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Parts 12-15

written by Michelle

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Published: 10 Jan 1998 | Size: 30 KB (5838 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13

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based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman

Part 12

Scene 1

Angela's lying on her bed, staring up at the ceiling. "Creep" by Radiohead is playing in the backround.

Angela (VO): When summer comes to an end, it like reflects everything that's happened. The warm air kinda fades slowly. The flowers start to shrivel up. Every store in town starts a back-to-school sale. It's amazing how everything comes to a halt. One month left. One month til summer is terminated. Not that I have that much to be sentimentale about. I got lost in the woods, I got in a fight with Jordan about nothing....again, and I spent most of it narrating the situation in my head, and hearing my own voice more than anyone else's. It's all so pathetic. Tragically pathetic.

Patty knocks. Angela doesn't respond, so Patty cracks the door open and pokes her head in.

Patty: Are you coming down for dinner?
Angela: No. I'm not hungry.
Patty: Are you sure? I can bring you something up...
Angela: Mom, no, I'm fine. Just please, tell Danielle to get off the phone.
Patty: Um...sure, sure. (leaves and closes the door behind her)

Angela (VO): I've had a terrible fear for the past week that Jordan has been trying to call me, but the phone is off the hook, or someone forgets to take a message. For the most part, I'm wrong. He hasn't called. Or so my mother says. We managed to get out of the woods alive at least. When that cheerleader rescued us we got yelled at and everything, but by that time all they cared about was sending us home. So they did. And the project was lost. But by time, all I cared about was being sent home.

Scene 2
midnight. Angela is downstairs in her nightshirt, flipping through a magazine.

Angela (VO): Okay, so he hasn't called. So I'm waiting up just in case. It's not a big deal.

phone rings. Angela almost shrieks. She calms down and picks up the phone.

Angela: H--h--hello?
CU of Jordan: (in a phone booth) Um....hi. Is Angela there?
Angela: Jordan??
Jordan: Oh...yeah. Hey
Angela: (faking calmness) Hey
Jordan: So....what are you doing?
Angela: (laughing) Nothing. It's kinda late.
Jordan: Oh...I wasn't supposed to call huh? Sorry
Angela: No, it''s fine.

Graham is at the top of the stairs.

Graham: Angela?
Angela: (into the phone) Um, hold on (to Graham) Yeah dad?
Graham: Who's on the phone?
Angela: A...a...friend
Graham: Isn't kinda late to be on the phone?
Angela: Yeah...sorry. I'm going to bed, don't worry.
Graham: (tired) Okay. Goognight

Angela waits to hear his bedroom door close.

Angela: Sorry
Jordan: Yeah, um, listen...I'm really sorry
Angela: That's good to hear.
Jordan: Yeah. I just....I was jealous or whatever.
Angela: (smiling a little) There was nothing to be jealous about. Nothing even happened.
Jordan: He kissed you, and I guess that to me.
Angela: Well to me when you kissed that....girl.
Jordan: She meant nothing to me, like at all. She was just lost too and so...I guess I wanted to like...get revenge or something.
Angela: Yeah...
Jordan: So...sorry.
Angela: It's...(sighs) It's okay.
Jordan: Cool.


Jordan: you wanna come see us rehearse?
Angela: Who's "us"?
Jordan: Residue. Um, me and Tino and the guys like started this band...I told you, right?
Angela: Ohh...right, yeah.
Jordan: And your friend....Tino invited her.
Angela: Oh. Rayanne...yeah. She said something about that I think.
Jordan: So, you wanna go?
Angela: Yeah, sure.
Jordan: Okay, well we're starting in like 20 minutes.
Angela: Tonight??
Jordan: Yeah
Angela: No, no way I could sneak out.
Jordan: Oh. Okay.
Angela: Well....Rayanne's gonna be there?
Jordan: She's here
Angela: You like, failed to mention this. Can I talk to her?
Jordan: Yeah hold on.

Angela sits and looks around nervously hoping no one wakes up.

