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The Interactive FanFiction Story

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Chapter 13: Jordan who?

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Chapter 13: Jordan who?

written by Huie

added on: 21 Aug 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela- (still embarassed, quickly) It's this test that stupid Teen Magazines make up to sell more magazines to nieve teen girls, to make them sit at night and think about their non-eventful lives. (Deep sigh, as to say her defination is finished)

Jordan- (unsure) And... *you* took it.

She closes her eyes tightly and lets out a pitiful "Yeah"


Jordan- (still unsure) And so...?

Angela- So... what?

Jordan- Well, what did it say?

Angela- (Her eyes open with surprise that Jordan was actually intrested, and was taking it so seriously.) It said that I am totally head over heals for...

Jordan- (Inturrupts) I can't hear this. (He gets up and quickly starts to make his way to her door.

Anegela- -Jordan Catalano.

Jordan- (Reaches the door, and quickly turns and walks back just as fast. He looks totally confused.) What did you say?

Angela (looks up at her ceiling with a big smile. She laughs.) It said that Angela Chace is in love with Jordan Catalano.

Jordan- (Getting the wrong idea about her laughing)
Is this like some sick joke to you?

Angela- Hardly.

Jordan- (realizes she is not trying to hert him.) Oh. So, is it right?

(Sits up) What do mean?

Jordan- (sits back down) Is it, do you, you know?

(finishing it for him) Do my feelings agree with the test?

Jordan- Well, (looking down at his hands) yeah? (looks at her)

Angela- No matter how much I wish I could say I wasn't, I am totally in love with him.

Jordan- (Looks down again) Fine, (getting angry) whatever.

Angela- (repeating hirself) No matter how much I wish I could say I wasn't, I am totally in love with Jordan Calalano.

Jordan- (anger turns to confution, then excitment) You really mean that?

Angela- Of course I do.

Silence- they stare at each other for a while. Angela's face has her famous dreamy smile planted on it, while Jordan has his famous shy grin.

(Breaking the silence) You know, I, you know feel the same way.

(Giving him a hard time) About nieve teen girls?

No, you know.

(Smile spreads crazily across her face. She gets excited) No, I don't Jordan, tell me what you feel the same about.

(looks at his hands again) You know what that test said.

Jordan, are you telling me what I think your telling me?

(releived, and excited) Yes Angela.

(covers her excitement with a confused face) Your in love with,

Jordan- Yes.

Angela- Jordan Catalano?

Jordan- Yes..., wait no.

Angela- (upset face)I, I don't think I could love someone who loves himself.

Jordan- No, Angela, I mean you.

Angela- Jordan, we already astablished that I love you. What are you *really* trying to say?

Jordan- (screams) Angela I love you,... OK???

Cuts to downstairs. Patty is reading on the couch, when she hears what Jordan says. She looks up at the stairs with a face full of happiness, excitement. Her mother-part then takes over her face. She now looks coutious, scared for angela, and nervous. She goes back to reading. A slight smile takes over her face, to wash away all her negative thoughts.

Cut to Angela's face. Her face is full of shock and happiness.

Angela VO- I have dreamt about Jordan saying those two words like a zillion times, but just having him actually say it was so much better than I ever dreamed. And it's not like I didn't know what he was getting at either, but just hearing finally say it was just such a shock.

(Not realizing the effect his words have had on Angela. Annoyed, lowering his voice) God you can really make a person go crazy.

Angela- Jordan?

Jordan- (ignoring her) And you just, God, I don't know why, but your like always in my head. And you make me not do things, like things I used to do. You know like *bad* things.

Angela- Jordan?

(pacing back and forth) I don't exactly know why, but I *always* think, "What would Angela say if she were here?" And that drives me crazy.

Angeal- Hello?

It's like I want to get drunk so bad, for then I don't have to hear you, so I don't have to think about you, but when I open the can, your there telling me not to, and I can't because I know that last time I was drunk, I hert you, and I can't bare to do that again to you. And, and

Angela- (yelling) Jordan!

Jordan- (Finally breaks his transe) Oh, yeah, sorry I forgot you were here. (He falls on the bed, stomach down. His face is smothered in her pillow, totally and utterly embarassed)

Angela leans over to his ear.

Angela- (whispers) Did you mean it?

Jordan- (throw the pillow) What? I don't even remember what I said. whatever it was, forget it.

Angela- That you, you know, love me?

Jordan- (remembering, still threw the pillow, almost unhearable.) yes

Angela- What was that?

Jordan finally pulls his head out of the pillow. he turns his face to face Angela, who is laying next to him.

Jordan- I love Angela Chase.

Angela- And, I love Jordan Catalano.

Jordan (looking as though he is going to get up) Well, I better go find her then to tell her the news.

Angela (laughs) Well, she is just going to have to wait, 'cause I'm not done with you yet. (She pulls him back down by the collar)

Jordan- But, what about that cool sounding guy, Jordan I think you said his name was?

Angela moves closer to him.

Angela- Jordan who?

Radiohead's Song- High and dry begins to play (Obviously a Radiohead marathan)

They finally meet in a kiss. It is very innocent. They break apart to look at each other. And then meet again in a "not so innocent" kiss. As the song chorus, Jordan rolls on to Angela. She takes her right hand and strokes the back of his hair. Her other hand is resting on his back. Jordan takes his hand and strokes Angela's cheek lovingly. His other hand is mangled in Angela's hair.

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