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Chapter 11: Being 6 Again

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Chapter 11: Being 6 Again

written by Andee

added on: 20 Mar 2005 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Graham glanced up at Angela, who was slowly eating her mashed potatoes, and at Brian, who was bashfully glancing at Angelas chestal area.

Graham: *cough* So, um, brian. How's school going?

Angela VO: It was crazy how my dad just changed the subject like that. it was as if he didn't really care. As If he WANTED brian to be like, checking me out or whatever he was doing. Or maybe i had spilled something...on the front of my shirt. Or something. oh god this was embarassing.

Brian looks up with a deer-caught-in-the-headlights look on his face and raises his eyebrows.

Brian: Oh, um, okay I guess.

Graham: *chuckles* And how's the love life?

Patty gives graham a shocked look. But then concentrates on Brian, as if she's interested also. Angela puts her head in her hand in humiliationg. Danielle is leaning forward with her elbow on the table, staring admiringly at Brian.

Danielle VO: He was so amazing. The way he ate his duck and sat there looking so totally amazing, thinking of an answer to my dads totally intelligent question. It was like that time he came over to get Rayanne off my parents bed when she handcuffed herself to the head board. He was thinking. But this was even better, because he was like, thinking about LOVE!

Brian: Not...really. Nothings happened know, like..."girls", for a while...I mean*blushes and starts shoving food into his mouth*

Danielle smiles and perks up at the fact that Brian is single and inexperienced, sort of like she is.

Angel VO: It's so weird when you hear someone tell one person something right in front of you, and you know it's a complete lie.

Patty: Oh well, you never know, the one for you will come around eventually.

Angela VO: Mom made it sound like she said things like that to teenage boys all the time. Which she like, never has.

Danielle smiles and perks up at the fact that Brian is single and inexperienced, sort of like she is.

Danielle: Yeah Brian. She WILL come around. I mean, WHO wouldn't?

Angela laughs and Patty gives her a weird look. Brian is sitting there with his mouth open and a complete clueless look on his face. Graham just laughs and looked at his soup.

Scene change. Patty is doing dishes and Graham is talking on the phone to Hallie. Brian is standing by the door with his shoes on, looking like he's waiting for something. Danielle is leaning against the wall, going on and on like always.

Danielle: I had a boyfriend once. His name was Ryan. *giggles* that's like Brian without the B.

Brian looks confused and creeped out at the same time.

Danielle: But don't worry! We are totally just friends now. it's like, I never really had a boyfriend, you know? And he was'nt even THAT cute...

Angela walks in, looks at Danielle and sighs.

Danielle: Fine, i'll go. I need to go work on my algebra.

Angela: You don't even know what algebra is!

Danielle stops and glares at angela and walks upstairs in a huff.

Angela smiles, laughs and tucks her hair behind her ear.

Angela: Sorry. About like, everything. Danielles a little...Infatuated. And my dad, well I dunno. He's dad.

Angela VO: It felt weird to be talking to someone who knows almost everything about me, but at the same time, he, like, doesn't. And why was I trying to make conversation with Brian Krakow anyway?

Brian: It's okay. Like, my own parents don't even ask me stuff like that. So it was sort of And I don't even have a sister. Let alone a cat...Wait...What happened to peaches? Is he still like, alive?

Angela stares at brian and tilts her head to one side with an open lipped, small smile on her face and nods.

Angela: He's around.

Patty walks in and wipes her hands on a dishcloth, smiling.

Patty: I don't mean to interupt, but we're out of cat food. Angela, do you think you could run to the store for me to get some? *looks at her watch* It's only 7:00. Why don't you tag along Brian?

Angela VO: I felt like I was 6 again. Me and Brian, standing at my front door, being told to go to the store by my mother. Although instead of a hot, sunny summer afternoon, it was dark and sort of cold outside. And Brian and i felt like, akward. Like we were both remembering those afternoons where we would go to that exact same store with some money to buy candy. And I could tell he was just urging to ask me about Jordan Catalano, but he was like, scared or something. Like i'd bite his head off if he mentioned him, which I might do, It depends on like, the situation.

Brian looks at Angela and Angela glances up at him.

Angela: I'll get my coat...

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