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Chapter 8: Chasing Angels

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Chapter 8: Chasing Angels

written by Angela Chase and Jordan Catalano?

added on: 03 Aug 2001 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Guy 1:
(looks at Angela, who is floating in the sky) Whoa, are you, like, a fairy, or something?

(looks kind of... angelic) Kind of... but more like... an angel. A messenger. (smiles and nods, satifiedly) Hmm.


(behind the wheel of the barbie car) (is racing after Guy 2) (looks around the interior of the car) This'd be pretty cool..If there weren't so (smiles as he screeches to a stop in front of Guy 2) (gets out of the car)

Guy 2:
(stops the car, and also gets out of it) (looks at Jordan) Look, if you want your car, you can have it! (smiles) But... can I have yours? (walks over to it, and kind of feels the back of it) I really like pink. It, like, kind of reminds me of honey and buttercups.

(looks at Guy 2 oddly) ...Okay... (backs away slowly and then runs back to Red and hops inside drives back to Angela and Guy 1) (gets out of the car and walks up to Angela) Hey there, Angel. (kisses her quickly) Ya miss me? Where's Brain?

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