CU of Rayanne: Angelika!
Angela: Rayanne! Where are you?
Rayanne: Some wherehouse dump. Same as usual.
Angela: You also failed to mention any of this.
Rayanne: I wanted to let your boy toy tell you
Angela: Rayanne....(changing the topic) expect me to go now?
Rayanne: Yes. You have to.
Angela: How am I supposed to get there?
Rayanne: Jordan can pick you up.
Angela: Ugghhh....this is insane. If my parents find out, I am beyond eternally dead.
Rayanne: Come on Angie!
Angela: (lowering her voice) Okay look, tell Jordan to pick me up.
Rayanne: Alllright! See ya soon! (makes a kissing noise into the phone)
Angela: Yeah, bye.

She hangs up the phone and quietly runs up the stairs.

Scene 3
Dowstairs. Angela is looking out the window anxiously. She's fully dressed now in her jeans, boots and flannel shirt.

Angela (VO): i think I have no will power. Either that or I just like to be tossed around like a marrionette. Rayanne and Jordan have this sick power over me. I can't believe they're getting me to sneak out. This is just beyond extremely wrong.

Angela's POV: a red car is heading up the street.
CU of Angela: She quickly glances to the top of the stairs and quietly opens the front door and escapes. Once outside, she runs to Jordan's car which is still a few houses away, until he stops. She quickly gets in the passenger seat.

Angela: (smiling, and out of breath) Hey
Jordan: Hey. I could've just driven to your house
Angela: No! No way. My parents find out and I am so beyond dead.
Jordan: Ohh...right.
Angela: Yeah. So where are you going to rehearse?
Jordan: Um...this wherehouse place. Your...friend (doesn't bother to mention Rayanne's name) she's been...annoying.
Angela: What?
Jordan: She keeps like, yelling at Tino.
Angela: (a little impatient) Why?
Jordan: Just 'cause he like offers her a drink. I mean, he was like, being nice or whatever. And that's not regular from Tino.
Angela: Oh great! Jordan, Rayanne cannot drink. Come on, let's go...please
Jordan: (confused) Okay. (starts driving)

Angela looks concerned. She glances around and her gaze focuses on something

Angela's POV: An illuminated window. The curtain is pulled back, and Brian Krakow is staring through. As soon as he sees her looking, he immediately closes the curtain and shuts off the lights.
CU of Angela: She looks more concerned now, but some of it is more deep thought, more than concern for Rayanne's drinking.

Scene 4
an old run-down building.

Jordan: Come on, it's this way (leading Angela through a large entrance)

as they enter, they see a huge, smoky room with a band set up in the middle. Two guys are sitting on fold out chairs, drinking beer. Another guy is practicing something on his guitar. Rayanne is sitting in another fold out chair with her arms folded across her chest until she sees Angela.

Rayanne: Angelika!! I am sooo glad to see you (runs up to her)
Jordan: Hey! (yelling at the guys) Where's Tino?
Angela: Uh oh....
Guy: That chick scared him off!
Jordan: (to Rayanne) What?
Rayanne: (staring at the ground) Well...uh...Tino got kinda pissed off....and he sort of...left.
Jordan: Great! (walks off towards where the other guys are) Why the hell can't we just have like one rehearsal?
Angela: (to Rayanne) You didn't drink anything did you?
Rayanne: No..that's why he left. We kinda got in a fight about it.
Angela: Well I'm proud of you (smiling)
Rayanne: Thank you, I feel like a free woman. I could fly Angela! Fly with me! (grabs Angela's hands and starts spinning her around as she laughs and screams)
Jordan: Hey! What are you doing?

Rayanne and Angela stop, and try to stifle their laughter

Jordan: Damn it. Why does he have to be like this? What's his problem?

As Jordan talks with the guys in the band, Angela pulls Rayanne aside.

Angela: Brian Krakow was looking at me
Rayanne: Well duh, Angela
Angela: No, He was...(lowering her voice) looking at me, like from his wondow, just now.
Rayanne: Uggh...Fatal Attraction or what??
Angela: Rayanne! Stop it!
Rayanne: Next thing you know he's gonna boil your bunny! Or cat...
Angela: Shut up Rayanne!
Rayanne: I'm just joking! Jeez
Angela: I know, I know. But what does that mean?? I thought he was like, over it all.
Rayanne: Well apparently not if the psycho's watching you from his window!

