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Chapter 12: a walk , a stare a time like alone

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Chapter 12: a walk , a stare a time like alone

written by anonymous author

added on: 03 Aug 2005 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

brian: i'll go i mean if u like need me to or whatever
angela: yeah
patty: great
brian and angela are walking down the street,
brian: so hows jordan or whatever?
angela: what why do u have to bring him up>???( angelas angry)
brian: what it was like a question?
angela: if u like must know we broke up its like over okay
brian:( is like amazed and supried) oh yeah scince when?
they stopped walking by now brians leaning on angelas car just staring
angela: scince u know tonite thats why i was so upset
brian : oh
angela: oh thats all u can say
brian: well its just u will be togther like tommorow or whatever
angela: what
brian: i mean its been like that forever,
angela: brian (angela starts crying)
its like over okay never again
brian: stares at her (dont cry please)
angela: dont look at me like that
brian: like what
angela: like u are
ANGELAVO: but i knew why he was looking at me like that...

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