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Chapter 10: Fair

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Chapter 10: Fair

written by Michy

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

*Jordan takes her arm and leads her off.*
Jordan-Angela, I have something to tell you.
*Angela looks confused and frightened with his serious tone.*
Angela-Jordan...what is it?
*Jordan swallows hard and takes a deep breath.*
Jordan-Angela, your dad...he...
*Jordan can't finish. Angela is frantic.*
Angela-Jordan, what's wrong with my dad? Jordan? Is he okay? Jordan!
Jordan-Brian and me...we saw...we saw him and that other woman...the one who works on the resteraunt with him...they were, like...
*Angela is crying. She backs away, tears running down her face.*
Angela-You're lying.
*Jordan reaches out to her, but she cries out in anger.*
Jordan-Ask Brian, Angela! Just ask him!
Angela runs off, sobbing. She runs into Brian.
Brian-Angela? He told you, didn't he?
Angela-Is it true, Brian? Is my dad having an affair?
*Brian doesn't know what to say. Angela turns away from him and runs into Ricki's arms, sobbing.*
Angela-It isn't fair. It isn't fair...

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