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The Interactive FanFiction Story

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Chapter 5: Taken For Granted

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Chapter 5: Taken For Granted

written by Jo

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Rayanne sees the look on Angela's face.....she runs out of the room

Mr. Katimsky: Rayanne! Rayanne! Wait, we have to rehearse!

Rayanne runs out of the hall after Angela, who is walking quickly towards the bathroom.

Rayanne: Angela, hey Angela! Where are you going??

Angela: I can't believe this. I can't believe you would do this to me. What, like enough hasn't happened already?

Rayanne: I had no idea! He wasn't that originally, you know he wasn't. I wouldn't do that Angela. I wouldn't!

Angela: Like you didn't know that he was switching! What is wrong with you, Rayanne? You expect me to believe every lie you tell? I can't, not anymore. Not after that. And now this. I'm not that stupid! You can't treat me like ---

Rayanne: I'm not treating you like anything! I don't get this?? YOU wanted to switch. What is the probability of Jordan switching?? He probably just did it to be with you, you know. That's probably what happened.

Angela: Yeah, right, whatever you say. That sort of stuff doesn't happen to me.

Rayanne: Yes it does! But you never notice it. Everyone is constantly doing stuff to make you happy. You have so many friends, and so many people who really care for you. But you just take it all for granted. It kills me. I don't have that. And you just don't notice that you do.

Rayanne closes her eyes, and turns around. She walks back down the hall. POV of Angela watching her, then switch to Angela's face. Head tilted to the side, she puts her hair behind her ear. (like she does when stuff really matters to her) She just stands there.

Later that night:

Rayanne and Ricky are at a party....Rayanne is dancing a lot with different guys, and constantly drinking. She also takes a couple of pills. Ricky just kind of stands there. He can't do anything.

Ricky: Rayanne, let's go.

Rayanne: Nooo! Ricky, I'm having fun. Aren't I having fun (to guy she's dancing w: DG1)

DG1: I sure am. (Pulls her away and starts making out with her)

Rayanne: See ya Ricky!! :)

(Rayanne disappears from our view. Rickie wanders around, trying to find her. He bumps in to:)

Jordan: Hey.

Ricky: Hi. Have you seen --

Jordan: Angela? I don't think she's here.

Ricky: Actually, I was gonna say Rayanne.

Jordan: Oh. Well. Um, no.

Ricky: Oh. So. Um, how do you like the party?

Jordan: It's okay, I guess. I mean, without...

Ricky: Oh.

Jordan: How about you?

Ricky: I never have that much fun at parties. I don't know why I always come. Like something is gonna happen. Maybe I'm just worried about Rayanne. I really wish I knew where she was.

Jordan: I'm sorry. About, whatever is happening with Rayanne. I guess.

Ricky: It's not really your fault.

Jordan: I thought I saw her over there, near the drinks.

Ricky: Um, thanks.

They drift away.

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