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The Interactive FanFiction Story

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Chapter 13: Incident

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Chapter 13: Incident

written by anonymous author

added on: 30 Aug 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Rayanne:So,you wanna go to Louie's or what?Cos I'm like starving.

Angela:Just,you know whatever you want.Everything is good.I'm not that hungry but if you want.

Rayanne:Let me just call Rickie,he can meet us there.(she's acting really happy,with extreme energy)

Angela(also happy with a contained,lovely genuine smile):Okay.


Jordan is sitting in the corner with his buddy(not Shane) drinking bear.Jordan is already pretty drunk.

Jordan(drunkily):And she's like he's painting my shoes so later and I'm like huh? I mean...

Buddy(taps him on the back,a bit sympathetic):She's playing you man.Just don't,like,do this to yourself man.I mean she's not worth it,you know?

Jordan(takes a sip of bear,shakes his head):No,I mean I can't really blame her after what I did....

Cut to across the room where Rickie is standing with Corey.Angela and Rayanne enter the premisses.They join the boys as they say theur hey and hi..

Corey(to Angela):Long time no seein,huh?
Angela(looks at Rickie who is carefully observing the exchange as she gets the vibe from him,nods with a reserved smile)Yeah.

Rickie seems pleased,Rayanne rolls her eyes.

Rayanne:I gotta get something to eat.(goes to the counter)

The three continue to chat cheerfully.

Cut to Jordan who is still drinking.

Jordan(continues his saga):I dunno,she's like avoiding me

Buddy(interupting him):Well she's not avoiding him.(points out to Angela and Corey talking,Rickie is standing at the counter with Rayanne)
Jordan gets angry and gets up.

Buddy:Oh,this I gotta see.

Jordan approaches them.Angela is surprised to see him,she also notices his condition by the way he walks)

AngelaVo:This is just great.You know those situations when you would rather be anywhere but here.That's how I feel.I would rather watch that show with Chuck Norris than be here.

Jordan(to Angela):What are you doing here?

Angela:Nothing,I was just

Jordan(angry):You were just what?

Corey:Look, just back off,okay?

Jordan:This is not your bussiness,so go before you get hurt kid!

Angela:C'mon Jordan,I just don't wanna deal with you right now,okay?

Jordan:Yeah,but you wanna deal with him,huh?

Angela:That's not what I meant..

Jordan(takes her hand)I wanna talk to you alone,c'mon!

Rayanne and Rickie approach them

Rayanne:C'mon Catalano cool it.

Jordan( still holding Angela's hand ignoring her comment,caresses Angela's cheek):I just wanna talk to you.

Angela(closes her eyes,nods):Okay.

Angela:It's okay.

They exit.Cut to outside.Angela is leaning against his car.He is standing in front of her,caressing her cheek.

Angela( a bit irritated):So,what do you wanna say?

Jordan:God,you are so beautiful(starts to kiss her mouth and neck,Angela is clearly uncomfortable)God,I wanna do you right here(starts to touch her everywhere)

Angela:Get off!Who the hell do you think you are?

Jordan(frustrated and drunk)Would you do it with him,huh?

Angela(angry):What are you talking about?

Jordan just stares at her.

Angela:You know what?I don't wanna know.Just leave me alone

She goes away ,he goes after her

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