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Chapter 12: 'Im not all that sweet and innocent'

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Chapter 12: 'Im not all that sweet and innocent'

written by Delamitri Delamore

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Jordon is kissing Angela and whispering.

Jordon: Its so much netter this way. Not like with the other girls..With them it was so physical. I wanted them like..Just for one thing..And because I could get it I did..

Angela pushes him away.

Angela: Are you saying your not attracted to me ? I meen like..Physicaly attracted !

Jordon: Sure I am Angela..Its just your not the sort of girl Id want to you know..Corrupt.

Angela sits up and lifts Jordon into a sitting position.

Angela: (little smile) Jordon Im not all that sweet and innocent. I think about it sometimes too...Actualy..

Angela looks embarraced.

Angela: Actualy sometimes I think the reason I havnt wanted to..You know..With you..With anyone..Is because some of the things I might want to do..Might seem..Strange or something..

Jordon is shocked and stays quiet for a second.

Jordon: Strange how. (Kind of laughing) You meen kinky ?

Angela: Shish...Youll wake my sister..Not kinky..Just..Well maybe a little (Embarraced laugh)

Jordon: What..You can tell me. I promice I wont be wierded out.

Fade to black. Patty and Graham come through the door.

Patty: Graham that dinner was amazing

Graham: Oh I wouldnt say amazing..Wonderful Yes..Delicious definitly..But lets not exadurate.

Patty slaps him and laughs.

Patty: You go put on some coffee Ill just check on the kids.

Patty walks down the hall upstairs to Angela room, and opens the door...

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