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Parts 3-4

written by Michelle

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Published: 10 Jan 1998 | Size: 19 KB (3606 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13
Average: 4.2/5   4.2/5 (6 votes)

based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman

Part 3

Scene 1

Chase house. Patty is coming through the door.

Patty: Graham?

SC to...Graham: Yeah honey, I'm in here! (he's in the kitchen talking on the phone--he whispers into the phone) Yeah Hallie, I gotta go. (pause) okay. (pause) okay. (pause) okay. bye.

(enter Patty)

Patty: hey (they kiss)
Graham: hi. (he goes over to stir something on the stove) How was your day?
Patty: Okay. You and Hallie manage to go a day without fighting?
Graham: (quickly) Yeah. Actually we're trying to decide on a name.
Patty (looking in the fridge) anything yet?
Graham: (tasting the sauce he's making) nah uh.

(Danielle comes in)

Danielle: hi mom (she hugs her)
Patty: Hi honey...(looks around) Where's Angela?
Graham: I don't know. Out with Jordan?
Danielle: Jordan just called. She's not with him.
Patty: Well she can't be with Rayanne...
Graham: Actually, Rayanne called about a half hour ago. They must have made up.

Patty looks lost

Patty: Rickie?
Danielle: upstairs. He's waiting for her.
Patty: well...(she's looking very lost now)

Angela walks in very upset. Everyone looks over.

Patty: Hi
Angela: uh, hi
Patty: Did Jordan drive you?
Angela: (edging towards the stairs): uh no, I took the bus
Patty: Jordan didn't offer...
Angela: I have to my...homework (she runs up the stairs quickly)
Patty: (yelling after her) Well Rickie's up there!

SC to...Angela walking through the door to her room. Rickie's on the bed looking at a book.

Rickie: hi! ( he gets up and gives her a kiss on the cheek) Where were you? Did Jordan...?

(he stops when he sees Angela is crying)

Rickie (cont.): Angela?
Angela: (through tears) God Rickie, I hate him!
Rickie: Jordan? (looking concerned)
Angela: Brian Krakow and that stupid letter
Rickie: Oh no Angela. It's okay (he hugs her and she cries more)

they sit down on Angela's bed and she stops crying a little.

Angela: Rickie, I just, I mean, he just gets to me
Rickie: Brian?
Angela: Yes...I mean, I can't stand him sometimes, and I can't believe he did this to me, but...
Rickie: But...?
Angela: But I can't like, hate him, and I hate that! (more tears form)
Rickie: (putting his arm around her again) Are you gonna tell Jordan you like, know about the letter? (quietly)
Angela: no. (feeling better. The tears stop.) I'm not gonna let Brian Krakow (says his name with loathing) ruin my relationship with Jordan.
Rickie: okay.
Angela: (wiping the rest of the tears away) I have to get ready. Jordan's picking me up in 20 minutes. You can stay for dinner if you want.
Rickie: Sure. What are you gonna wear? (he's sticking his head into her closet)

Patty knocks on the door and peeks her head in

Patty: Angela? Are you alright?
Angela: Yeah mom, I'm fine. Uh, Rickie's staying for dinner
Rickie: (poking his head out from the closet) If that's like okay with you Mrs. Chase.
Patty: (a little annoyed) Yeah, sure it's fine. (about to leave but then turns around) Hey Angela?
Angela: Yeah?
Patty: Rayanne Graf?
Angela: (a little confused at first) Oh, we made up.
Patty: Ohhh. Well, okay. (she closes the door on her way out)

Rickie pokes his head back into the closet

Rickie: (muffled from the closet) I say go with the red dress

Scene 2
Chase family dinner (+ Rickie)

It's dead silent, and very akward

CU of Patty: (breaking the silence) So, when's Jordan coming?
CU of Angela: Oh, in like 10 minutes
Patty: Where are you two going?
Angela: (a little annoyed) a movie or whatever
CU of Danielle: Or whatever? What's that supposed to mean? Speak English.
Angela: shut up Danielle
Graham: Angela!

