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The Interactive FanFiction Story

One of the longest-running fanfiction stories on the 'net.

Chapter 13: I don't know

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Chapter 13: I don't know

written by anonymous

added on: 16 Jun 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Jordan and Angela are standing in the parking lot after school by his car.

Angela: So you hear what everyone's saying about us?

Jordan: No, uh, what are they saying?

Angela: That the reason we got suspended is..(lowers her voice)..because we like, had sex, in the boiler room

Jordan(moves closer), want to give that a try?

Angela: (moves closer to him, and wraps her arms around his neck)..maybe...sometime.(blushes)

Jordan kisses her passionately: So uh, when you wanna try it?

Angela(laughs)..sometime..(kisses him)

Jordan: Oh so, uh, I was in the hall today and I heard ...your friend yelling something about us having sex...what was that about?

Angela: (embarassed) Oh, well I kinda talked to Rayanne today, ya know, so like were friends again or whatever...and I was kinda telling her and Rickie what I did on my suspension.....(blushes)

Jordan: Oh, well like everyone heard

Angela: God, I can't believe this(vo) I can't believe Jordan and I are like this REAL couple. Finally

Jordan: so uh, you wanna go to my house?

Angela: sure

(Brian can be seen in the back ground, obviously he's heard the rumors and knows they're true)

cut to Angela and Jordan at his house

Jordan: Come on, let's go upstairs(takes her hand and leads her to his room)

Angela: So this is your room? (vo) like that's not obvious..

Jordan: Yeah..(kisses her)Uh, Angela?

Angela(looks in his eyes and sees the question there) Yeah

They start kissing then tumble onto the bed

cut to Patty and Graham

Graham: So uh where's Angela?

Patty: Probably with Jordan

Graham: What!? Isn't she grounded?

Patty:: Not anymore

Graham: Oh, right, Uh I have to go to the restaurant Hallie called and needs me to go there. For something.

Patty:(looking somewhat hurt)Oh, well, uh,, bye.
Graham leaves..

cut to Angela and Jordan sitting on the edge of his bed

Angela: So, uh I probably better get home soon...

Jordan: Oh yeah..uh, hey you wanna like go somewhere or something this weekend?

Angela: (vo) Jordan Catalono is asking me out on a date? Wow..(aloud): what happened to "whatever happens happens?"

Jordan: oh right, yeah (smiles) I just thought you know, we could give it a try...

Angela:(kisses him) yeah, I'd love to

Jordan: Well, I uh, better take you home

Angela: Well maybe I could stay a little longer..

Jordan smiles

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