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The Interactive FanFiction Story

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Chapter 10: Break-up

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Chapter 10: Break-up

written by Matt

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Int.--school hallway

KYLE: So you're breaking up with me? Why?

SHARON: (Trying not to hurt his feelings) Kyle, it's not you.
I just...

KYLE: (getting loud) But I thought we were in love!

SHARON: I was...but I'm not...anymore...(softly) I'm sorry.

KYLE: I can't believe this! You little SLUT! (Sharon looks
surprised and hurt) What, you were just, like, using me?

SHARON: (Eyes welling with tears) No, no, it's not like that!
I DID love you, and I still care about you, but I'm not *in
love* with you anymore...


Kyle storms off as people stop and stare. Sharon just stands
there for a minute, shocked, trying to make sense of what just
happened. After several seconds, Sharon breaks down into tears.
She wanders off, crying, toward the girls' bathroom. She doesn't
notice that she passes by Brian Krakow at his locker.

BRIAN: (amused, a look of insane glee in his eyes. We hear
"In the Hall of the Mountain King" in the backround, presumably
from a music class ) (VO) My, my, what have we here?
It would seem we have a situation ripe for exploitation!

Brian giggles a little bit. A passing student gives him a
wondering look, but keeps walking.

BRIAN: (VO) It is time for me to decide how I want to play this.
I'm going to try to act as I normally would. I must not let them know that
I've changed. After all, it would be foolish of me to
tip my hand so soon. But I'm going to turn them all "in
deadly hate, the one against the other." Dive, thoughts down
to my soul, here Rickie comes.

RICKIE: Brian, Hi.


RICKIE: So what part did you get in the play?

BRIAN: You know what? I never even looked at it. I guess I
just have too much on my mind.

RICKIE: Well where is it?

BRIAN: In my bag. Wait.

Brian opens his bag and pulls out the piece of paper with
his character's name on it. Brian looks at it and can barely
hold in his laughter.

RICKIE: What? What is it?

BRIAN: It's Friar Lawrence!

RICKIE: Wow! That means you play the guy...

BRIAN: Who sets up Juliet with Romeo. Or in this case Angela with
someone else. HAH!

RICKIE: Ironic! I've gotta go. I'll see you in Katimsky's.

Rickie starts to leave, but Brian grabs his arm.

BRIAN: (in that strange new voice) You were always loyal to me.
I won't forget that.

RICKIE: (completely surprised, and a bit worried.) Uh...thanks
Brian. something wrong?

BRIAN: No. Nothing. Everything's fine. Never better.

Brian offers a smile that's too big and bright to be real.
Rickie smile nervously, and heads off to English class, wondering
what's wrong with Brian.

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