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The Interactive FanFiction Story

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Chapter 11: a chance

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Chapter 11: a chance

written by Genafer

added on: 26 Jul 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Brian is laying awake in bed, no shirt on, staring at the uneven seam in his wallpaper
Brian VO: Sometimes, life can be so frustrating, you just want to like, die or something (knock on the window.. Brian gets up and opens it). And sometimes, you want to die for other reasons.
Brian: Angela! What are you- I mean- How did you- I mean-
Angela: Um, can i come in?
Brian: (Scrambling for a shirt) I guess.. I mean, you may as well, since you are at my window and all.
Angela: Brian, I'm sorry, about earlier. I mean, Danielle, and me running out. But I've made my decison.
Brian VO: Here it is. The moment of truth has arrived
Angela: I don't want to be with Jordan anymore. Like ever. I think that I want to, like, see where things with us would go. I mean, if you don't, like, hate me now.
Brian VO: WOOHOO!!
Brian: (very calmly) Well, I mean, it did hurt this afternoon, you running out and all, but I think that--
(Angela kisses Brian. He doesn't object)
Brian and Angela simultaneous VO: That was the best kiss I'd ever experienced.

Next day at school:
in the girl's bathroom:
Rickie: Rayanne, you really have to stop. Those guys could have, like, killed you or something! And if it isn't the guys threatening your life, the pills are.
Rayanne: Rickie I...
Rickie: No! Please! Just promise me, you'll stop. Like, for real this time. Please. Promise.
Rayanne: (Eyes filling with tears) Ok Vasquez. Ok. I promise. (They hug... Angela enters)
Angela: Oh my God you are not gonna... What's wrong! Oh my god is everything ok?
Rayanne: Yeah yeah yeah, chill Angelicka! (wipes tears from cheek) Rickie and I were just having a moment, ya know!
Rickie: Yeah, a moment (he smiles) So Angela what did you have to tell us?
Angela: Well, I made a decision. About Jordan. And Brian
Rayanne: AND???? C'mon.. Tell tell tell!!
Angela: I went to Brian's house last night...
Rayanne: I KNEW IT!! Go Krakow! So did you do it? Did you?
Rickie: Rayanne!
Angela: No! Well, not completely. He kissed me.
Rickie: (Kisses Angela on the cheek) I think you made the right choice.
Bell rings. Flash to Angela talking to Brian in the hallway. They are talking and laughing. Jordan watches from a distance.
Jordan:(to himself) What does she see in him?
Sharon: A human being.
(Jordan jumps)
Jordan: I didn't know anyone was around.
(Brian kisses Angela on the cheek as they part ways for class.)
Sharon: Face it Catalono. You had her. And you blew it. Better just lick your wounds and move on.
Sharon walks off, leaving a befuddled Jordan alone as the last bell rings.
Chase house. Dinner table. Danielle is glaring at Angela, who is staring off into space dreamily.
Graham: Manicotti!
Patty: How wonderful!
Graham: thank you thank you!
Danielle: So Angela has a new boyfriend!
Angela: Danielle!
Patty: Oh, really?
Graham: And just who is the lucky fellow? Do we get to meet him soon?
Angela: Its noone!
Danielle: It is to someone! A very specific someone! You knew I liked him! Do you have to go and ruin everything for me just because you are older?
(Danielle runs upstairs crying)
Patty: What on earth was that all about?
Angela: Well, Danielle sorta saw me and Brian, like, kiss, or something. And she freaked out.
Patty: Oh no!
Graham: "or something"?
Patty: I had better go check on Danielle (Leaves)
Graham: "or something"?
(knock at the door. Angela goes to answer it, leaving Graham to ponder what that something might be)

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