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The Interactive FanFiction Story

One of the longest-running fanfiction stories on the 'net.

Chapter 14: ?????????????

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Chapter 14: ?????????????

written by anonymous

added on: 26 Jun 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela walks off back towards the restaraunt. Jordan follows after her. Just before they reach the entrance.

jordan: Angela! wait.(he stumbles and almost falls)

Angela(angry): what do you want?

Jordan: Angela, I just want you, god is that like never gonna happen?

Angela: Not when your like this

Jordan: Whoa, I think i'm gonna be sick.
Jordan falls to his knees, Angela rushes to his side

Angela: Jordan? Are you alright

Jordan: No

Angela: Are you gonna be sick?

Jordan: No, why are you here with 'im?(he asks drunkenly)

Angela: Jordan, I'm here with my friends, he happens to be here.

Jordan: Yeah, seems like he always happens to be where you are

Angela(vo): Jordan, jealous? This is interesting.

Angela: I can't help it if he's friends with my friends(pause) He's my friend too, Jordan.

Jordan: Do you like him, like, like him?

Angela: What? I mean god, what kind of queston is that? I mean god.

Jordan: Cause, like before when we broke up and all, you like were always around him(drunkly)thass why i did what i did, cause i thought you like, liked him(Jordan staggers to his feet, then stumbles again almost falling)It sucked you know.

Angela: What?(vo) Oh my god, I never thought he cared what I did after, you know, it's kinda weird to think of, cause then that would mean, it was kinda my fault too. No, no way, no.

Angela: Jordan, your too drunk, you need to go home.

Jordan: Why? I don't wanna go home.

Angela: Well then come here with me.

They walk inside, Jordan staggering the whole way Angela leads him to a table:Sit now. (he sits)

Angela walks over to Rayanne and Rickie and Corey.

Rayanne: Everything ok?

Angela: Yeah, I think I better get him hime though, he's really drunk

Corey: Well, are you coming back here though?

Angela: Probably not, I mean, I should just go home.

Rickie: Angela I need to talk to you. over here(guides her away from the group.

Angela: What?

Rickie: Are you going to be ok?

Angela: No, yes, I don't know

Rickie: Maybe we should go with you?

Angela No, I can handle it.

Rickie: Are you sure?

Angela: yes, I gotta go.(kisses Rickie on the cheek)

Angela goes to Jordan

Angela: Let's take a walk

Jordan: Where?

Angela: Just come on(pulls him up)

Jordan stumbles a little: ok(Angela slides an arm around his waist and they walk out of the building)


Jordan: So, like, where we goin'? Hey, that's my house. I don't want to go there.

Angela: Well, I want to go there.

Jordan: Why?

Angela: Because I do. ok?

Jordan: Ok.

They walk into the house, and up the stairs

Angela: Where's your room?

Jordan(points to a door)Right there.

They walk into the bedroom

Jordan turns around and kisses Angela passionatley, Angela's a little resistant at first, then returns the kiss, Jordan leans forward a little still kissing her, and they lose balance and fall on the bed, Jordan on top of Angela, Jordan begins moving his hands all over Angela

Angela: Jordan. Stop. Jordan.

Jordan: God your so beautiful. (slows down with is hands, but still kisses her with urgency)

Angela(Pulling away)Jordan, you know, I don't--

Jordan: I know, I know. ( He sits up and away from Angela)

Angela: You should go to sleep.

She starts out the door but stops when he says

Jordan: Hey, wait stay with me here, for a little while?

Angela(VO)How can I resist him? He like, wants me to stay, I shouldn't but i can't resist.

Angela lays down with him, and he wraps an arm around her, and soon he is asleep.

Angela:(VO) It feels so natural, being here with him like this, I wish this moment didn't have to end(looks at clock) But i know it will end.

Angela kisses his forehead, then gets up and leaves the room.

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