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The Interactive FanFiction Story

One of the longest-running fanfiction stories on the 'net.

Chapter 12: And in this corner...

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Chapter 12: And in this corner...

written by Huie

added on: 20 Aug 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

(the camera pans to the door, there stands Jordan.)

Jordan, shocked, stands there watching Angela. He is unsure of what to do. His mouth opens slightly.

Angela has no idea she is being watched, and is totally in a transe from the song.

Jordan's shock slowly truns into enjoyment, as he stands there watching Angela. He makes himself comfortable by leaning against her door frame. His mouth forms a seductive grin. His eyes are full of surprize.

Jordan- Watching someone without them knowing, is this thing that can be so, eye-opening, or whatever. Like you don't *really* know a person until you see them at their natural state. (Soft laugh) Who knew that Angela, sweet and innocent Angela, could actually move... and like, really good.

Angela takes her brush off of her dresser and walks to her mirror. she holds her brush up to her mouth as though it is a microphone.

Angela (Along with the song)

Riot sheilds, voodoo economics,
It's just business, cattle prods and the I.M.F.
I trust I can rely on your vote.

At this, Jordan laughs loud enough to be heard over the song.

Angela- When I go fowards, you go backwards,
and somewhere we will mee- (finally aware of the laugh, she looks up threw the mirror to see Jordan's reflection)

Ashamed and frightened she jumps and accidently throws the brush backwards, almost hitting Jordan in the face.

Regaining composure, she tugs her hair behind her hair and lowers the music.

Jordan, realizing she has spoted him, straightens his posture, and crosses his arms.

Jordan- Oh, um sorry (Tries to wipe grin off his face, but fails.)

Angela- (nervous laugh) uh, hey?

Jordan- (realizes he should probabley explain himself) Oh yeah, your mom was trying to call you, but your music was too loud. And (Let's out a little laugh) um, she said I could come up. (Quickly) You know, if we left the door open and all.

Angela- Right. (She looks at everything but Jordan)

Jordan- (can see she is embarassed, changes the subject) So this is your room?

Angela VO- God I hate when people ask you stuff like that. Like when I dyed my hair, there was this girl, and she was like, "You dyed your hair?" (Stops)Even though I hate it, I do it all the time.

Angela- Yeeeeaaahhh.

Jordan- (Looking at her CD collection) oh, I see.

Angela- (Annoyed) Not to be rude, but did you just come here to look at my CD's?

Jordan- (caught off guard, a little flustered) Oh, umm, o no. I ah, i ah wanted to talk with you.

Angela- (Realizing how late it is) Wait, my mom let you come here, at this time?

Jordan- Yeah, you know, your mom's really nice.

Angela (Laughs a quick laugh.) Do want me to go get her?, you know maybe you guys could talk for a little while instead.

Jordan (catching on) oh, what, oh wait no. (Stops) I want to talk to you.

Angela- Okay then, talk.

Jordan- (flustered) Ok then.

He stands for a while, trying to figure out what to say.

Angela- You could sit, if you want.

Jordan- (Uncomfortable with sitting on her bed, but he sits anyways)Thanx.

Angela- (looks at him for a while.) Okay, like I said you can talk now.

Jordan- (Quickly) So Residue is doing good, and all. And we, umm

Angela rolls her eyes.

Jordan- we ahh, learned some new songs, (babbling) and-

(He looks around the room, looking for anything to help him. His eyes fall on the sheet of paper that reads his name at the top, along with Brian's, . It is sticking out of the magazine. Jordan slowly reaches for it)

Jordan- What this?

Angela realizes what he is talking about, and also makes a grab for the magazine, but she is too late, Jordan has it already in his hands.

Angela- Give that back, right now.

Jordan looks at her and grins mischievously. He slowly opens the magazine to the Love Test, but it is still unnoticed by Jordan because he is still lookin at Angela.

Angela-(Getting upset) I *Said* give it!

Jordan- Nope! (looks at the magazine obviously trying to read it)

Before He can read it all, Angela springs on his back, in desperation for the magazine. He takes his hand and moves it out of Angela's reach.

Jordan- I *said* no!

This becomes a full on wrestling match. Jordan drops the magazine, takes his arms and throws them over his shoulders to grab Angela's back. He takes her and pulls her over his shoulder, like a cave-man. He gets off the bed and drops her back on it. He looks down at her as though it is over, and he has conqured. She strikes back by pouncing on him, and wraping her body around his waist. She leans her weight towards the bed. He falls onto the bed, along with Angela. She gets on top of him and pins him down. He regains his strength, and grabs Angela by her waist and legs, and picks her up. She scrathches him with her nails, and he lets go. He looks down at his arm, at the red scratch nail-marks.

Jordan- God your like a cat, that hu-

Angela takes her legs, and pushes him fully off the bed. He literly falls on his butt with a big thud.

Angela (shocked at what she did, looks over the bed, still being cautious.) Oh God, im so sorry.

Jordan takes her arms and pulls her down on him. He then flips over on top of her and pins her. They both look at eachother in silence. All that is hered is their heavy breathing.

Jordan (slowly) What is a, (long breath) Love test?

They look at eachother in silence again, their faces only a couple inches apart. Jordan's body is still on top of hers. His legs wraped around her legs. He still has her arms in "pin position".

Patty- (walks into the room) What's all the noice about- (Looks around the room for them, and then looks down to find them still in their deep stare.)

Patty- ehh ehm...

(Still no luck)

Patty- HELLO!

(This works perfectly) Jordan springs off of Angela. He stands and crosses his arms. Angela quickly stands up too. All three of them make no eye contact whatsoever.

Awkward silence

Patty- (slowly, deeper voice then usual) Jordan, (quietly) you are lucky that I like you.

with that she walks out of the room, not saying anything other.

Angela falls backward on here bed. Jordan just watches.

Angela- In the last like ten minutes, I have been embarassed to the max. (she stares up at the ceiling)

(Jordan slowly sits next to her, unsure of himself.) So, what is it?

(Forgeting his question from before) What is what?

(serious)What is a Love test?

Angela throws her hands over her face in embarassement.

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  • She tells him what a "love test" is and explains her results:
    Chapter 13: Jordan who? by Huie (21 Aug 2004)
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