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Chapter 12: Sexual Tension

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Chapter 12: Sexual Tension

written by bluemonster

added on: 23 Jul 2002 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Jordan: Angela. I mean. Are you coming?
Angela: (hesitates for a minute) um, yeah. just hang on a sec, ok? (catches Rickie as he is leaving) hey Rickie, i think i'm gonna go with Jordan...
Rickie: (laughs) i thought you might. (kisses on cheek) i'll see you later then.
Angela: tell Rayanne bye for me.
Jordan: you ready?
Angela: yeah, let's go.

- Jordan's car, the Chases' house -
Angela and Jordan have obviously been sitting in silence for several minutes

Jordan: Listen Angela, I...
Angela: what?
Jordan: I just, I... I want you to know that when I asked you to come back to my place I wasn't, like... expecting something. because I could tell that you -
Angela: (cutting in) I know. I mean, I didn't know, (laughs) but now I do. (pauses) Thank you.

they kiss until Angela pushes him back

Angela: Jordan, wait.
Jordan: what? (Angela doesn't respond) Angela, what?
Angela: it's just... I mean I'm glad that you like understand about me not being ready, it's just that I... I think maybe... (starts to laugh)
Jordan: what?
Angela: nothing, nevermind.

Jordan kisses her again

AngelaVO: I couldn't even admit it to myself. That the person who kept thinking about sex... was me.

- back at the loft -
Rayanne and Jess are still where Ricki left them. Rayanne is in the middle of a story.

Rayanne: so then this guy just like hurls the chair across the room right in front of everyone and takes off. it was so wild
Jess: (laughing) you're making this up.
Rayanne: no, swear to God! I was there.

there is a short pause, Jess is staring at Rayanne.

Rayanne: (nervously) what are you, um (laughs) what are you staring at?
Jess: sorry, I just... do you wanna go somewhere with me? I have a car. (touches Rayanne's arm)
Rayanne: what, like right now?
Jess: well, yeah. (pulls away) I mean, if you want.

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