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Chapter 9: Arrival of Brian

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Chapter 9: Arrival of Brian

written by anonymous author

added on: 30 Jan 2000 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela (VO): So Brian Krakow is coming to my house. For dinner. Not like he's never been here for dinner before. Just not since...well, not since I started hanging out with Rayanne and Ricky. Not since middle school, actually. My family is acting like some visiting dignitary is gracing us with his presence.
Graham (from the kitchen): Does Brian like duck?
Angela: Does it matter?
Patty (bustling around the dining room): Of course it matters! We don't want to feed him something he doesn't like.
Angela: Mom, it's Brian, remember? He'll eat anything.
Graham (entering from kitchen): With parents like Bob and Bernice Krakow, he's probably exited to see any kind of homecooked meal. Where's the good silverware?
Angela (muttering): I can't believe you people. (VO)And Danielle--I just don't get what her problem is. She's changed her clothes about twenty-five times. What does she care what Brian thinks of her? It's Brian, for God's sake.
(doorbell rings.)
Danielle (running down the stairs): I'll get it! I'll get it! (opens the door. brian is standing on the porch. she does her best impression of angela) Oh. Hey Brian. Come in or whatever.
(Brian looks over Danielle's head and raises an eyebrow.)
Angela (VO) Now when did Brian learn to look sarcastic? (Aloud) Hey.
Brian: Hey.

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