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Chapter 10: Angela forgets the last weeks problems

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Chapter 10: Angela forgets the last weeks problems

written by Anonymous

added on: 18 Dec 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Jordan drives off, past the school hoping to see if Angela is on her way home. She is walking, she's in deep thought. He pulls up along side her...

Jordan- Angela, hey. Did you want a ride?
Angela(VO)- you know when you think about someone for a long time, you can almost like hear them talking to you when they aren't there.
Jordan- Angela are you okay?
Angela- (startled) Oh my God, I was... where did you come form?
Jordan- Umm, I just saw you and thought you might want a ride.
Angela- Oh sure, I do, I am...I mean...okay.(she gets in the car)
Jordan- There is something that I was thinking about.
Angela(VO)- I wonder if he knows that I have been thinking about him like all day? Look at him, he is beautiful, I wish he would just kiss me.
Jordan- (continues talk during VO)So this thing with Tino it's no problem right? Angela...Angela?
Angela- huh. oh yeah sure no problem.
Jordan- Do you know what I'm talking about?
Angela- (smiling) Sorry Jordan I was thinking...about you. I was just, umm, daydreaming about you. (she smiles again and laughs)
They stop in front of her house. Jordan leans in to kiss her. The tune to RED plays as the scene fades out.

It's eight thirty pm at the home of the Chases.
Graham and Patty are in the kitchen.

Patty- how was the restaurant today? was it busy?
Graham- (nervously) it was ok...but not that busy.

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