Jordan comes over.

Jordan: Do you wanna just go?
Angela: Um, yeah I guess I should get back anyway. Sneaking out wasn't that great of an idea.
Jordan: Yeah....I gotta call Tino
Angela: Okay...what about you Rayanne?
Jordan: (Looking up at the ceiling) She can come too
Angela: (an uncomfortable look) Yeah, okay
Rayanne: (sensing that's a bad idea) that's okay. I'm gonna hang here for a while
Angela: Are you sure? (not really arguing)
Rayanne: Yeah. I'll call you
Angela: Okay. (Rayanne kisses Angela on the cheek as Jordan takes her hand and leads her out)

Scene 5
Jordan's car stopping a few houses away from Angela's house. It's silent

Jordan: So uhh....I'm going on this trip
Angela: What? You are?
Jordan: Well, I mean....I kinda wanted you to come.
Angela: What do you mean? Where?
Jordan: Just like to this lake. I thought we could like go there for a couple of days.
Angela: (smiling) Wow...that would be really....No. I can't. My parents would never let me in a million years.
Jordan: (leaning over towards her) They wouldn't like....have to know
Angela: I....well....

Angela (VO): It's amazing how I like, buckle under the gaze of Jordan Catalano. My mouth keeps moving and I don't know what I'm saying, but my mind is just concentrating on his face

Jordan: So...?
Angela: How about I get back to you?
Jordan: Alright. cool. (leans over more, and they kiss for a few minutes)
Angela: (pulling away reluctantly) I really should go. It's like 3 in the morning
Jordan: Yeah. I'll call you.
Angela: (opening the door) Okay (kisses him one more time before she gets out) Bye
Jordan: Yeah, bye

Angela starts walking down the block.

Angela (VO): It's so great when just when you're starting to lose faith in someone, they turn around and do something that makes you're heart like, stop 'cause it's so amazing.

As she quitely puts her key in the door and turns the knob, she turns and looks at Brian's house.

Angela's POV: Nothing. All the lights are turned off, and all windows are shut.

Angela narrows her eyes a little and turns back around and quietly slips into the house.

Part 13

Scene 1

Angela's lying on her bedroom floor. She's got a huge smile on her face.

Angela (VO): Life is so amazingly weird. Lately my life has been...bad, but then all of a sudden, it all like, came together. Like a puzzle. It was like a piece was missing, and I found it. I don't even know what the piece was. Something about Jordan Catalano that I like, did not understand, but now I do. I have to stop thinking like this or I'm going to like, make myself ill. (pause) But I can't.

Patty: (peeking her head through the door) Is everthing okay?
Angela: (smiling) uh huh (nodding and sitting up)
Patty: (walking into the room) I just...I haven't really...talked to you in a while. (sits down on her bed)
Patty: Yeah?
Angela: Umm...Rayanne...she's having this thing...that like..she wants me to sleep over. I can, right?
Patty: Well when is "this thing"
Angela: Oh...I'm not sure. It's just like, she wants me to sleep over...sometime. Like for a weekend. or something
Patty: A whole weekend? I suppose so....I'd have to talk with her mother
Angela: Oh...(panicking) Well, see her...her like probably gonna be like, working....a lot.

Angela (VO): Why wasn't I ever taught to lie? This is insanely stupid.

Patty: Well I'll call her at work then
Angela: Oh.....I..I guess you could do that.
Patty: (getting up) Well, tell me if you want dinner. I'll heat you up something.
Angela: okay

Patty leaves and closes the door behind her. Angela collapses back to the floor again with a smile.

Angela (VO): A weekend! I'm going to spend a weekend with Jordan Catalano alone! Not that like, anything even remotely sexual is going to happen because that's like...been confirmed. But, a whole weekend. Rayanne won't mind. She's done this exact same type of thing like 50 million times. This is turning out to be truly amazing. Utterly...incredible.

Scene 2
Rayanne's house. Angela, Rickie and Rayanne are sitting on the couch.

