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Chapter 9: Sleeping in the classroom?

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Chapter 9: Sleeping in the classroom?

written by arccommand

added on: 02 Feb 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

(Jordan stilll in class is sleeping)

Teacher: Earth to Jordan come in.

Jordan: Huh?

(Everyone starts to laugh)

Jordan: It was only a dream...

Teacher: Everyone do you think Jordan should get a punishment for the time he wasted sleeping?

Angela: No.

The Others: Yes!

Teacher: The majority wins Jordan will stay in class at the end of school for 3 hours and he will be doing work from me.

Jordan: Aww nutz....

Angela: Don't worry I'll pick you up if your parents don't.

Jordan: Thanks Angela.

(The school bell rings that its time to get outta school.)

(Jordan trys to make a get away)

Teacher:(holds Jordan's shoulder) Where do you think your going?

Jordan: Uh.. The bathroom?

Teacher: Ok for a quick break if you don't come back your coming back here tommarrow to the principal's office.

Jordan's Thoughts:(aww nutz)

Jordan: Ok.

(Jordan goes to the bathroom)

Jordan: Should I make a get away or should I stay well it's a tough choice.

(Jordan hesitates for a moment)

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