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Chapter 12: Heartbreak and Hassles

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Chapter 12: Heartbreak and Hassles

written by Joie

added on: 04 Nov 2000 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

(Enter RICKIE.)

RAYANNE: (to RICKIE) Hey girlfriend. (kisses on cheek)

RICKIE: Hey. Hey Sh- (Sees SHARON is crying, gives RAYANNE "should I go?" look, she gives him an "it's okay look".) Are you okay?

SHARON: (sniffs) Yeah, I guess.'s- it's just that (chokes up)...Oh God. I need some more tissue...

RICKIE: Hey, don't use that stuff. I've got some. Here. (SHARON takes the tissues)

SHARON: Thanks. (wipes eyes) I just, like...kind of broke up...with Kyle. And he didn't take it...very well... and (bawls again)....

(RICKIE looks concerned. RAYANNE looks concerned, but less so. She hunts through her bag)

RAYANNE: (patting SHARON's back. Gives her lolly) Here, have this.

SHARON: Thanks...God, my, like, a mess.

RICKIE: Don't worry about Kyle and everything. You know, you're nice, everybody likes you....I'm sure you'll find someone who, like, really respects you.

SHARON: Thanks Rickie.

RAYANNE: (to RICKIE) Where've you been anyway?

RICKIE: Well, I was just, like, at my locker. (Remembers something) Oh, that ...I just saw Brian, right? He's acting, uh, pretty weird, has anyone else noticed this? Or is it just me?

SHARON: (shrugs) I've had, like, other things on my mind.

RAYANNE: I haven't seen him, thank God. Why, his brain finally flipped has it?

RICKIE: (laughs) I don't know. Lighten up on the guy, he's got feelings too, you know.

SHARON: Well, he certainly doesn't think of other people's feelings. I thought Delia was your friend too Rickie.

RICKIE: She is, of course she is. I mean, like, I don't know him as well as you (to SHARON), but, like, I think he means well, he just, like, doesn't..uh..communicate it well, or something.

RAYANNE: Yeah, whatever. Anyway, what's he doing? Spill it Vasquez.

RICKIE: (takes eyeliner out, starts applying) Well, I saw him in the hall, he was really weird, like...I don't know. He suddenly, like, grabs my arm and says something, like, "You always been loyal to me, I won't forget it or something". Freaked me out, to be honest.

RAYANNE: Ohhh, poor petal!

RICKIE: Rayanne.

SHARON: Well, I wouldn't be surprised he had flipped.



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