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Chapter 18: no rain

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Chapter 18: no rain

written by anonymous author

added on: 30 Dec 2005 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

angela:uhhh, brian
brian looks over to her
brian: so i like see, that ... so how was u walk angela(sarcastically)
angela:brian, u think i like planned a ride home from jordan, it just happened he was just there so... and it raining...
brian:whatever..u could have just stayed on, the bus(low voice)
angela looks at him, as he looks at her, rain is falling hevely, there both like wet but they dont care.

brian:angela, iam not really with her
brian: i just said i was, just because i thought it be better, that way.
brian:just because you could go back with him, and just be, the way u were before all this...if thats what u wanted..
angela:i know what i want..
brian:yeah,(looks down to the ground)
angela:to be with you brian...
brian looks up into her eyes, she walks over to him they start to kiss passonatly in the rain, angela pushes him backwards in to his house, they are still kissing, they go on the coach and angela goes on top brian and starts kissing him...

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