Angela looks down at her untouched food and starts to sort of poke at it.

Rickie: Well, I'm gonna get going...
Angela: No! Stay.
Rickie: Well, I have a lot of stuff to do for the play...
Patty: Are you sure? (not protesting too much)
CU of Rickie: Yeah, I'm just gonna go. (he gets up and takes his plate) I'll just take this into the kitchen...
Angela: I'll walk you

She takes his plate and puts it in the kitchen quickly and they walk out onto the porch

Rickie: Bye! Thanks! (he yells as he's going out the door--him and Angela are standing outside alone now)

Rickie (cont.): You are gonna call me and tell me everything, right?
Angela: Of course my dear Rickie
Rickie: (kisses her on the cheek) Okay, see ya (he walks away)
CU of Angela: bye!

CU of a red car coming down the block. It's Jordan. Angela runs inside the second she sees him

Angela: Jordan's here. Gotta go.
Patty: Call if you're gonna be late
Angela (grabbing her jacket): uh huh. bye. (she slams the door on her way out)

Jordan pulls up, gets out of the car and leans against it

Jordan: Hey
Angela: Hey
Jordan: You look...nice
Angela: (smiling, obviously pleased) thanks

They get in the car and start driving

Angela: So, what movie do you wanna see?
Jordan:Uh, there's a newspaper there somewhere

Angela searches the ground and finally comes up holdong a newspaper

Jordan: Anything like...good?
Angela: The English Patient, Anaconda and Romeo and Juliet.
Jordan: Uh...
Angela: (a little dissapointed)Yeah...
Jordan: We can go see one if you like, really want.
Angela: Well...okay
Jordan: okay.

Angela smiles at him again. He doesn't really see and just keeps driving.

Scene 3
School theater at night

Katimski: Is Rickie here? Rickie??
Rayanne: (looks over from the stage) Uh yeah, he went home early today or something.
Katimski: (laughs for no reason) ah, okay. Delia? Delia Fischer?

Delia pops her head out from backstage

Delia: Yes Mr. Katimski?
Katimski: ah hah! Yes, I need this scenery moved
Delia: Well actually, I'm running lines with Abyssinia. She's a little nervous

Abyssinia: (from backstage) I'm not nervous!
Katimski: (laughs again for no reason) Ah, nervousness a week before the show!

Brian walks past the auditorium

Katimski: Ah hah! Excuse me? Excuse me??
Brian: huh? me?
Katimski: Yes yes, you. Could you come here?
Brian: Uh, yeah...okay
Katimski: Yes hello. What's your name?
Brian: (he sees Delia) Brian Krakow
Katimski: Brian, Brian. Do you think you could help move some scenery?
Brian: Uh, yeah. I guess.

Katimski explains to him what to move and he goes over to do it. He's moving the scenery across the stage backwards, and accidently bumps into Rayanne.

Rayanne: Hey! watch out Krakow!
Brian: Uh, sorry.
Rayanne: I heard what you did to Angela Chase. Nice one.
Brian: Oh great...Look, your friend Sharon Cherski already told me
Rayanne: Me and Sharon Chers-- anyway...I already hurt her enough, WHICH I cannot apoligize for like enough, but then yoooou went...
Brian: I was trying to help!...or whatever
Rayanne: Yeah. Sure Krakow...
Brian: But...
Rayanne: Move. you're in my way.

Brian moves out of her way and she starts stretching. He continues moving the scenery and sighs.

Scene 4
Jordan's car parked outside the movie theater

Jordan: That movie...
Angela: What?
Jordan: sucked. I didn't like get the point.
Angela: (dissapointed) I guess it was just like, a hard movie to understand.
Jordan: Yeah...(he looks away)

(long pause--Angela stares at him and tries to break the akward moment by kissing him lightly on the cheek--he pulls away)

Angela: Jordan?

