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Chapter 12: Mutual Friends

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Chapter 12: Mutual Friends

written by Joie

added on: 15 Dec 2000 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

ANGELA: Uh, no. I mean, Rickie's cousin's about to arrive any minute, so I may as well wait. So.

JORDAN: Fine. Whatever. (Exit)

ANGELA (VO): Everytime my life starts to go somewhere, I suddenly realise it's not going in the direction I want. Like, it's been preprogrammed to veer away from anything which might bring me happiness. Otherwise, how would I end up living across the road from Brian Krakow?


(RAYANNE and JESS talk. Enter RICKIE)

JESS: Hi again.

RICKIE: Hi. Listen, Rayanne, Angela wants to go now, and my cousin's gonna be here in a minute, so, are you coming now, or?

RAYANNE: Yeah. Tino's split, those jerks aren't doing nothing, so. I just gotta pee. Hang on. (Exit)

RICKIE: (to JESS) Do you need a ride?

JESS: No, a Jodie's coming by to pick me up.

RICKIE: Jodie Barsh?

JESS: Yeah.

RICKIE: Oh. How's she doing now?

JESS: She's doing okay. I know there's kind of bad feeling between Rayanne and her now, but.

RICKIE: Yeah. You can say that again. So you're at Prescott High too?

JESS: Yeah. I know Rayanne through Jodie.

RICKIE: I know Jodie through Rayanne.

(RICKIE and JESS laugh)

JESS: Well, I guess we're both too stupid for getting involved. We should let them go destruct themselves.

RICKIE: Yeah. Only (with JESS) you can't.

JESS: Right.


RAYANNE:(to RICKIE) Your cousin's out front. He's got his girlfriend with him.

RICKIE: Oh, great. Well, let's go. (to JESS) Bye.

(RAYANNE kisses JESS on the cheek, says something to her quietly. Exit RAYANNE and RICKIE)


See what happens after RICKIE's cousin drops:

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