Rayanne: You what??
Angela: What? Please! Like you haven't ever done anything like this!
Rayanne: I have like, no problem that you want to do...whatever non-sex thing you do with Jordan Catalano for a weekend, but your mom is gonna wanna talk to my mom
Angela: Sooo? Like your mom wouldn't be absolutely cool with something.
Rayanne: Well normally she would be...if she was here
Angela: What??
Rickie: She left. Like for a month or something, right?
Rayanne: Yes, I told you this! She went off with her newest rich...guy, and he like whisked her off to Paris for a month. I soo told you this
Angela: Oh my god. How could I have not known this?
Rickie: were probably...
Rayanne: Swapping spit with Catalano. That guy is starting to really kill your mentallity (getting up to go to the kitchen)
Angela: Are you serious? You really think that? About me?
Rayanne: (from the kitchen) Well.....
Rickie: I mean, from my point of two are like really cute together...but...
Rayanne: (coming back with a sandwich and a mouth full of bread) But you..(swallow) you're letting him like, take over your life. I mean (pretending to cry) how am I supposed to liiive??
Angela: Oh shut up! (hitting her with a pillow) I am not letting him take over my life! You're completely imagining it. I just...(pause) I just want with him now that I like, can be.
Rayanne: Angela, that was deep! (pretending to wipe away a tear) You are like, the most profound speaker of our generation!
Rickie: Everybody give it up for Angela Chase!
Angela: Agghhh!! All of you shut up! (laughing) It's true. (long pause as she thinks it over) what do I do? I mean, what do I tell my parents I'm doing for the weekend?
Rickie: Wait a second! Rayanne is an actress
Rayanne: Yes, this is true. I'd like to thank the academy...
Angela: Wait a second...what are you saying?
Rickie: What? You think your mom is like, really gonna know the difference between Rayanne and Amber?
Rayanne: Oh my god! Angela! I could totally do this!
Angela: No. No way.
Rayanne: Let me!! I will save your butt, I swear!
Angela: This is crazy! My mother will know!
Rayanne: She will not! You are insulting my theatrical abilities here
Rickie: You know, normally, I would be against this...but if you really wanna go...
Angela: I do, but...
Rickie: Well then Rayanne's the person to count on (Rayanne nods yes enthusiastically)
Angela: (hitting her forehead with her palm) Fine fine fine. This is completely stupid and I will totally regret it though
Rayanne: (getting up and kissing her on the cheek) You will not. I have to go practice my Amber faces! (runs off into the other room)

Angela looks over at Rickie. He just shrugs.

Part 14

Scene 1

Rayanne, Angela and Rickie are all sitting in a circle with the phone in the center. They're all staring blankly at it.

Rayanne: Okay, I've got my Amber-ness ready
Angela: Oh god, this is a bad idea.
Rickie: Rayanne, I must say, there's not many times in life that I trust you, like completely, but I actually do right now
Rayanne: Well thank you Rickie!
Angela: Okay, fine fine! Just do it and like get it over with!
Rayanne: (deep breath and a smile) Oookay. I'm so ready
Angela: (gets up) I can't watch

Angela walks into another room. After a few seconds her head pokes out, curiously. Rayanne takes another deep breath and smile and picks up the phone and dials. Rickie clasps his hands together as if to pray. Rayanne hits him.

Rayanne: (whispering away from the phone) Don't doubt me! (Rickie laughs)

Angela is now leaning against a door frame, biting her nails.

Rayanne: (into the phone) H--Hello? Patty? (doing a very impressive Amber voice)

Rickie clasps his hand over his mouth to stifle laughter. Angela's mouth drops open a little.

Rayanne: Yeah, it's Amber. (pause) Oh good. (pause) Yeah, so listen, Raynee has been going crazy over having my sweety Angela over here!

Angela leans forward and bumps her head on the frame gently and smiles a little.

Rayanne: Well for a weekend. (pause) Of course I'll be here! (pause) What? (panicks a little) Oh! I guess Raynee didn't say anything, I...I was on vacation with my boyfriend for a couple of days and...I got a little sick swimming in the cold weather there...