He doesn't respond

Angela (cont.): Jordan? What is it?
Jordan: (after a long pause) I...know
Angela: (she's really self concious now) what? Know what?
Jordan: I know you know...about the...letter
Angela: (pause) Jordan, it's okay, I mean, I'm not like mad at you
Jordan: I know that. Why didn't you just like tell me?
Angela: I wanted you to feel good or something I guess.
Jordan: Why? You think I couldn't have done it?
Angela: (stunned) What! Jordan, what's wrong with you?
Jordan: Look, it just sounds like you think I'm not smart or whatever.
Angela: Jordan! That's not true at all. I just think that Brian Krakow...helped you a little. But that's why you had him write it...right?
Jordan: Brain? He's smart, so I had him write it down. It's not a big deal or something. Why didn't you just like tell me you knew?
Angela: (pause) I guess I didn't want to get into another...argument. And, I didn't want to...
Jordan: what?
Angela: break up again.
Jordan: Oh yeah.

Long, akward pause

Jordan: Wanna go somewhere else?
Angela: (obviously feeling uncomfortable now) Um, actually I haven't like done any of my English homework.
Jordan: Oh...right. I'll just take you home I guess.

They ride home in silence

Part 4

Scene 1

Rayanne's at home on the phone Rickie later that night

Rayanne: So she went out with Catalano tonight? (pause) Oh god... (rolls her eyes and pauses while Rickie talks) Yeah, hold on Rickie, got another call.

she switches lines

Rayanne: Yeah?
CU of...Sharon: Hi. Is this...Rayanne Graf?
Sharon: (takes a deep breath) Hi Rayanne. This is Sharon...Sharon Cherski?
Rayanne: Yeah Cherski I know who you are. Hold on a sec.

switches lines

Rayanne: Rickie? Yeah, I gotta go. Sharon Cherski (weird, mocking, surprised kind of voice) is on the other line (pause) No Rickie.(pause) Okay. (pause) Okay. (pause) Oooookaaaay.(pause) Don't worry! (pause) See ya Vasquez (makes a kissing sound into the phone)

switches lines

Rayanne: uhh...Sharon? (she says this as if it's hard to say her name)
CU of Sharon: Yeah. Sorry if I'm like...bothering you
CU of Rayanne: (each time one of them talks it's a closeup of them) Uh, no. That's okay I guess.
Sharon: So, how are you? (akwardly)
Rayanne: (confused, and impatient) I'm fine I guess....

long pause

Rayanne (cont.): did you like...want something?
Sharon: Yeah, actually. I like...need your help
Sharon: Yeah. I mean, we both like, look out for Angela like a sister right?
Rayanne: Uh, yeah I guess
Sharon: And like, since you guys are friend again...or whatever...I was wondering if you wanted to help me
Rayanne: What do I have to do, and will it involve handcuffs and Brian Krakow again?
Sharon: Huh??
Rayanne: joke Cherski. It was a joke.
Sharon: Oh. Yeah.
Rayanne: Well...?
Sharon: Yeah, does involve Brian Krakow...
Rayanne: (smirking) Handcuffs?
Sharon: Rayanne! Get serious for a second!
Rayanne: (smiling to herself) You're no fun
Sharon: Anyway...I need to get to the bottom of this letter Brian supposedly wrote
Rayanne: What do you want me to do?
Sharon: I just need to find out if he (grimaces for a second) loves her...or something
Rayanne: (laughing) Brian Krakow? Brian Krakow and Angela Chase? Are you mentally unstable?
Sharon: What?? I'm just trying to help her
Rayanne: Angela has Jordan Catalano! Why the hell would she want Brian Krakow?? (says the name with very low enthusiasm)
Sharon: Okay, forget it. I thought you would want to like help out a friend
Rayanne: Whatever. I'll think about it I guess...
Sharon: Okay, great...

long pause

Rayanne: Well, I have to go rehearse some lines and stuff
Sharon: Oh right. Okay. Well, see ya then
Rayanne: Yeah. Bye.

