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Chapter 11: Finally!!!!

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Chapter 11: Finally!!!!

written by anonymous

added on: 15 Jun 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

they're in Jordan's car in front of The Chase House

Angela: OH my god, I can't believe this.

Jordan: So, are your parent's gonna like be mad?

Angela: Mad is not the word for it, they're gonna kill me

Jordan: Oh, I'm sorry, it's kinda my fault.

Angela: No, no it's not I mean like I went to the boiler room myself so I --I don't know

Jordan leans over and kisses her

Angela:(pulls back) You wanna come in?

Jordan: (hesitates) Are your parents home?

Angela: No

Jordan: Oh, I guess, but wait, I don't want you to think that just because were here alone I'm gonna like pressure you or whatever.

Angela: (vo) Oh my god Is Jordan catalono really telling me he's willing to wait?

Jordan: Cause I--I-I mean its like ya know, i can wait(pause) till your ready or whatever

Angels: Yeah, come on

cut to Angela and Jordan in her room, making out on her bed

Angela: uh, Jordan?

JOrdan: yeah?

Angela: I --I think I'm ready.

Jordan: (pause) Are you sure?

Angela: (pulls Jordan down on top of her, then smiles) Yeah.

Jordan continues kissing her then starts unbuttoning her shirt. Angela pulls his shirt over his head

Jordan: Angela, I--I--I don't have a condom

Angela: (lost in the moment) I don't care, don't stop

Jordan: Are you really sure?

Angela: (looks him straight in the eyes) Yes. Jordan I'm sure

They continue kissing and undressing as the scene fades

cut back to Jordan and Angela under the covers naked

Jordan: Angela, you ok?

Angela(vo): I just had sex with Jordan Catalono, and he's asking me if I'm ok (aloud) yeah..

They hear the door open downstairs

Angela: Oh god! my parents!

They scramble to get dressed

Patty: Angela? are you home? where are you? (starts upstairs)

Angela: Jordan! hurry up!

they finish throwing their clothes back on and grab some school books just as Patty opens the door

Patty: Oh! Jordan, your here. Angela, I need you to watch Danielle tonight okay?

Angela: Oh--uh--yeah, no problem

Patty: ok, well, I'm going back out I'll be back in twenty minutes

Patty exits

Jordan: (looks at Angela) Are you ok?(concerned)

Angela:(vo) I just had sex with Jordan CAtalono like five minutes ago, then right after that had to talk to my mom. no im not ok (aloud) yeah, yeah I'm fine, hey you wanna hang out here tonight while I'm watching my sister?

Jordan(smiles at her then kisses her) sure.

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