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Chapter 10: A Little Help From Rickie

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Chapter 10: A Little Help From Rickie

written by Sig!

added on: 19 Dec 2001 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Rickie: (picking up the phone) Hello?

Angela: Rickie, I need to talk to you.

Rickie: Angela? What's wrong?

Angela: Can you come over?

Rickie: (glancing at the clock) Now? Your mom usually doesn't like it when I come over this late.

Angela: It's an emergency, OK?

Rickie: Alright. I'll be there in fifteen minutes.

(They each hang up the phone. Rickie leaves for Angela's. Angela goes downstairs, where Dainelle, sitting on the couch between Patty and Graham, gives her the evil eye. Angela ignores her.)

Angela: Rickie's coming over. Don't get mad, OK? Nothing happened...well...not really. We just have a...a do for Katimski's. We forgot that it's due tomorrow.

Patty: Don't stay up too late, Angela.

Graham: (genuinely interested) What kind of project?

Angela: Uh...we have to do some stuff on Shakespeare.

(The doorbell rings. Angela answers it.)

Rickie: What did you need to talk to me about?

Angela: We need to decide how we want to present the Queen Mab speech, remember?

Rickie: (as he's being ushered up the stairs by Angela) Oh yeah...well, we could...

(Angela's door shuts behind them. They sit down on her bed.)

Angela: This is so hard. I...

Rickie: What happened? Is it Jordan?

Angela: No, not really. It''s Brian.

Rickie: Oh no. What did he do?

Angela: He kissed me. Like, multiple times.

Rickie: What?!

Angela: (sheepishly)I let him. (pause) I liked it.

Rickie: So, are you two, like, together, or something?

Angela: I don't know! That's why you're here! You need to help me, like, decide...between him and Jordan.

Rickie: What's there to decide? Brian treats you like a goddess, and Jordan...doesn't.

Angela: But there's something about him, don't understand.

Rickie: What's to understand? He treats you like crap, Angela. I'd hate to see you, um, go back to that. (he gives her a hug, and strokes her hair) I can't decide for you. But I think you know which decision is, like, the right one.

Angela: It's getting late...

Rickie: Yeah. I'd better go.

(They briefly embrace, and Rickie kisses her forehead. He leaves. Angela lays on her bed, staring at the celing. She realizes that she's already made her decision.)

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