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The Interactive FanFiction Story

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Chapter 10: The Long Night

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Chapter 10: The Long Night

written by annie

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

The next morning Angela wakes up early on the couch with jordan. He is still asleep. She decideds she is going to leave with out saying good bye and let him sleep, but he wakes up.
Jordan: Angela, where are you going?
Angela: i need to go home, my parents are probrably wondering where i am and stuff.
Jordan: But, if your this late, waht will a few more hours do?
Angela: more than you think. i really just need to go home.
Jordan:, uh before you go, i just want to say, like thanks or something, for like being there. i kinda have like, trust in you.
Angela: well, i just thikn that you needed to open up yo someone, and i was there. i will be any other time too.
Jordan: sp, do you want a ride or something?
Angela: no, i can walk, i think i should go now.
JOrdan: alright, i'll...
Angela: see ya later.

Angela walks out and heads for home.She arrives home. since it is so early she hopes that she can maybe sneak in without any one knowing that she was out all night. She is wrong. She walks in to have Patty and Graham waiting at the kitchen table in their pajamas.

Patty: ANGELA! is taht you!?
Angela: Yes, its me.
Patty: Where hte hall ahve you been all night? Do you know what time it is? do you know how worried your father and were all...
Angela: Mom,its okay.all that happened is i feel asleep. i didnt relaize..
Graham: who were you with angela?
Angela (VO): i knew by telling them, they would complety, like, freak out on me. but i had to tell them. i know what thry are going to think, but they are my parents. I guess they, like, have to go crazy, or whatever.
Patty: Anela?
Angela: (pauses) i...i was with....

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