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The Interactive FanFiction Story

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Chapter 10: Jordan is like, in my house.

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Chapter 10: Jordan is like, in my house.

written by anonymous author

added on: 21 Jun 2000 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

JORDAN: So, I should head off.

BRIAN: Yeah, you should. Or you could like...not. I mean, if you want. I have milk. Or I could like tutor you...since technically we were supposed to do that today anyway. Just, like, it's not a big deal.

JORDAN: Yeah. Okay. (Gets out of car and follows Brian into the house.)

JORDAN: (Looking at pictures in the hallway) So...who is this?

BRIAN: Oh, her. She's, like, my sister. Well, she's not LIKE my sister. She is. She's like...way older. She's married.

JORDAN: She's cute.

BRIAN (VO) Why did I invite Jordan Catalano into my house? How at odds with nature was this?

BRIAN: So, like...can I get you anything? I mean, are you hungry or something? Because we have like, a ton of cold cuts in the fridge.

JORDAN: Yeah, sure.

BRIAN (VO) I'm feeding Jordan Catalano. I'm just like, totally pathetic.

JORDAN: (In the kitchen as Brian starts taking things out of the fridge.) Are you happy?

BRIAN: Huh? Am I? Why are you asking me this?

JORDAN: Because. It's like, I'm almost...afraid, or whatever, to like, let myself be happy.

BRIAN: A phobia of happiness.

JORDAN: A phobawhat?

BRIAN: A's like a mental fear of something.

JORDAN: Yeah, I have...a phobia.

BRIAN: Do you like, know why? I mean, have you given any thought as to the possible causes of it? Your phobia?

JORDAN: It's just...I've gotten used to my life being like, a certain way. And then she-- you know who I mean right?

BRIAN: Yeah, of course.

JORDAN: Well, it's just that she like, changed that. And maybe, I don't know. I was like...not prepared for that.

BRIAN: But you've had, like, tons of girls.

JORDAN: I mean, well yeah...but not like--

BRIAN: Like Cynthia Hargrove, right?

BRIAN (VO) I was asking Jordan Catalano questions about his sex life. I don't know why. Well, maybe because I like, wanted my own sex life. Or maybe I just really wanted a reason to hate him.

JORDAN: Why does everyone make such a big deal about Cynthia? It was just like...this once.

BRIAN: Oh. Okay. (VO) I really wish I had a "just once")

JORDAN: But me and's nothing like Cynthia. It's like...real.

BRIAN: Yeah.

JORDAN: She just... expects a lot.

BRIAN: Oh, really? (Hands a sandwhich to Jordan)

JORDAN: (Taking a bite) So Brain, are you gonna tutor me?

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