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Chapter 15: Cubicle Confessions

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Chapter 15: Cubicle Confessions

written by Joie

added on: 26 Oct 2001 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

(Confused, and upset, ANGELA rushes along the hallway. She pushes open the door to the toilets, and enters.)


(RAYANNE stands at the sink, doing her makeup.)

RAYANNE: Angeleeka-- (she stops, seeing ANGELA upset) What happened?

ANGELA: Nothing...

RAYANNE: Angela... don't give me that, I know you too well. Is is Jordan?

ANGELA: (bitter laugh) Oh, God. Jordan. I even forgot about Jordan in all of this...

RAYANNE: Not Jordan... hmmm... Krakow?

ANGELA: Rayanne... I have to tell you something and you can't tell anyone...

RAYANNE: Well, sure, but--

ANGELA: I kissed Brian Krakow.

RAYANNE: (stunned) You *what*?

(A flush, and SHARON rushes out of the stall, to the sink, washing her hands)

SHARON: You did *what*?

(ANGELA stares at her, horrified)

ANGELA: How long were you in there?

SHARON: It's a bathroom Angela. People need to use it. Forget this, you did *what* with Brian Krakow...

RAYANNE: I think she said she kissed him.

ANGELA: Ssh! Don't speak too loud, I don't want everyone to know... yes. I kissed him.

SHARON: Wait, wait. Did you kiss him, or did he kiss you?

ANGELA: Kinda... both.

RAYANNE: A mutual kiss?

ANGELA: I wanted to know what it'd be like, after the letter and everything?

SHARON: So. How was it?

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