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Chapter 16: We got yo back Angela

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Chapter 16: We got yo back Angela

written by Amerie

added on: 27 Jul 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Sharon and Rayanne are walking down the hallway headed towards angela's locker where they see her and Jordan hugging. Jordan is whispering something in her ear and angela's smiling and laughing at the same time.

Rayanne and Sharon go up to Jordan and get in his face

Rayanne-Hey Catalano, you got yo drunk butt unda control, i saw you yellin at my girl at Louie's last night, that wasn't cool at all man.

Sharon-Yeah! you betta be glad i wasn't there or else i would have came up to you with my thugged out attitude, i might be a lil girlish but i do have a thug side, Catalano.

Angela-(smiles) awww you guys have my back, that is so nice!!(she gives them a hug)

Rayanne-Oh yeah, yeah sure ofcourse, Cherski and I got yo back til the day we die, Angel food.

Jordan(taken back about how rayanne and sharon approached him)-What are yall talking about, whatever it is i'm sorry about it.

Angela-(laughs) they're talking about how you wilded out last night at Louie's and was pretty much yelling at me.

Jordan-oohhh, i'm real sorry, i thought you were playin' me, i..i..all i can say is i'm sorry.

Angela-Oh no its fine,you juss better watch your back, because Rayanne and Sharon were..and i guess still are pretty heated about the situation. (now talking to sharon and rayanne)It's okay , we straightned it out this morning.

Rayanne-Oh you sure?

Angela-of course

Sharon-(still looking at Catalano, with her finger in his face) These two might have forgave yah and forgot about last night, but i didn't...well...uh i guess i have since they're not making a big deal out of it, but if this happens again, i will pretty much jump you.

Random girl-Hey Cherski come here a sec

Sharon-well i have to go right now, because the world is calling my name. (gives angela and rayanne a hug) see yah ray and angela. (looks at Catalano mean) and goodday to you Jordan. i would like to stay and chat with you a while longer but i have some stuff to do. oh and if you hurt my nice friend, who i love very much and have known forever,then i will totally kill you. understand?

Jordan(holding back a smile) understood!

Sharon-okay, well(pats him on the shoulder)..bye

Rayanne-well i gotta go the bathroom and fix myself up, you coming angelica.

Angela-yeah i'll meet you in there.


Jordan-wow didn't know Cherski had a thug side of her.

Angela-oh yeah she isn't all girly she can get pretty nasty when she feels the need to. and i should know i've known her since we were 5. welp i gotta the bathroom yah know. (kisses jordan goodbye)

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