They both hang up. Rayanne looks really confused.

Scene 2
Early morning

Angela's alarm goes off with a blast of music. It is soon recognized as "Santa Monica" by Everclear. She lets it play for a few seconds and then turns it off sleepily.

Angela (VO):Why do you have to wake up from dreams? In a dream, anything is possible. Anything you want to happen can. My dreams can be especially fantastic. The greatest things can happen. Such wonderful, magical things can happen in my dreams, that the whole world could just like, disintagrate around me, and I wouldn't even like, notice. Everything makes so much more sense in dreams. Last night I dreamt that Brian Krakow left me alone. He was out of my life forever...

(As Angela describes things in her dream, they actually appear to us in a weird, dreamy, faded shot)

Angela VO (cont.): ...and Jordan and I were together...all the time. And we talked a lot, and...

SC to CU of Angela in reality smiling to herself

...I knew I was dreaming when I ended up having sex with Jordna Catalano, because as I learned before, that sort of thing is like, not in my cards of the near future.

SC back to her dream world

Angela VO: Rayanne was under control, and I finally didn't feel like I had to watch over her like she were my daughter or something. We were just best friends, and nothing, not even the horrible things she had done to me could like, change that.

SC to Angela in Reality again

Patty: (from downstairs) Angela? Are you awake?

Angela gets up slowly

Angela VO: Rickie wasn't so confused about love anymore in my dream too. He was finally just happy. I can't like, remember all the details in that dream, but the most like, vivid one was Brian Krakow leaving. He just turned to me and stared for a second. And then, he walked away. He just disapeared. I hate to think it, and admit it, because it's probably like a horibble thing, but everything was so much easier without him. So now, I can't help thinking that all the torment I go through in life is the result of one person....

SC to....

Scene 3
halls the next day
Brian pops out of no where


Rickie polks his head out from behind his open locker door

Rickie: Oh, hi
Brian: So, have you like talked to...
Rickie: Look Brian, Angela doesn't want to talk to you
Brian: Well how do you know I was like, gonna say anything about Angela Chase? Maybe I was talking about Jordan Catalano, or Rayanne Graf!

Rayanne now pops out of nowhere

Rayanne: I hear my name
Brian: (embarrassed) Oh, uh, hi
Rickie: Hey
Rayanne: Hey there

(Rayanne starts emptying stuff out of her bag onto the ground)

Brian stares at her strangely

Rayanne: (rudely) What?
Brian: Oh, uh nothing....(pause)...Are you just gonna leave that stuff there?
Rayanne: (looks surprised he even mentioned it) No of course not Krakow. I'm gonna put it in its proper receptical and then I'm gonna go save the whales.

Rickie stifles a laugh

Brian: (even more embarassed) Well, I just meant...nevermind

Rayanne doesn't really seem to care and goes back to emptying junk out of her bag.

Rickie: Well, I've gotta go to math. I don't think I've like, gone all year, so I might as well show up for the last two weeks. Bye. (gives Rayanne a peck on her forehead)
Rayanne: Bye Vasquez
Brian: Bye

They stand there akwardly for a minute

Brian: So, uh, how's the play? You're gonna like, perform it next week, right?
Rayanne: yeah.
Brian: oh.

akward moment again

Rayanne: Look, I'm gonna get to the point. Sharon Cherski is like, obsessed with this letter you wrote Angela, and she wants to know why you did it
Brian: (dazed) Uh, I...
Rayanne: Not that I like care, but she would not leave me alone...
Brian: (quickly) Angela?
Rayanne: (smirking) No Krakow. Sharon Cherski
Brian: oh. Well, I have to uh, class.
Rayanne: (rolling her eyes) Ooookay. Have fun!
Brian: (confused) yeah, okay.

Brian walks away as casually, but as quickly as he can. The bell rings. Rayanne stands in the emptying halls staring after him for a second, and then goes back to emptying her bag.

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