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Chapter 12: Peace offering

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Chapter 12: Peace offering

written by anonymous author

added on: 22 Jan 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

We cut to Angela standing in front of Rayanne's apartment.She takes a moment to compose herself and then rings a bell.

Amber (opens the door):OOOOOHHHHHH, my god Raynie, look who's here.She hugs Angela, while Rayanne is watching the exchange, trying to hide her surprise.

Angela:Hi( smiles broadly)

Amber:I'll just leave you babes alone.I have to finish my make over( goes to the bathroom)

Rayanne:Sooooo, Angelika what's the deal.What are you doing among sinners?

Angela( rolls her eyes): If you're gonna get like that I'm just gonna leave( goes to the door)

Rayanne(quickly): No, you know how I get.Please, don't leave.What did you wanna say?

Angela: I just wanted to say that I( stars to choke), that I miss you.

Rayanne(also emotional, with tears in her eyes): I miss you too, I miss you so much( they hug)

Rayanne: Look, I'm not gonna pretend that things can be like before but

Angela( interrupts her): But we can be more than we are, (she whipes Rayanne's cheek which is covered with tears).

AnelaVO: Just than I realized who she is.She is Rayanne Graff: She is my friend, someone I care about, someone I feel this huge connection to.

Rayanne:so do you wanna go out or somethin?

Angela:Sure, just let me call home, so they don't ,like ,crucify me when I get home(goes to the phone)

Rayanne: Hey,Angelfood, thanks for this chance. I won't screw up again.


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