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Chapter 10: Biting Words

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Chapter 10: Biting Words

written by Joie

added on: 18 Aug 2001 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

(BRIAN, totally drained by the night's events, sits on the bed, frustrated.)

BRIAN: Um... maybe you should, like: go.


BRIAN: I mean, like: today, at this second, you say you want me or whatever, but how do I know if that's the truth. How do *you* know if it's the truth, I mean-- just... it's all so sudden Angela!

ANGELA: Brian...

BRIAN: And, like, Jordan Catalano probably thinks you want him too. And you probably do, right?

ANGELA: I don't! Why d'you have to *be* like this, God, Brian!

BRIAN: 'Cause... I mean... I just-- I don't know, okay, but I just think... it's better. To, like, wait or whatever. I don't know. (Beat) So...

(ANGELA, tears of frustration in her eyes, glares at BRIAN as he sits, not looking at her on the bed. She tosses her head.)

ANGELA: Okay, well... I'm *so* sorry for actually telling you how I feel, and I'm *so* sorry for expecting you to be happy--

BRIAN: (overlapping) But I don't even know if that's how you feel!

ANGELA: So I'm going.

(ANGELA exits, pulling the door shut. Outside, in the hallway, her chin crumples, and she exits hastily downstairs and out into the street.)

ANGELA (VO): Sometimes it seems like I live in this world, where every time I try to reach out to something, it just, like: floats away. Nothing is real, nothing is solid. Everything... changes, all the time. And now, I know as soon as I go home, my parents are like gonna be there. Wanting to know everything.

(ANGELA sits on the curb outside her house.)

ANGELA (VO): And the truth is, as much as I hate to admit it? That maybe Brian's right. Maybe... I *don't* really want him. Like, in actuality.

(ANGELA stands up, and:

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