicariously through this character who is...nothing like me!
Sharon: Just to let you know, Katimski's class is watching the movie as we speak.
Angela: You mean I'm missing it??
Sharon: Why would you care? Just a dumb story right?
Angela: (mockingly smiles) Fine! I'll tell you about living later. You have to come though okay? (walking backwards toward Mr. Katimski's class)
Sharon: (pause) I'll think about it.

Angela nods and runs down the hall towards English class.

Scene 3

Angela, Rickie and Rayanne are walking out of Mr. Katimski's class.

Angela: Wasn't that an amazing movie?? Do you guys understand why I've been like obsessing over that story now? Wait a minute (turning to Rayanne)...why were you in there? You don't go to English...ever.
Rayanne: Krysenowski said if I don't start going, I'll flunk, and I can't go to summer school. Besides...that Romeo was hot!
Rickie: Oh my god, I know! (Rayanne and Rickie high five eachother)
Angela: (laughing) Okay, I here on out vow to stop living through Juliet Capulet.
Rayanne: And to stop comparing Jordan Catalano to Romeo Mon--
Rickie: Montague.
Rayanne: right.
Angela: Right, right. I vow to stop. I swear.
Rayanne: Thank the lord (flailing her arms) let's go to my house. I gotta get you an outfit.
Rickie: Could you try to tone it down this time? We don't need potential rapists pinning you against a car again.
Rayanne: That was like so long ago, I can't believe you're still talking about that. Let's go! (Rayanne grabs Angela and Rickie's hands and they run down the hall)

Scene 4

Rayanne's house.

Angela is wearing a mini leather skirt and a black tank top, and is looking in the full length mirror in front of Rayanne and Rickie.

Angela: I look like a complete idiot!
Rayanne: You look tough! Doesn't she look tough?
Rickie: I have to say I'm scared of her.
Angela: (laughing) Oh shut up! This is not going to work!
Rayanne: Okay, maybe not...

The doorbell rings. Rayanne looks at both of them before going to open the door. Sharon is standing in the doorway.

Sharon: (smiling nervously) Hi...I'm sorry! I should've like called, but Angela ran off and I didn't get to tell her if I was going or not.
Rayanne: (to Angela)  You invited Cherski?
Angela: Sharon??
Sharon: Yeah, hi. Sorry, I just looked up your address. I don't like have to go with you guys. I might just like go on my own...
Rayanne: Cherski, it's cool. (long pause) Uh...Oh, oh! Come in! (She comes in and Rayanne closes the door)
Sharon: (to Angela) You're gonna wear that?!
Angela: (looking at Rayanne, smirking) No! No I am not.
Rayanne: Look, the point is to live for once! And I'm glad you're coming Cherski, because you two do not know how to part-ay. Am I right Vasquez?
Rickie: Uhh...sure. Yes.
Rayanne: Thank you.
Angela: Okay. Alright. Tonight, I am a free woman. No worries about Brian Krakow, no boyfriend troubles with Jordan Catalano, and no history midterms haunting me. I have no cares in the world.
Rayanne: Alright Angelika!
Sharon: So are you sure we shouldn't like be concerned...that we're not 21...we're like not legal...

everyone turns to glare at Sharon.

Scene 5

Sharon, Rickie, Angela and Rayanne emerge out of a huge crowd of people and sit at a table near the bar, looking exhausted.

Rayanne: And I thought moshing was out.
Sharon: I think that big guy like crushed something vital. I will never have kids.
Angela: That band was so cool...(tilting her head back smiling) kinda sounded like Residue...not that I'm relating them to Jordan Catalano's band. Because Jordan Catalano does not exist tonight.
Rickie: Rayanne, don't ever take me in a mosh pit with you again. The right side of my body will never feel right again.
Rayanne: Not my problem you can't handle the Ray-gun. Hey, let's get drinks or something. (silence) Fine! No drinks. Water. Am I allowed to have water?
Rickie: No. Even the water here contains traces of alcohol.

They all laugh and start talking in a big mumble. Sharon scans the room while moving to the music. All of a sudden she sees something and her eyes widen. She gasps very, very loudly.

Angela: What?? What is it?
Sharon: N-nothing. I-I...thought I saw Kyle.
Rayanne: Kyle my ass. What did you see Cherski?
Sharon: Nothing!
Rayanne: That's it! (gets up and pushes Sharon) Now what was it??
Sharon: Hey! (moves back next to Rayanne) N--nothi---(Rayanne gasps)
Rickie: What??
Sharon: (whispering to Rayanne) I told you!
Rayanne: (whispering) you told me nothing!
Rickie: What is it?
Angela: What's going on you guys??
Rayanne: I thought it was Kyle too...right Cherski?
Sharon: Right! See.
Angela: Oh come on! (getting up)
Sharon: (pushing her back) Angela! No, it's nothing. Sit! You look tired!
Angela: What?? I'm fine! Let me up!
Rayanne and Sharon: No!
Rayanne: look really bad Angela.
Angela: What?!
Rayanne: Yeah...(hits Sharon, signalling her to agree)
Sharon: Oh...yeah! Terrible. Do you have a fever?? (feeling her forehead)
Angela: This isn't funny! (pushes both of them away, nearly laughing. Rayanne and Sharon look at eachother in despair)
Rayanne: Angela, wait

Angela looks in the direction Sharon and Rayanne were looking. Her face goes from smiling to tearful and horrified as she sees...

SC to CU of...Jordan heavily making out with a girl near the pool tables. He pulls away from her and after looking around, takes her hand and they head out to the parking lot.

Angela runs as fast as she can out through the other exit.

Sharon: Angela! Wait!!
Rayanne: Angela!!
Rickie: Oh my god.

They all look at eachother, worried.

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