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Chapter 10: A Person

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Chapter 10: A Person

written by Paige

added on: 18 Apr 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

(Angela comes skipping down the stairs two at a time as Brian begins to walk out the door)
ANGELA: Hey Brian!...Wait...
(Brian turns around as Angela skids up to him)
ANGELA (suddenly shy):'s
(Their eyes meet for a second)
ANGELA (hurredly chickening out): Forgot your geometry book! I'll go get it...
BRIAN (lashes out): *Look*, Angela, if you didn't mean the kiss or whatever you could just, like, say so. I'm not quite so fragile or whatever as you seem to think I am so just, I don't know, just say it. I can handle it, okay?! If I couldn't then I wouldn't, I don't know, be here, right now, talking to you like like how normal people talk! So just say it okay...Just say it.
(shoot to Angela, looking shocked and hurt)
ANGELA VO: And that's about when I realized that he was right. He wasn't just fragile...not really. Or if he was, that was a far stretch from all that he was. Brian is like...a person. And he matters to me. He's not just someone out there. He's not just the opposite of Jordon Catalano, someone to compare and contrast with Jordon. He's more. He's a person...
ANGELA (sincere pause takes a breath): Okay, Brian. I'll say it.

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