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Chapter 10: An awkward dinner

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Chapter 10: An awkward dinner

written by Sig!

added on: 20 Feb 2005 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela: So...we're having duck. Is that OK?

Brian: Whatever. I mean, yeah. I mean...of course. So, how are you?

Angela: Brian! I just saw you like fifteen minutes ago. It's not like anything has changed since then.

Danielle: *I* changed. Do you like my new sweater, Brian? I've never worn it until today. I just put it on.

Brian: Um, yeah, it's great.

Graham: (from kitchen) Food's getting cold!

Angela: Coming!

Brian: So...I guess we're going to eat now?

Angela: Yeah.

Danielle: I'll show you where you sit! (grabs Brian's hand and leads him into the kitchen)


Everyone is eating. Brian is seated between Danielle and Angela.

Danielle: I got a 100 on my spelling test, Brian. I can spell antibiotic. A-N-T-I-

Angela: Danielle!

Patty: Sweetie, I'm sure Brian is impressed, but we're trying to have a nice dinner here. (pause) Brian, would you like another helping of duck? Some more milk?

Brian: No, I'm fine. Thank you, though.

Danielle: Brian, will you help me study for next week's spelling test? You're soooooo smart. You're the smartest person I ever met.

Patty and Graham exchange glances. Brian looks at Angela's chest.

Angela (VO): This is so awkward. Danielle is trying to seduce Brian Krakow, and my parents are treating him as though he's royalty. And he keeps glancing at my chest. What was I thinking?

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