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Chapter 12: A second chance for Brian

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Chapter 12: A second chance for Brian

written by anonymous

added on: 19 Jun 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Brian: Yes! I'm through being Angela Chases puppet. Like she doesn't even care how i feel, she made that obvious. She left with him, and I'm done, I'm done with her.

Rickie(slightly shocked with this outburst): Uh, ok--good. I mean like what if I tell you Delia still likes you?

Brian: What? Are you serious? I thought I like, blew it with her, for like forever.

Rickie: Yeah well, I told her I'd talk to you. So how do you feel about her?

Brian: I like her, like a lot. I just thought I'd never, ya know get a second chance with her.

Rickie: Well, your lucky, she's forgiving. So you should definetly talk to her.

Brian: Yeah, yeah, I'm gonna go. Talk to her. Now.
(Brian leaves)

Rickie: Yeah don't blow it this time.

cut to Brian and Delia

Brian(Approaches Delia shyly): Uh, hey

Delia: Brian

Brian: So I just talked to Rickie, and he said I shouls talk to you.

Delia: Oh, umm, see thing is, like I like you, and before I go any further, I need to know, Do you still like that other girl?

Brian: I like her,(Delia looks dismayed, close to tears) But just as a friend now. Delia, I like you a lot, as more than a friend.

Delia: I, uh, (smiles) Brian you wanna go out with me tonight?

Brian: yeah, I'd love to.

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