Rickie bites his lip so the explosion of laughter he's holding back doesn't escape. Angela makes a "my god, what is she doing?" face to Rickie
Rayanne: Yeah so any weekend is fine. (pause) Yeah of course! Rickie will be here too. (pause) Uh huh...(Rolls her eyes impatiently) Yes...(mouths the words "shut up already!") Oh Patty cake don't worry! (motions to Rickie to do something to get her off the phone)

Rickie understands and jumps up. He opens the front door and begins to knock

Rickie: (VERY loudly) Amber?? Rayanne? Are you here?

Angela runs over to the door

Angela: Rayaaaaanne! Amber! We're here!

Rayanne: Oh Patty, the kids are here! I have to go! (pause) yeah so anytime soon! (pause) okay! Yeah, bye. (hangs up)

Angela, Rickie and Rayanne all scream. Rickie and Angela run over to Rayanne hugging her, and knocking her over.

Scene 2
Angela walks through the door

Angela: Hellooo?

Brian walks out in out of nowhere

Brian: Hi
Angela: What are you doing here? Why are you always here??
Brian: I..I...

Danielle walks in

Danielle: He was trying to teach me how to play the saxaphone
Brian: Uh, yeah
Angela: (walking to the kitchen) I thought you didn't want to play
Danielle: Well I do.
Brian: (walking after her) So Jordan Catalano called like 50 times
Angela: (opening the refrigerator, then at hearing Jordan's name, stops) What?? He did?
Brian: Yeah. So is he like obsessing over you now or something?
Angela: Brian shut up! Why do you constantly do that?
Brian: What? I don't like hate Jordan. He' (winces a little) or something
Angela: (laughing) Yeah Brian...uh huh. What did he say?(taking out food from the fridge and putting it on the counter. Brian is a foot behind her the whole time) Stop it!
Brian: What?
Angela: I can't breathe with you right there! Move!
Brian: Oh, okay (backing up) Nothing. He called and was like "Uh, so is Angela like there?" and then Danielle would be like "no" and he would be like "oh, right. bye" and he'd like (laughs like an idiot) hang up! (pause) So what does he want?
Angela: Brian just shut up. This is like, so not your bussiness.
Brian: Okay! God! I was just asking! Jeez!
Angela: (putting the food on a plate and walking out laughing) Chill out Krakow. Oh, and get some shades for your window. (leaves)

Brian stands in the kitchen akwardly not quite understanding what she meant.

Scene 3

Angela's sitting on her bed upstairs with her dinner sitting untouched, next to her. Her hand is on the phone.

Angela (VO): Okay. I have Jordan's pager number. He got a pager last week and so that's like my only way to reach him. I don't have his home number. I don't even know if he has a phone number.

She picks up the phone and dials. She pauses, punches in her number and hangs up

Angela (VO):So what happens if he like, doesn't want to go anymore or something?

Part 15

Scene 1

Chase house. Angela's sitting in the kitchen flipping through a magazine. Patty walks in

Patty: (opening the refrigerator) Oh, Angela. I forgot to tell you. Amber called. Rayanne's mother? And so I you want this spaghetti? It's just sitting here...
Angela: (thinks for a second) she called you? Amber I mean?
Patty: Uh sure? (holding up the spaghetti)
Angela: Yes! Mom! So what is it? What did she say?
Patty: (putting the spaghetti back) Just said that she would like to have you over, and that she'll be there...she had a cold from a trip...I hope she's okay
Angela: Oh..right, yeah...right. sick. She's sick.
Patty: well don't catch her germs while you're there
Angela: So I can go?
Patty: long as she's there, I suppose it's alright
Angela: (smiling) Thanks mom

Phone rings. Danielle comes stampeding in.

Danielle: I'll get it!!
Angela: (small look of panic) No! Danielle! No!

Both run for the phone. Danielle gets to it first.

Danielle: (sticking her tongue out at Angela) Hellooo? (pause) Who may I say is calling?
Angela: Danielle! Shut up. Is it for me?
Danielle: (back into the phone) Jordan? Jordan who? Angela's boyfriend?
Angela: DANIELLE! (grabs the phone away from her as Danielle runs away laughing. Angela puts her hand over the receiver and glares at Patty. Patty mumbles something and leaves the kitchen)
Angela: (into the phone) Jordan?
Jordan: (at a pay phone) Hey
Angela: Sorry about that. That was my very slow, stupid sister
Jordan: Oh....right. It's cool. So can you go with me?
Angela: Yeah! believe or not
Jordan: Cool. So I'll pick you up like in 15 minutes?
Angela: what??
Jordan: You said you could go
Angela: now?? I thought you meant like maybe next week..or like in a couple of weeks.
Jordan: What's wrong with now?
Angela: I haven't packed or anything!
Jordan: You could like, go now.
Angela: Uh...yeah...hold on a sec ok?
Jordan: Sure.

