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The Interactive FanFiction Story

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Chapter 13: Who to love?

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Chapter 13: Who to love?

written by al

added on: 03 Jul 2000 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

jordan- so do you want to go and practise driving?
angela-(surprised at the change of mood he's in) what?
jordan- well, remember how we use to always practise driving?(he starts to lean against the lockers, and stares at Angela with he beuatiful eyes, making he want him more)
angela- sure, that'd be fun....(she glance over into the classroom and sees Brian sitting in a desk.)
Jordan-(grabbing for her hand) are you comin'?
angela-maybe I should go to class,(pushes a strand a red hair behind her ear) I mean, I'm already here and everything. Could I meet you under the bleaches during lunch or something?
jordan-(looks sad) oh, sure...we could do that...I guess I'll see you then....(he quickly kisses angela's forehead and turns and walks away...)
angela-(turns and looks back at Brian sitting in class. Obvious that he has seen the whole converstation, he sort of half smiles at Angela, and she smiles back...then she runs down the hall to bio.)

Angela and Rayanne in girls bathroom-

Rayanne- so, like, Brian loves you! Like we didn't know that one from the beginning!! ( she exclaims in a loud voice that makes angela push her into a stall away from other girls in the bathroom)
angela- SHut up! It's not like I "love" him back or something. (she looks at the floor)
Rayanne-Angelica, can I tell you something? ( she pushes a a hot pink braid into a clip)
Rayanne-Jordan doesn't deserve you, he is like a majorly confused person.
angela-what? rayanne...(she leans against the stall wall, and pushes all of her hair back)
Rayanne-angela, I don't deserve you as my friend even! I'm saying that Brian is a wonderful guy. He knows what he wants and he sees you for who you are. God! if I could be with him I would! Don't you see it? Jordan WILL hurt you again, Brian loves you!
angela-(realizes the lunch bell just rang and heads for the door to meet jordan)
Rayanne-ANGELA!! ( she sighs after she sees angela leave...and walks out of the bathroom)

Angela-(running out of the bathroom and runs right into Brian.)
Brian-oh hey...

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    Chapter 14: Perfect Match by Joie (22 Jun 2001)
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