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Chapter 11: Bathroom tears

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Chapter 11: Bathroom tears

written by Ashley

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

In the bathroom, Sharon's in the stall, crying. Rayanne
walks in, hears the crying...
Rayanne: (tapping on the stall) Hello? Who's in there? Are
you okay?
(Sharon comes out of the stall)
Sharon: I'm fine. What is this dejavu, or something? How is
it you always have to come in here when I'm stupidly crying
my eyes out...
(Sharon wipes her tears away, looking in the mirror)
Rayanne: Hey, it's public property. So... what happened?
Sharon: (small laugh) Oh, nothing, just that I'm turning
into you... to an extent.
Rayanne: Okay, first of all, you are *not* turning into me.
The day that you turn into me is the day I turn into
Angela... Second of all, the *joy* of being me is not a
crying matter.
(Both smile)
Rayanne: So what's going on?
Sharon: I broke up with Kyle... and he accused me of just
using him. Which I pretty much was. I'm such a horrible
person... he probably won't ever talk to me again.
Rayanne: It'll be okay.. at least you told him the truth,
Sharon: Yeah, I guess. But that doesn't help much.


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