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Chapter 12: Everyone knows

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Chapter 12: Everyone knows

written by anonymous

added on: 16 Jun 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela and Jordan are at her locker talking

Angela: So I'm not grounded anymore

Jordan: (moving closer to her) Oh yeah(grins)

Angela: yeah(giggles a little)Well, I gotta go find Rickie so uh..

Jordan(kisses her): yeah ..later

cut to bathroom where Rayanne and Rickie are

Rayanne: So you hear what everyones saying about them right?

Rickie: yeah, I heard, do you think....?

Rayanee: no--(cuts off when Angela enters)

Angela(vo) Suddenly I didn't care about what had happened..I missed my best friend

Angela: hi Rickie, (hesitant)hey Rayanne

Rickie: hi

Rayanne(cautious): hey...

Angela: listen I didn't

Rayanne: (At the same time)Look, I"m so sorry for..

They look at each other and start to laugh, then they hug a

Rayanne Angela: I missed you.

they pull apart

Rayanne: So, you and Catalono huh? right in the boiler room, everyones talking about it

Angela: shut up. it wasn't like that

Random girls enter stop then turn to leave whispering: that's the one......yeah in the boiler room....Foster walked in on them while they were......

Angela: oh my god! We weren't doing anything...

Rayanne: yeah we know, but like you and Catalono are like a couple right?

Angela: yeah

Rickie: So how was your suspension and grounding?

Angela: Well, the day we got suspended we went to my house and...(trails off)

Rayanne:(understanding) you didn't..

Angela(smiles) yeah we did...

Rayanne:(nearly yelling): Our sweet Angela Chase....She ...she..had sex with Catalono....

Angela: Nice Rayanne, I don't think everyone heard you...

Sharon(coming in unnoticed): actually, everyone did, at least everyone in this hallway....(grins)

Angela(turning red): Oh no..Rayanne...(then she just sighs(vo) oh well, why try and hide it we had sex it was amazing.....everytime it was amazing......

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