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Chapter 9: Angels on the Mind

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Chapter 9: Angels on the Mind

written by Angela Chase and Jordan Catalano and the gang

added on: 03 Aug 2001 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

The wounds were too much for him to handle. He passed away while you were gone. (frowns) Hmm. (<--but in more of a sad tone, not in the usual happy tone)

(looks completely unemotional) Wow....Poor guy. (suddenly realizes something) Hey wait... He wasn't beaten up THAT badly! Just some scrapes and a blackeye or two!! WHAT THE HURL IS GOING ON HERE???

You're dreaming, Jordan.

(looks confused) I'm DREAMING?

Yes. You are, Jordan. (her wings flap around) Wake up, wake up! (sprinkles angel dust on him) (angry) WAKE UP!

(starts sneezing and choking from the dust) ACHOO!! AGHUGUGUA!! (suddenly everything's black) (wakes up) (sits up, hears people laughing) (looks around him, he's in a class room in school, looks annoyed) Shut up. (hides his face in his folded arms on his desk) (starts scrawling pictures of angels on his desk with his pocket knife)

(looks over and see's what Jordan is doing) (hesitates for a minute, then leans towards Jordan and whispers) Hey, you know you should stop that, you could get in trouble, or something.

(looks at Brian annoyedly) (scratches up his desk with the knife madly)

(notices Jordan doing what he's doing and like, points at him) MR. TEACHER? ----

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