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Chapter 10: Angela and jordan Fall in Love!!!!!

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Chapter 10: Angela and jordan Fall in Love!!!!!

written by Courtney Barnes

added on: 31 Jul 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Jordan runs to his car.The teacher is yelling after him.Jordan jumpes in his car and he see's Angela is the passengers side of the car.

Jorda:What are you doing in my car?

Angela:I was waiting for you to get out.

Jordan:Ok,well i guess i will take you home now.

Angela:NO! I dont want to go back to that house.I hate that house.

Jordan:why?Did something happen between you and your mom?(Jordan looks like he realy cares about what Angela says.)

Angela:No.It's just that every time i come home from being with you my parents always question me like i did something wrong or something.It just drives me crazy.

Jordan:Than i'll take you to my place for a little bit ok?

Angela:Ok.(Angela's face lit up like the sun.)

They finally get to Jordan's house.Jordan gets out of the car and he runs to the other side of the car and he opens the door for Angela.

Angela:Thank you!

Jordan:Come on thets get in side so we dont get soked.

Angela:Were are your parents at?

Jordan:There not going to be back for about 3 more days so I guess you can stay here until they gey back.

Angela:Oh my god are you sereiuse!I would love to!

Jordan:Great well do you want to sit down.

Jordan offers Angela a seat but she is not there.He goes back to his room and she is laying on his bed.

Jordan:Why are you laying on my bed?

Angela:Well Jordan do you remember when i told you that i wasnt going to have sex until I found someone I really loved.

Jordan:Yeah I remember it why?

Angela:Well I Love you

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