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The Interactive FanFiction Story

One of the longest-running fanfiction stories on the 'net.

Chapter 7: Mind Games

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Chapter 7: Mind Games

written by Joie

added on: 02 Nov 2000 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman


(RICKIE rushes out of the house, and sees a drunk and stoned RAYANNE getting in a car with some guys. He pushes through the people outside. COREY follows, at a loss)

RICKIE: Rayanne! Hey, stop!

GUY1: Who the hell are you?

RICKIE: (opening car door, pulling RAYANNE out) Rayanne! Get out, we're going home!

GUY2: Listen, lover boy! She wants to come with us!

RAYANNE: (slurs) I can, like, make up my own mind.

COREY: What's happening?

GUY1: What's your problem? The lady's with us.

RICKIE: No, she's not. (pulls RAYANNE's arm in desperation) Come on, Rayanne! (to COREY) She's too drunk. We've got to get her back inside.

GUY2: Just, leave it, okay. She's with us. Aren't you?

RAYANNE: Rickie, I can...look...after, myself. (staggers)

(RICKIE catches her, and starts to pull her inside. GUY1 grabs him, and tries to pull RAYANNE back.)

RAYANNE: Hey, leave me. You're hurting me! Get off!

COREY: Just, just leave them alone! (He pulls GUY1 off)

GUY2: This sucks. Let's roll.

GUY1: What about the chick?

GUY2: (shrugs) Get one someplace else. Come on, let's go.

(The GUYS get in their car and roar off)

RAYANNE: God, Rickie! You're not my mom! Get out of my face Vasquez! Some of us want a life, you know?

RICKIE: You're not supposed to be drinking, or taking anything! Your counsellor is going to freak...Amber is, like, gonna....

RAYANNE: Just chill, Rickie, okay. I can take care of myself.

RICKIE: Why do I bother?

RAYANNE: Nobody asked you to.

COREY: Uh, I think you're, like, better off here Rayanne.

RAYANNE: (turns her attention to COREY. Giving RICKIE a meaningful look, to COREY) Oh Corey. You know, actually, I think you are, like, so right. I mean, I could have been in, like, danger there, or something.

COREY: Well, yeah. Those guys were like, pretty ripped.

RAYANNE: Yeah. Thank God you were here to save me...

COREY: Well, um...

RAYANNE: Do you, like, have your paints here? You could paint my shoes.

COREY: No, sorry. I already painted your shoes, anyway.

RAYANNE: I know, but, like, I feel like a new start. New everything. Maybe you could come round to my place after school sometime, and like, do it. (Giggles) The shoes.

COREY: Yeah sure.

RAYANNE: You know, I have always been, like, so interested in art...(leans closer) You should see my tattoo. (She looks smugly at RICKIE, and opens another bottle of beer. to COREY) Wanna sip?

RICKIE: Rayanne, we are, like, going now. I'm taking you home. Tino's out front.

RAYANNE: (pouting) I don't wanna. (smiling at COREY) Corey'll take me home, right Corey?

COREY says:

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