Angela walks into the living room where Patty and Danielle are

Angela: Uh mom? Could I talk to you for a second?
Patty: Sure (they walk into the hallway)
Angela: Um, Rayanne just called, and...
Patty: I thought Jordan just called.
Angela: Yeah....yeah he did. But he just said hello.
Patty: I didn't hear the phone ring.
Angela: Yeah, see....I...I went to pick it up to call her, and there she was! It was like...eerie.
Patty: Uh huh. I'm sure it was...eerie.
Angela: can I sleep over this weekend?
Patty: Yes, I suppose so. I'll give you ride at 7 okay?
Angela: See the thing is, they need me there like, now, and...and...Jordan can give me a ride 'cause he needed to pick this book up from me...anyway.
Patty: Well...I guess it's okay.Call me as soon as you get there.
Angela: Oh! I forgot to tell you! Um...see, we were sitting in Rayanne's living room and Rickie like...fell...over laughing, about...something Rayanne said, and he knocked the phone over, and it's like broken. But they're having a guy over, so it'll probably be fixed by tomorrow morning.
Patty: (sighing) Alright, fine. Just...when you can, call me. I worry.
Angela: I know. (hugs her)

CU of Angela hugging Patty. Her face looks at first looks relieved, but then contorts into a guilty expression. She pulls away.

Angela: I gotta go tell Rayanne
Patty: Alright
Angela: Thanks mommy
Patty: yeah, sure (smiles, but when Angela goes back into the kitchen she looks very confused)

Scene 2

Angela's waiting outside with a huge backpack

Angela (VO): I never expected such a great thing to feel so...horrible. I feel so insanly guilty it's making me sick.

Jordan pulls up. Angela slowly gets up, and gets into the car, smiling weakly.

Angela: Hey.
Jordan: Hey. (leans over and kisses her)
Angela: So...
Jordan: So let's go (starts the car and starts driving)

Angela stares out the window. Brian is fixing his bike and looks up. When he sees her he jumps back a little. Him and Angela stare at eachother until the car turns right. It's silent.

Jordan: You seem sad or something
Angela: What? oh...well kind of., no. Forget it, I'm fine (smiles weakly again)
Jordan: Did something like happen?
Angela: I...I just...lied.
Jordan: To who?
Angela: my mom. And I should not feel this bad for it, but my conciounce is like...destroying me.
Jordan: Oh...I've never like...felt bad for stuff like that.
Angela: Yeah..I guess not. I think I'm just like, going to make myself crazy, so let's change the subject. Please.
Jordan: Okay.

Long pause, and finally Angela slumps down in her seat.

Scene 3

Jordan and Angela are sitting next to a lake in a forrest kissing. All of a sudden Angela pulls away.

Jordan: What? What's wrong?
Angela: Nothing. I just...need air.
Jordan: Oh. Right.


Angela: Jordan...maybe...I mean...
Jordan: What?
Angela: Well...I mean, we start school in a couple of days, and I mean maybe it's not a good idea to like...
Jordan: You wanna leave??
Angela: if...I's...(pause) Yes.
Jordan: Great.
Angela: I'm sorry, I just...I feel bad.
Jordan: Then you shouldn't have come.
Angela: What? You wanted me to come in the first place!
Jordan: Well I thought you wanted to go
Angela: I did
Jordan: And now you're leaving


Jordan: Come on, I'll drive you.
Angela: (long pause) Thanks.

Jordan goes to start the car.

Angela (VO): What is wrong with me?! I am such an idiot it's like, amazing sometimes. So there goes my weekend. Sometimes I wish I were incredibly shallow, just so I didn't worry about these things, and I could like, enjoy my life.

She sighs and gets up and goes after Jordan towards the car.

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